15 Sep


“Did We Have a Good Time or What??…Cartolinas #9, #10 and a Surprise from Italy:)””

My how time flies when you’re having a good time.

Cartolina #10
Piazza Gaetane
Cartolina #9
Waiting for David
My, how crazy some cats are (not mentioning names here) with the things they try to bring back into the country.
Somebody got held up in customs for concealing high grade Italian catnip.
As a result, he also had all of his salmon pate confiscated.
He  somehow managed to still arrive home with one can.
I’m am not asking where he hid it.
 Figure that comes under the TMI category.
The Last Supper
He finally cheered up when I informed him that there were still 3 winners to draw for–evidently it reminded him that he had some bribes to collect on…..you “cats” know who you are;))
So I am not going to say that the trip to Italy has come to an end.  We are just going home for a visit—like the Terminator…..We’ll be baaack:)))
We have to!
Eddie was in such a snit over the catnip that  he had his friends in the old country do a little painting
on David!!
Remember the big paint brush?
We’re gonna need two of them on our next trip.
I have to say, aside from the gelato, tiramisu, the beautiful sunsets and old villages of the Tuscan hillsides–

one of the happiest parts of the trip has been painting postcards to share with you:)))

I have so enjoyed the conversations they have elicited!
Threats, bribes, questions, advice, admonitions and more have added lots of fun to the collective adventure:)!
Hugs and thanks to you my friend for traveling to Italy with me.
So Eddie, in between eating his Italian salmon pate and grumbling about the missing catnip, has managed to claw

not one, not two, but three winning names from the heap:)))!!

Winner of Cartolina #9 is
Lisa Riedl
Winner of Cartolina #10 is
Kathy Cousart
And the mystery gift??
Well, I decided to post two for the winner to choose from.
One, the chef’s hat handmade by momma in Panzano at one of my favorite restaurants there—for you to pretend like your “cheffing” it up in Tuscany at your own place
One Italian leather petite purse–suitable for an over the shoulder evening out with keys, credit card and a lip gloss.  It’s soft as butter and hello…..it’s Caribbean blue;))
And the winner for the little treasure from Italy??
“What a lovely time you are having!
Each day has treated us with delightful creative daydreams!
Thanks for sharing!!!!”  ~Beulah
Congrats Kathy, Lisa, and Beulah!!
All you gals get me your addresses so I can get your cartolina’s, etc out in the mail to you:)!

Big hugs and sincere thanks for being part of the this time in Italy.

Keep your bags packed—-you never know what’s on the horizon.
It’s the only break I can get from Eddie, so I am already planning our next great escape;)))
Last but not least, a little lemoncello to toast our trip to Italy…
One for me, one for you, and one for customs agent who bailed Eddie’s butt out;))


P.S.  I have had a considerable amount of email while traveling—-if I missed anything important, please just email me again:))
P.S.S.  I will be doing a follow up post on the Tuscany, Italy trip.  You can leave your comments on this blog to let me know the stuff you’d like to hear more about.  If it involves how Eddie smuggled in the one can of pate, I can tell you now–you really don’t wanna know….
P.S.S.S.  My workshop in California starts this coming Wednesday….never a dull moment ’round here:))  Eddie is wanting to go–says they are requesting his paw prints on the Hollywood Walk of Fame
I know.  I didn’t know what to say either.
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  1. Yeah! It’s me! Holy Cow! Dreama, THANK YOU for sharing such an amazing trip! And I get to enjoy it forever!!! Im so on cloud nine! Will email you right away!

  2. Sharon

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful journey with us.That even includes Eddy the cat supreme. I think he should go to Hollywood. They wouldn’t know what hit them.

  3. Anonymous

    Congratulations ladies!!!! What a truly fun and entertaining trip! Loved the daily pictures, paintings and humorous updates! Thank you Dreama. 🙂 Monica Avila

  4. Gail

    Thank you so much for sharing your trip and for making me feel like I was there with you! Savor your last few moments there and have a safe trip home. Your posts always bring me to a happy place and I look forward to many more fun adventures with you! And Eddie too!

  5. Just wanted to say thanks again for sharing this adventure. Would love to hear more about your daily painting while traveling.

  6. June

    Even though it’s true that all good things eventually must come to an end, that doesn’t mean we can’t come back again. And we shall! In fact, we can’t wait till next time. Congratulations to all the winners, including the latest three lucky gals Kathy, Lisa and Beaulah.

    It’s been truly wonderful visiting Italy with you, Dreama – seeing it through your eyes, your camera lens, your paintings, and, as always, your words and your funny bone. It’s been an absolute joy of holiday.

    You know that Eddie (both Eds, and Phyllis, and your Ron, and Maggie too) are missing you, and can’t wait for you to arrive back home (Eddie is probably waiting on many treats that he couldn’t smuggle back into the country when he was ‘escorted’ back home to the US, lol).

    Have a last look (for now) around, have one (or two) more gelatos (make sure every flavour has been properly taste-tested for your research), a last little bit of cheesecake and tiramasu, some more photos, and on your return journey back home, take with you all the love that was sent your way every day, all the while you were there. Plenty more where that came from, of course, on your return home.

    Thanks again, Dreama. It’s been brilliant! Safe journey home, my friend.

  7. Beulah

    Wow! What a wonderful delightful greeting this morning!!! Mystery gifts are a fun way to start the day! 🙂 Thank you so very much! The petite purse and Caribbean Blue are calling my name. Thanks so much!!! I will be sending you an email with my mailing address.

  8. FCP

    No jet-lag worries for the jet settin’ time zone trippin’ mama?
    Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos, paintings, and humor. Wishing you safe travel as your adventures continue,
    hugs to you,

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