1 Oct


“Wistful Thinking”

Wistfully thinking of Italy.
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  1. Amazing and beautiful.
    I don’t often comment but I truly find your work brings me great pleasure – as do your words. You write as well as you paint. You are a miracle woman with all you do.

    • Julie–that’s so sweet–I appreciate your words so much. I get so much JOY from doing both–it’s kind of hard to separate one from the other:)) Thanks so much!

  2. June

    Oh yes….wistful as well as wishful thinking, definitely. So cold here at the moment, but all the warmth in this painting, all that sunlight beaming through is helping melt the iciness in the air here.
    Wistfully thinking, too, of seizing that moment and taking you up on joining you in Jacksonville – ahhh…if only I could, I would in a heartbeat. But I can dream…and think wistfully. Thakns for sharing a bit of this warmth, Dreama. Very much appreciated – and needed!

    • June–one of these days:)))! Always love to hear your thoughts!

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