17 Sep


Flower Hugs and Remembering

What is important?
How may I truly serve?

Words taped to a computer pull me back into alignment.
So simple.

Out of many thoughts, many possibilities—there is always ever only one true answer.

I look to see if what I am thinking, what I am feeling, is in alignment with LOVE.
A gut check of sorts.

Coming from the place of LOVE changes everything we see.
Or perhaps nothing changes
except us.


Flower Hugs Dreama Tolle Perry V3

“Flower Hugs” 12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S. Can you believe I’m still working on my project??? I am having a hard time keeping a lid on it but I’m doing my best to keep my head down working and my lips zipped? ’til the time is right!

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. June

    So very true, very wise and very important words…if not vitally so.
    Which calls to my mind an old but very much loved song, and a plaque that I’ve made that hangs on my wall: ‘Love is the answer.’
    Thank you for the gentle reminder, Dreama. And for this beautiful expression of love that I see and feel in your ‘Flower Hugs’.

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