21 Sep

Before the Creative Process

We Are Family and Be on the Lookout

Sometimes fulfilled dreams come wrapped in extremely odd paper.
  Ideas of how things are supposed to work and what actually happens in real life can be poles apart.

Even when we think we are leaving ourselves open to the Universe—staying open to all the amazing possibilities—we are often still aligning how things are supposed to go down into a very narrow field of vision and don’t even know it.
I thought for years that there was a fairly defined list of things that would have to happen in order to arrive at my desired art life.
Below are a few of those things, ripped from one of my old journals:
I must get my work in 3-5 major galleries.
I must get published in some major art magazines.
I must win some major national art competitions.
A few of those things never happened. Like the first one or two.
And the last one never really panned out either.
  Okay, like there are THREE things on that list, none of which has happened to, for or with me.
The Universe is sneaky though. When we are looking one direction, it can sneak in the back door delivering exactly what we were REALLY hoping for.
BE ON THE LOOK OUT—it often comes in a completely different package than we were expecting.
Things like LOVE, JOY, & PEACE 🙂 hidden inside a package of….well, in my case—blogging, teaching, painting and writing.
3 of the aforementioned things were not on the list of what I was sure HAD to happen in order for me to have a life I love.
Curious how that works isn’t it?
That’s why it is so vitally important to do the quiet time thing. Meditation, prayer, walking in the woods—whatever it is that you do to get yourself in the place of listening—gives you the cue on what to do next. And sometimes next doesn’t seem to make sense because it doesn’t match the BIG PICTURE LIST that we have been following for so long.
I will ask you–you who have been following that list that you made up—the same question I asked myself a few years back.
How’s that workin’ for you?
If you are still waiting for your list to come in maybe it’s time to abandon the list.
Maybe your answers are already there just waiting for you to see them—maybe just wrapped a little or whole lot differently than you are looking for.

There IS a sure JOY in following the divine path meant just for you. 
There IS no competition on the path.
  No expiration dates, no already been dones, never a single not measuring up 🙂
My only job, your only job, is to show up and be ourselves..our REAL selves.
The only boat we’ve ever missed was the one that would have sunk us and the Universe knew that.
Begin unwrapping ALL the possibilities—especially the ones that aren’t on The Big Picture List.
Never judge a package by it’s wrapping. Some of the best ones are wrapped in plain brown paper. What matters is if it’s the one that is intended for you and the only way you will know is to read the tag to see who it’s from 🙂



“We Are Family” 9 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S. Can you believe I’m still working on my project??? I am having a hard time keeping a lid on it but I’m doing my best to keep my head down working and my lips zipped? ’til the time is right!

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Trish Davis

    Dreama, I am reading this again and loving it. I’m leading a class of retired folks at a OsherLifelonglearning institute here at Clemson. We using you as our inspiration, so I’m reading this aloud to them the next class. I wish I could be in every class of yours, but your posts are a good substitute. Love, love you and your art, not to mention Eddie, Petey and Ron. 🙂

  2. Glenys

    I get such pleasure from your beautiful artwork Dreama, you have a very special talent and you give so much out to the world, right over here in Melbourne Australia. Thank you, xo 🙂

  3. Martha Lenox Salz

    “The only boat we’ve ever missed was the one that would have sunk us and the Universe knew that.” This will have me thinking all night. Thank you for your continued inspiration.

  4. Susan Cleary Rittgers

    I love what I am seeing!

  5. June

    Dear Dreama, this is exactly what I needed to read today, and to be gently reminded of. I’m meant to follow my special and unique path…and feel comforted and safe in the knowledge that the Universe has got my back, and is helping me on that path, on that journey…my own unique journey.
    This made me smile and helped make what began as a somewhat fraught day turn into a day quite a lot brighter and happier. Thank you for that, Dreama, and for all the joy you bring.

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