17 Mar


The Big and Long of It All

How long is too long?
Is it possible to listen to the ocean too long?
If we caress a cat for a day or sit an extra hour contemplating the awe of a mighty tree….is that too long?

A week spent star gazing or feeling the cushy spring of new green grass beneath our feet,
looking for four-leaf clovers, reading Emerson or listening to music that moves us….exactly how long is too long to do these things?
And while we’re talking, just how big is too big?
An ocean so vast it defies being measured in cups and liters….is that too big?
An inky sky filled with stars so far away we may never travel there…is that too big as well?
A sun big enough to shine and warm our skin from 92 billion miles away…..is that too big? Please tell me now for I need to know…exactly how big is too big?
Dreams‚ÄĒ-what about those? Cures for polio and traveling by air just like a bird‚Ķ.maybe those were simply TOO big?
AND the length of our JOY and the bigness of our LOVE….what about those?
In our urgency to do the things that will not matter when once this life has passed, we unconsciously shorten and minimize the time spent doing those things which embody peace.

The time we spend experiencing JOY and love will most assuredly surpass the perceived importance of any TO DO list we currently hold.

How long should we do the things that grow love and impart peace?

How big can our lives be when we remove the limits on how long?

Dreama Tolle Perry/ Artist and Writer
Afterthought:  You might be interested to know the above piece was written while holding Eddie on one arm, sipping coffee and listening to this (click here)
In the moments you find yourself in the middle of a rich experience¬†— remember—big life happens when you go long on JOY.

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Michele Bozzo

    I love your work.

  2. Anita Louise Holle

    I love this. So true.
    Anita Holle

  3. June

    This is just so….beautiful. And so beauty-filled. And so inspiring.
    It’s never too big…it’s never too long…and it’s always there for us
    Thank you for these beautiful words, Dreama. And for that dreamy looking Eddie (was that you having more fun with the Diana app?) ūüôā
    Hope you had a lovely Paddy’s Day…and that the snow has finally left the building…and Paris!

  4. Elizabeth Quinn

    So Inspirational Dreama, thank you:)

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