19 Nov

During the Creative Process


“Art is what we call…  the thing an artist does….what makes it art, is that the person who made it overcame the resistance, ignored the voice of doubt and made something worth making.” ~Seth Godin
Be the first to love what you do.
When we are willing to make what wants to be made rather than make what we want, we become open to new directions”
                                                                                                 ~ Julia Cameron
Be the first to love what you do.
“Creativity is the mind at play with the materials that it loves.”
                                                                                                                                    ~Carl Jung
Be the first to love what you do.
“The best way to get approval is to not need it.”
                                                                                                                     ~Hugh MacLeod
Be the first to love what you do.
“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work.  And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
                                                                                                                                ~ Steve Jobs
Be the first to love what you do.

“Reject the tyranny of picked.  Pick yourself.”
                                                                                                                ~Seth Godin

Be the first to love what you do.

“Eventually, you will realize that the world didn’t give you what is etched on your soul-character, nor can it take it away.  Only you can choose to let it remain unexpressed–don’t hang back, waiting for approval from others to be yourself.”
                                                  ~Michael Beckwith
Stop waiting for external validation.
Be the first to love what you do.


Katherine Baker
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  1. Anonymous

    I am grateful for being alive.

  2. Nancy Makar

    I am grateful for having a few morefree days to enjoy friends, shopping, napping, playing with the pets and generally enjoying the day! Nancy Makar

  3. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the beautiful snow falling here in West Virginia and for my Christmas tree I will be trimming today.

    Karen Chamblin

  4. Anonymous

    So grateful for my pillow and warm bed upon I will soon rest… a wonderful day today, but still… so so grateful for that pillow!
    Cherine Marie

  5. Rosanne Mapp, Stering,MA

    I am grateful to have my grandchildren with me this morning! They always make my heart happy! We are going to paint together today!

  6. I am grateful for the encouragement I have received from friends on my latest project.

  7. I’m grateful to feel passionate about my writing, which to me has always been a form of art ~ I love creative writing ~

  8. Be the first to love what you do. Very grateful for that post. It was exactly what I needed today.

  9. Be the first to love what you do. Very grateful for that post. It was exactly what I needed today.

  10. I am grateful for neighbors…. and your blog today!

  11. Anonymous

    I am grateful that the tile and carpet installation in my home is finished before Thanksgiving. Now to put everyting back in place!!
    Carol Morris

  12. I am grateful to have the means to travel to see family.

  13. I am grateful for a wonderful day spent at the animal shelter where I use my creativity to help photograph the cats!

  14. I’m grateful to be teaching watercolor classes each week but also being able to take Dreama’s oil workshop and learning the beauty of that medium, too. I’m a believer!
    Judy Mudd

  15. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the fun of creating a wreath for my door today with a group of mostly new but really good friends. They are so supportive –
    Karen Gifford

  16. Happy to be just me.


  17. Katherine Baker

    I am grateful for this blog, written by a wise and delightful person (aka Dreama!) who enightens me to the golden nuggets of life.

  18. I am thankful for sharing a bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream with my husband.

  19. Anonymous

    I am grateful for a great local art league and a very instructive demo at today’s meeting.

    Judith B

  20. Grateful for the time that I had with the very best friend/sister that was meant just for me. Taught me so much and allowed me the honor of being chemo buddy and primary caregiver…She was the best and is very missed!

  21. I am thankful for a wonderful weekend in NYC with my adult daughter. This is a trip we have talked about doing for years!

  22. My new mantra in my studio “Be the first to love what you create!” Thanks Dreama!

  23. I am grateful for a safe return from a long trip.

  24. I’m so thankful for a night off without rushing to be somewhere.

  25. I’m grateful for the friend who asked me to do a pet portrait and for the friend who wants one of my hand-made journals. I love what I do but the validation is frosting on the cake

  26. Anonymous

    Hi Dreama,

    I love your gratitude today, but I have a slightly different approach. Do what you love is great, but first, become so good at what you love, then you can do what you want without worrying about acceptence. It won’t matter.

    Don Fowler

  27. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the sunshine that brightened up my kitchen after weeks of cloudy weather. A bit of sun in November does wonders for the spirit.

    Arlene M., Ontario

  28. MDS

    So happy and grateful to have a husband that supports the arts. And not just mine!

  29. Anonymous


  30. Unknown

    I am grateful for the opportunity so say thank you to God and the universe for what is still good in my life. Teresa, San Diego.

  31. Terri Wilson Godfrey @ Fresh Thyme Design

    I am so grateful for all the little things each day, the view from my porch, hot coffee in the morning, filling window boxes with Christmas greens, silvers and golds today, a healthy husband to help me. Tonight I will paint a canvas for the wall in my son’s kitchen as we get his house ready for Thanksgiving. I love what I do and have LOTS to be grateful for.

  32. Anonymous

    I am grateful for beautiful art. Linda Will

  33. I am grateful that I love what I do.

  34. Anonymous

    I am grateful for friends who share: their love and concern and prayers; their largess—we have a friend who is an awesome fisherman. He brought us some filets to enjoy.

    • Anonymous

      Forgot to add my name: Carol Barbian

  35. Today I am thankful for my daughter and all her goofiness!

  36. Anonymous

    Today I’m grateful that I found the perfect Christmas gift for my daughter -early!-that will enhance her talent for sharing and entertaining family and friends – a Craigslist treasure of a dining set! Hooray! Lin Haaksma

  37. Thank you, Dreama, for sharing your beautiful work and giving us food for thought.

    I thank our Creator for color and eyes to see it.

  38. June

    These quotes you’ve added to today’s Gratitude post are all wonderful, and very inspiring. Especially Jung’s and Julia Cameron’s, but they’re all uplifting.

    ‘The Fine Print’, by the way, is the smile and the giggle that I needed today, for I’d been a bit blue since last night. Thanks to you, Eddie and Phyllis for bringing a smile my way.

  39. June

    I am so grateful that yes, I do love what I do, and that I believed in it, and believed in myself when the creative intention first arrived.

    I’m grateful today, specifically, for the gifts that arrived in today’s post from a dear friend in India – in the form of rare and hard-to-find classic Bollywood films on DVD – with English subtitles, as well. Thank you so much, Satish, for your generosity.

  40. Grateful for a current upsurge in patience – not always my strongest suit.

  41. myra

    I’m grateful for good health. My best friend is having severe health problems and has trouble just getting out of bed every morning. I have to remind myself not to complain with my little aches and pains that are normal at my age and be grateful for the good health I enjoy.

  42. I am grateful for the friend that I just saw after over 3 years. It is like no time has passed. That kind of friendship is precious indeed.

  43. I am grateful for art day which is today! I go to paint with others in local rooms

  44. First, I had to learn not to hate what I hadn’t done. Grateful for encouragement.

  45. I am grateful for medical doctors and the specialties they practice and the opportunity to go to them when I need to.

  46. I am thankful today that I no longer need pain meds and anti-inflammatories to get through the day – and the sun is shining!


  47. Anonymous

    Today I have gratitude for my life, my loves, seeing my sons find their loves and being open to whatever the day holds ahead. Fran C.

  48. Anonymous

    This morning I am extra grateful for my husband, the fact he never tells me “You have too many art brushes on the table and stuff scattered around.” instead he tells me, with a grin.. “I always wanted to live in a studio.” and yet I know that too many paints and supplies scatter about, even though I have a studio.. he does really love me.. and for this, I am truly grateful. 🙂 Cherine Marie

  49. Today I am grateful for my morning cup of coffee. And for my sweet little dog Maggie as she waits patiently for her morning walk to begin even if it is raining.

  50. Just dropped my daughter off at the airport for a week long conference. I am so grateful for her, she is my best friend ever!

  51. I am grateful today for the opportunity at this time of my life to start painting every day! I love it, and my husband who has made a time and place for me to paint, and my Heavenly Father who gave me the interest and enjoyment of art!

  52. Anonymous

    I have another saying to add to your list for which I am grateful:

    “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

    Ann Greely

  53. Today, I am so grateful for wonderful friends! My friend and her husband have a time-share and gave it to my husband and I this year!!! We are of to Cabo in March…isn’t that just the most amazing thing?

  54. Grateful for the beautiful days to come ,far away from the cold winter days to come in Canada. Enjoying painting,golfing…

  55. I am so grateful that today while cleaning up a tiny corner of my studio I found some long lost photos I”ve been looking for! Yay!

  56. grateful for the fun trip to Half Moon Bay to buy Dungeness Crab
    fresh off of the fishing boats. The season just opened

  57. I am grateful that nothing was damaged during my holiday boutique this past weekend. Am also grateful I was able to revise my expections and be grateful for just getting through my first boutique without anything damaged or destroyed 🙂

  58. Suzanne

    I am grateful for my dog and the great relationship that we have.

  59. I am grateful that I finally learned how to believe in today’s words of wisdom. It took awhile with all the distractions we bump into through life, but I finally learned to ‘be the first to love what I do’.

  60. Anonymous

    I am really grateful today for the opportunity to get out on the river and paint. Even though it was overcast, it was very beautiful and peaceful.Dianne Harrison

  61. Anonymous

    Today as I read your wonderful words of wisdom/quotes with your wonderful colorful painting. I am the only one who has to love my artwork and paintings! Today I’m grateful for you Dreama, thank you & blessings, Nancy Piros

  62. Holly Rose

    I genuinely love the people in my life that don’t sugarcoat it; they care enough to be honest and help me to grow.

  63. Anonymous

    Thank you for that guiding light re making art… (or whatever your gift in life is…)
    A Blessed Thanksgiving week!
    Monica Dahl

  64. I read this quote and found it very fitting,

    “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
    ~William Arthur Ward

    • June

      Wonderful quote, and so very true.

  65. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my husband who wants to put
    up Christmas lights today so we can turn them on for our grandson when he is over tomorrow.
    Barb Krell

  66. Anonymous

    I’m grateful that I live in Folsom. I love this place and the people here. It’s smallish
    and i hardly ever go anyplace without seeing someone I know. It has such a warm community feel.
    Lori Anderson, Folsom CA

  67. Thanks for the post! I love the quotes especially the ones about approval! THAT is something I need to look at! I’m grateful that I have SOME awareness of the things I want to work on! Thanks again Dreama! Many hugs!

  68. Grateful, very grateful for your message today. For me these little snippets of advice, encouragement and inspiration really do make a difference! Bravo and gracias

  69. Marcia Fox

    My grandmother lived to 103, and she always said, “I’m grateful to wake up every morning, then I know I’m good for another 24 hours!” Such a sence of humor.

  70. Anonymous

    Grateful for an inspiring day at Audubon Art Festival yesterday!

    Cathy J

  71. I am so grateful to love what I do and to be doing what I love!

  72. This comment has been removed by the author.

  73. I am grateful for Dreama posting all these thoughtful, insightful messages of inspiration and encouragement. Thank you!

  74. Grateful to be a help to others! When you give…you get more in return!

  75. Nancy

    Frosty November mornings.

  76. I am grateful for the realizations in those quotes. I am going to write them on the wall!

  77. I’m grateful for the desire to create, and for the reminder not to wait for external approval!

  78. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my 35th wedding anniversary tomorrow with the love of my life.

  79. Today I’m grateful to get to paint with my “painting pals”. It’s always such a very fun day!

    • Nan

      Yes it is! 🙂

  80. Today I am grateful it’s my Friday…

  81. Anonymous

    Thankful to be feeling better today! vicki morgan

  82. Deb LaRocque

    Today I am grateful to have had time to paint over the weekend and for spending time with my family.

  83. Anonymous

    I am grateful for sons who are willing to give to me of their time and energy.
    Dana Burton

  84. Ginny Good

    I am grateful that at this time in my life, I have the desire to paint, the extra time and focus to paint and lot’s of great ideas! This hasn’t always been the case so NOW IS THE TIME TO PAINT!

  85. Anonymous

    Am gratful to Mother Nature for the magnificent landscapes and animals she provides for me to paint!

    Lee Borden

  86. Linda

    I’m grateful that I was invited to an art workshop and started painting that day and never stopped! I found the joy in it and have made it a priority. Even though I wish I had started at a much younger age, I’m grateful that I finally stumbled on something that I had wanted to do for a very long time. I was fortunate enough to have had an instructor with beautiful talent and an enormous giving heart to share these talents with us. Linda, Nevada

  87. Josephine Y Hardison

    Today I am grateful for new beginnings and the possibilities of art in my life!
    Thanks for your uplifting words each day!

  88. DLPBR

    I’m grateful to have a day OFF.

  89. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for that little voice inside me that won’t shut up until I create something.

    Beth Stewart
    Sylvania, Ohio

  90. I am grateful today for a chance to spend time in my studio.

  91. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the DESIRE to create! I know with a blink of an eye, that desire can leave and maybe never return. That can happen with life tragedies and complexities. So for now, today, this very moment, I am grateful to have that creative desire.

  92. Cissy

    Today I’m grateful because my son comes home from college tomorrow. I haven’t seen him since August.

  93. Anonymous

    The week of Thanksgiving does remind one of the many things to be thankful for. So thankful to live in a free country that values individual spirit and to have a loving family!

    I will share one of my favorite quotes, although I don’t know who said it, I believe it was in a movie. “Life is like a wave, resist and you will get knocked over, dive in and you will come out the other side.

    • June

      I love this quote! I couldn’t resist Googling it, and think I found something similar, so perhaps it’s from the same movie – ‘Soul Surfer’? I’ve never seen the film, but after this, I definitely want to. Thanks for sharing this.

  94. C-Rae

    Grateful for awesome neighbors! They are willing to drop what they are doing and lend a hand when you need it.

  95. Debra

    I’m grateful for many things, but the first that came in my thoughts – my memory of my son(now an adult) who, when I would awaken him for school, would always open his eyes with a HUGE smile on his face when he saw me!He taught me to appreciate each day filled with love.

  96. I am grateful for all the tools, supplies, & information available to us as artists.

  97. pat

    Today I am grateful for the fun, creative times with my granddaughter, the artist!

  98. Today I am grateful for the gift of painting and the challenges and joy that I receive in creating art.

  99. Anonymous

    so thankful for the spirit of family … something I feel but cannot describe
    Sue Lepsch

  100. jen lacoste

    Today will probably be the last of my “gratitude” postings as my parents arrive tomorrow morning, and will be here on holiday till after Xmas. So today, and every day of their stay I will be grateful for the chance to be close, and explore, and “love like there’s no tomorrow”. My best wishes to you, Dreama, and all the friends on this blog, for a safe and happy festive season.

  101. Anonymous

    I love a good mocha and am grateful to have a place nearby where I can get a great one. I am also very thankful that my friend talked me into taking a DTP workshop-haven’t stopped painting since. Thank you Dreama.
    Brenda Gibbs

  102. Today I had lovely time shopping with my two daughters.

  103. Grateful for a wonderful visit with a good friend last night who is recovering from surgery to remove a brain tumor.

  104. I’m grateful I have sisters, and friends who are like sisters to me.

  105. I am thankful that my children are coming home for Thanksgiving!!! I am thankful for you comments today! I needed the encouragement!

  106. I am grateful that I have a loving family to visit this coming week.

  107. I am grateful for the time that I have each day to do what I want to do. Being an artist has never been a JOB for me…it is a destiny, a distance that I walk each day, and a time that allows me to make mistakes, try it again, solve the problems as they arise, take time out to ponder and plan and design, to research, to let the muse come to visit – but most of all time to live ‘being an artist’.

  108. Anonymous

    I am thankful that family is coming to visit this week!
    Mary Beth Harrison

  109. Today I’m grateful for having a fresh start on a new week. I am truly blessed and give my thanks to God.

  110. Grateful for my very thoughtful, talented, and helpful framer!

  111. Anonymous

    Today I am thankful for the quotes Dreama shared. So often her written expressions fill a specific need I have at the time.

  112. I’am grateful i was brave enough to hop on a plane with a 6 month old and take a leap of faith that the man who was meeting me was the man i thought he was and we are still married 23 years later…….
    Hugs! deb
    nuleaf at comcast dot net

  113. Grateful today for a husband who puts the dishes away when the dishwasher is done.

  114. Anonymous

    I am very grateful I can do what I love.
    Carol Hickerson

  115. I’m grateful my power just went back on.

  116. Anonymous

    Awakened to another beautiful fall day. So many in a row. Gayle

  117. Anonymous

    I am grateful for this time of Thanksgiving and time with family and friends. Cindy K

  118. I’m thankful that somehow you come up with a meaningful post each day. Your love for what you do shines through! I’m thankful that your uplifting blog is part of my morning routine as I drink my coffee, browse around my favorite places online and map out my day.:)

  119. I am grateful for small beginnings. Getting anything done only requires a start. Thanks for helping us find our “thanker”. ~Sue C

  120. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the smell of home made bread! Today I am baking yeast rolls, cheese biscuits and sweet potato rolls! I smell them already!
    Sue Taylor

  121. Marcia

    Words of wisdom today! We are both sides of the sword. We can be our own worst enemy but we can also be our own greatest cheerleaders! Learn to love what you do! Thankful for your reminder.

  122. Today I am thankful for the phone calls, just to hear the voice of your child who lives far away is sweet and comforting.

  123. Anonymous

    It’s great to “be the first to love what you do” Thanks for sharing, Dreama!
    J.J. Perry

  124. Lyn

    Today I am grateful to patient, talented, inspiring teachers.

  125. I am grateful for the simple things in life, a gentle touch on the shoulder, a sneaky smile, a hot cup of coffee in the morning. Ahh….makes me think of the saying, “stop and smell the roses”.

  126. So grateful for my wonderful mother. I learn from her every day. Her wisdom, caring and sense of humor is just amazing.

  127. Anonymous

    I’m grateful for my family.

  128. FCP

    #19…recognizing the perfection of imperfection and edges that fray
    faye christian phillips

  129. Anonymous

    I am grateful that I can do what I love everyday, “Life Is Good”.
    Marilyn Troutman

  130. Grateful for a wonderful, decompressing weekend with husband and friends.

  131. For five years I have been praying for a family member. Yesterday God finally answered my prayers, and I am so grateful.

  132. i’m grateful for my first niece or nephew growing inside my sis-in-law! can’t wait to meet him or her in june. 🙂

  133. Grateful for some very good friends how help me out, when my painting days are not how I wish them to be…

  134. Anonymous

    I’m grateful to strangers who go out of their way to be helpful. Sea Dean

  135. I am so grateful for finding some great lightly used items while out doing garage sales yesterday! A baby highchair for 5 bucks and a full stroller for 20 and a ton of good quality baby toys!….now for the cleaning!

  136. Karen

    I am grateful for your messages that greet me every morning. thank you

  137. Grateful for wonderful art friends like Sandra Baggette who taught me…Paint what you Love=Love what you Paint!

  138. I am grateful for the adventure that awaits me this week!

  139. Grateful that I will be able to spend Thanksgiving with my whole family this year after several years of not being able to do it.

  140. Gaylynn

    I am thankful for my full time job working with special need young adults. They inspire me in my painting by showing me that we always can achieve.

  141. Anonymous

    I am grateful for a daughter that wants to spend time with me as a friend.
    Joanna Cranford

  142. Thanks for all the inspiring and timely (for me) quotes, Dreama. I love the expression you captured of Eddie! Today I am also grateful that someone made sure I have lunch prepared already….

  143. So grateful today for a day off work to spend in the studio before the Thanksgiving cooking & entertaining frenzy begins.

  144. Yvonne

    Every day that I spend painting, I love what I do , Yvonne Ankerman Sunny SA

  145. Today I am grateful that I love what I do. So many people are “stuck” in occupations for which they are not suited……art fits me to a “T”!

  146. Anonymous

    I am grateful for God’s placing the inspiration to paint his incredible creations in my soul.

    Arleen Turzo

  147. Fuzz

    Having a bad head cold I’m grateful for the fact that I can get medicines easily unlike those in some parts of the world who have nothing to ease their ills.

  148. I am grateful for resilience. I’m hurting right now, but believe i’ll bounce back, like i have done before – and art helps
    enormously. Thank you Dreama

  149. What is the most awesome thing about my life? When I have a creative thought, I have the freedom to pursue it. I just love that!

  150. Anonymous

    I am grateful for all I have, and for the amazing synchonicity that pops up each day and makes life exciting, interesting and wonderful. Magic!

    Alma Marshall

  151. Joanne Simmonds

    I am so grateful that I am able to live my life the way I want. I have a wonderful family even though my brother and his family live in Colorado and I’m in Western Australia, a lovely house, an enjoyable job and friends. I am also grateful that I can get together with other artists and like minded people and create art for enjoyment.

  152. Kathy

    I love this saying…be the first to love what you do…I live this 🙂 thanks so much for sharing and for sharing all of your lovely works. Your use of colors is fantastic!!

  153. Dreama this 30 days of gratitude is great! I am sorry that I am just catching on.

    Today was a day of extreme gratitude as a group of friends that I am associated with called the Gnurdz did an outreach today in the city of Camden, NJ. We came alongside an organization called YAP and a local church. There was food and clothing that was given to those in need. It was a humbling experience to know that it is only by God’s grace that I am not in the same position. Regardless of the small things I may not have, today I truly understood, I have more than most, and that is a blessing!

    Thanks again for doing this challenge. You may see a duplicate soon!

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