6 Mar

During the Creative Process

My France, My Heart

Ample shade under French blue skies.
That’s what I’m talkin’about ;)!

Carmel, Indiana Workshop II
What’s a little cold weather and snow outside when there are paintings to be done???
Here’s living proof that you can’t keep good artists from doing what they love to do 🙂
Paint, talk, laugh, eat, drink, wash, repeat!!

It rarely happens, but….I actually forgot to photograph the painting I did on Day One of this workshop!  There it sits, right smack dab in the middle of the table:))  It didn’t make it back to Kentucky….went home with Marti from the workshop:))
Also, occasionally I am asked if I paint larger than 12 x 12’s.  There are three answers sitting on the floor in this pic;)
Kathleen O’Neil Stevens shows some of my larger works and brought them to the workshop location for the gals to see.  You can see them a little better by clicking here.

Look what a beautiful crop of tulips were harvested on the first day of the workshop:))!!!

Me at work on the second day’s painting, “My France, My Heart” using my favorite easel on the planet, the Coulter Easel.

I am continually delighted by the details of artists’ lives and love seeing what they show up at a workshop with.

Here, an old piece of luggage now carries new oil paints:)!

And the mayhem from the first workshop in Carmel carried into the second. (If you missed it, just click here to catch-up:)
I am not proud of the behavior I displayed while visiting the fair city of Carmel.
Here I am, working our plan of distract and confuse the music man— while Kathleen steals the cash AND Mr. Goodbar.
All I can say is the chocolate made us do it…;))

We have promised to enroll ourselves in one of those 12 step programs….

just as soon as we finish off Mr. Goodbar…

More beautiful paintings.


More beautiful artists.

Marianne, Penny, Ann, Marti, Ellen, Shawn, Linda, Barbara, Pat, Sheryl, Cynthia, Tracey, Terri, Francoise, Paige, Marion, Stacia, Lori, and Judy!
At the end of every workshop, when it’s quiet and I slowly start to absorb all the amazing people I have had the privilege to share 3 days of my life with, I know to my very core how beautiful life truly is.
Thanks to each of you who came, laughed, painted, encouraged, shared, and took the leap of faith to go further with your art.
You are priceless!!

“My “France, My Heart”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S.  I am firming up dates for my 2014 schedule.  It will go out first in my newsletter so if you are thinking it may be a fit for you, make sure you stay in the loop (just click here) to subscribe:))
P.S.S. For those of you that like sunshine and ocean…the 2014 dates for my Marco Island Workshop are up:))  Just click here to check it out….surf, sand and painting next January!

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  1. Dreama, I love your painting “true blue friends “.
    I have been out of pocket for about a week. I just briefly saw all I’ve missed!!! Sounds like your having fun!!! HUGS…..

  2. June

    In a word? Beautiful! Everyone and every painting there is beautiful.
    Make that two words: fun! These photos tell the tale very clearly – everyone was having a brilliant, very happy and very fun time. Those photos of you two are priceless, Dreama.
    Just finished reading Robert Henri’s ‘The Art Spirit’ (by your recommendation last year). It has inspired me to another level entirely. You can just choose any page in that book and be inspired and motivated to create, create, create. Thank you for telling me and all of us about this truly wonderful book.
    Thanks, also, for showing us your larger creative expressions. I love all your work, big or small.

  3. This was my second experience with Dreama and I returned to Cincinnati energized to paint more juicy, colorful paintings!
    So much fun!

  4. Christine Osgood Holzschuh

    I love this painting…a great way to start my day…about to go skiing and the colors are beautiful but much different from your vibrant painting…it warms my inner being..now off to the frosty slopes!

  5. Love your umbrella painting! Your workshops are great as proven by all the beautiful paintings above!

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