18 Jun

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From Paris to Paris!

From Lexington to France!

It’s been just a wee bit busy around here.  My last workshop started on Wednesday, ended on Sunday, and now it’s time to get my bunzolas heading to France!!!!
I know!!  As Nancy Standlee says…..”you can sleep next week—you gotta carpe diem girl;))”

We managed to cram a lot of fun into those 5 days in Lexington though, let me tell you.
From big girl panties to little red wagons…..

and funny stories of late night downtown buggy rides  (buggies that were still labeled “Just Married”—seems like the gang  from Texas  is skilled in creating a stir;))

We had Hoda from Canada, home grown Melissa who does ball room dancing, along with   Nancy, Maryann, Karen, Connie—all from Texas. Faye our Georgia peach, Susan and Brenda from the heart of the blues in Memphis, Julie from Michigan, Glenna, Elizabeth and Jill from Kentucky, Lorrie from Mississippi, and Trish and  Louise from Clemson, South Carolina.
Absolutely a delightful dish of talented, funny, go get ‘em ladies.  I learn something every time I teach a workshop.  Mostly how many truly gifted artists there are and what a gift it is that I get to hang out with them for a few days:-)
Here’s some of the beautiful paintings these artists whipped out while eating chocolate AND dancing—told you they were good;))

P.S.  Hope you are ready to get your oui oui on!!  I have just arrived in France, have had my first strong cup of French coffee (much needed) and have met the new cat, Loki, at Le Vieux Couvent (shhh….don’t tell the Eddies;))

Get ready for France unplugged!!!

“Color Glory”
12 x 12″ oil on panel


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  1. Lynne Wogan

    I enjoy following your French art adventure, but find it very puzzling WHERE to comment to be in the contest for Eddie’s drawing . hope this is right

  2. Lynne Wogan

    My comment for market day, June 23..those olives look wonderful.

  3. What are your “must have” watercolors you use in your travel watercolor set? I have your Let There Be Love book. Lucky me! Simply love it! Thanks to all the joy you give to your art groupies!

  4. Sherry Defazio

    Well Dreama, my first and main love is watercolor but after seeing your beautiful paintings in oil, that medium is calling me again. I’m thinking I need to look at your workshop list and start dreaming myself. In the process of moving to Colorado so give me time to catch up with you. Love your French videos.

  5. Nancy Martin Piros

    Dreama, you and your class are wild and crazy artist’s! Wish I was there! HUGS!

  6. Melissa Brown

    That’s my little red wagon. After my daughter (27) stopped using it, it has become my workshop mule. It’s been six years since my last painting. I had to wash out the potting soil and a few spiders, but the handle didn’t squeek and the wheels didn’t fall off, so it was off to Dreamaland I went.

  7. Dreama,
    I LOVE your new painting Color Glory ~ Purple Passion is my favorite color, along with Raspberry Rose. Have Fun!!!!

  8. June

    ps – I forgot to comment on this gorgeous painting – ‘Color Glory’. It definitely lives up to its perfect title: gorgeous bursts of colours in all their glory. Beautiful!

  9. June

    Welcome to Europe, Dreama! i wish I could hop on over from the Irish Sea to the UK, board the Eurostar and journey to Paris via the Chunnel, and meet you all there. How I wish so very much!
    In the meantime, though, I will of course be enjoying your collective adventures (and misadventures) and excursions in France, and of course, your collective artistic intentions and expressions.
    As always, the workshop in Lexington was filled with happiness and fun and wonderful art created by some wonderful peeps. Just one look at all those smiley faces tells me how much fun it was, as are all your workshops.
    Have a fantastic time in Le Vieux Convent, all of you. And enjoy plenty of coffee, croissants, pain du chocolat, wine, and all the gorgeousness that France has to offer.

  10. It was a very special time for the Texas peeps and introduction to Dreama’s neighborhood and tribe. Good times, good food, and good paintings but we do have to see about replacing that carriage ride sign of “Just Married” with “Just Friends”. Ron, the Mounds bars and Hershey’s Kisses were pretty special also.

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