22 Jun


Le Vieux in June and Market Day:)!

As beautiful as the views are from Le Vieux Couvent, I am glad you are willing to head out to the market with me today.

Market day is Saturday in Cahors and it’s overflowing with everything imaginable!!

From veggies that look pretty enough to paint!

to cherries so ripe you can smell them:))

And just a few olives to pick from 🙂

I found some pots just “hangin’ around”…

And flowers for sale everywhere!

Here’s your spot for the day.  I saw you spying out all those gorgeous reds and figured it was the perfect fit for you:-)

Looks like it’s time for some permanent rose and cad red watercolor  in your journal;))

(Please note:  The photos I share here, of our time in France, are to be used as reference for  doing watercolors for your personal journals or postcards only.  I please ask that they are used soley for that purpose:-)

Here’s a “taste” of the market in Cahors….

If video doesn’t appear, just click here:))

I got so carried away I forgot to paint at the market.  So I sat a street cafe and juggled an ice cream cone, coffee and watercolors.  I will post that carte postal tomorrow, for now….here’s the latest page in my journal.

You probably spy some new colors on my watercolor kit above.I was left alone in an art supply store in France and well ….THINGS HAPPEN.

Le Vieux in June
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S. If you missed the watercolor tips I posted the other day, just click here to download them.

P.S.S.  I will be giving away the watercolor postcards I do while here in France:))  Love making them, love sharing them!  To get your name in on the drawing, just leave a comment on my site:))  Winners will be announced….first chance I get:)))  So much to paint, so much to eat, so much to share!!!

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  1. Frances Kut


  2. Karen Kubovchick

    I love your watercolors and would love to see you do more teaching of them. Karen

  3. Alice Long Kolb

    Such fun to armchair travel with you. I won’t miss a day!!!q

  4. Alice Long Kolb

    Such fun to armchair travel with you. I won’t miss a day!!!

  5. Barb Bixby

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I am so enjoying your daily posts. As a retired French teacher and lover of France, I yearn to return soon. Your videos and photos are gorgeous, and you are so generous with your painting tips. I look forward to meeting you in the fall in Westford MA in your workshop.

  7. Jewell West

    Bonjour, Dreama, Thank you for sharing your experiences in France. I love viewing the scenes and then seeing them through your eyes in your artwork. I especially appreciate the softness of your voice, your surroundings, and your paintings. I’ve been to the places you are posting but now I want to go back and paint them! I ran to the store, bought my watercolors, pen, journal – I’m ready.!!!

  8. Your watercolors are so light and airy — a different style from your oils and I love them both!

  9. Claire Snyder

    Now this is the France I would like to visit. The markets and back streets are such lovely discoveries.

  10. Dana Burton

    Really enjoying your posts and videos – thank you, Dreama! A postcard from France would be truly wonderful.

  11. Gorgeous paintings ~ I adore that blue gate ~ have a lovely day!!!!
    Sweet Dreams,

  12. Loree

    Pure, luscious joy!

  13. Barbara Ray

    Cant wait for more post from France.

  14. Lisa Horgan Roche

    Love the pictures and videos. Makes me feel like I’m in France too! Thank you!

  15. Patricia Pastor

    gorgeous gorgeous!

  16. Cathleen

    LOVE the market!! How fun is that?
    Great new colors added to your palette! Yummy……………..
    Thanks for taking the time to share this special time w/us!

  17. Annette NYC

    I have my “Dreama” sketchbook all set up and ready to paint. Thanks for taking me on this trip. And, I just love to paint outside the lines.

  18. Becky

    Hi! I just discovered you, your work, and this blog from a daily painting site – so gorgeous! I’m delighted to have stumbled into your shared trip to France as well, how perfect at the start of summer. thanks!!

  19. Karen Mitchell

    What a super market. I would have got distracted there too! Loving the sketchbook studies.

  20. Joanne

    Thank you for sharing your stay in France. I wish I was there. I am now soooo inspired to give watercolours a try and what a great mix with pen sketching. The colours you use on white are yummy. I am going to start painting this week.
    Au revoir

  21. Wow! Thank you for sharing! It is like being there… almost. Wish I was there to enjoy with you. Gorgeous!!!

  22. Karen Hartley

    Bonjour from the “Rowdy Room”! I love taking a trip to France with you. Your watercolor demo video was excellent! The pictures of where you are staying and other sites are so interesting and so colorful! Also, great shoes! Remember to always wear beautiful shoes-very important!
    Certainly would love to be there with you! I know that you and Ron are having a fabulous time. Thanks so much for sharing. It really is fun!

  23. Sharon

    Love your beautiful sketches. Your videos are so much fun to watch. Thanks!

  24. Loved your little video of how you created the watercolor postcard! I’ve never seen a “water pen” … what was that?!?!?!

  25. Maryann Stephens

    Farmer’s Markets always have great things to see….you never know what and it is new every time. Thanks for taking us along….love it on a cool misty morning too….so much great feeling!

  26. renee

    love love love the videos!!!!!!!!!!! soooooooo wish i was there – thanks for sharing all of this . . .just awesome!!!!!!

  27. Helen Farson

    I am watercoloring like crazy in my own garden! Inspired by your posts.
    Thanks for sharing your trip…

  28. Dana Richards

    I was delighted to see that watercolor kit you are using because my son gave me the same kit for Mother’s Day! I recently spent 4 days in Sausalito CA using it. And now I’m getting new ideas from sharing your adventures in France.

  29. Anne Falconer Paulsen

    <3 ing this!

  30. Cindy Stierhoff

    Oh those pink onions in that photo look heavenly! A farmers market, every painters fav place for food and flowers to paint. Put aside my watercolors this year for the water soluable oils…….but need to start a journal like you are doing with sketches and beautiful pools of watercolors painted ever so gently on the page, an inspiration you continue to be to us all =^.^=

  31. Sherry Defazio

    Every morning I hurry from bed knowing I have another video adventure to experience! Lifts my heart and makes me smile. I can feel the excitement…………

  32. Prudy Weaver Artist

    How far away is Cahors? Will you spend all day? I am dreaming of all of this along with you.

  33. Libby Fleming Anderson

    Thanks for a glimpse of France!

  34. Linda Guslani Stratton

    Love, love love your postcards!

  35. Well I couldn’t agree more with Hallie Kohn’s comment above! As much as I love looking at watercolor works, I’ve never had even an inkling to try it. HOWEVER, I now own a little watercolor kit, watercolor brush and water!!! I’m all set to give it a try!! I’ll let you know if I should thank you or wish I’d never tried it!!! More to come!!!!!

  36. Valerie McMullen

    Could things be any prettier and yummier in France?! Gorgeous and yummy! Thanks for sharing and enjoy!

  37. Dreama thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. It makes me feel like I could be there too! 😀

  38. Marion Corbin Mayer

    Love your videos!

  39. Lynda Whelan Evans

    This is fantastic; I am living vicariously through you!

  40. Delicious subject matter to watercolor my dear Dreama, I wish I was there too, but a watercolor postcard from you will do for now!

  41. Ann G

    Even thought I am in Kentucky I am enjoying this trip to France vicariously, but wishing I were really there. Oh what fun you must be having!!

  42. Barb S

    I love the colors of the garlic! Can’t wait to try it out! Hugs

  43. Denise F

    What a fantastic trip! Thanks for sharing and inspiring the rest of us!

  44. Susan

    Bonjour Dreama! A friend just forwarded your blog to me. Because I have lived in Provence, travel there frequently, and also write a blog about all things Provence, she thought I would enjoy your site. She is spot on–I LOVE your site! Your art work is beautiful and the photos inspiring. Coincidentally, I wrote about markets today, too! I will look forward to following you!

  45. Barbara Ray

    So beautiful, thanks for sharing.

  46. I just dusted off my watercolor journal. Thanks, Dreama.

  47. This is so much fun. I got out my water colors and have been painting along. I had forgotten how much I love them! Thanks so much. I haven’t ever been to a French market. Now I feel like I have!

  48. Monica

    Good Morning Dreama!
    Beautiful images of the farmer’s market—
    Altho I love oil painting, I have set aside
    a little corner in my art room for watercolor painting!
    Can’t ever have enough art in your life!
    Wishing you a blessed Sunday in France!

  49. I love your watercolor. The colors are right on!
    Your painting make me want to fly to France.

  50. I am loving the watercolor journal – and of course, I linger on to every photo you post, wishing I was there! Enjoy!!

  51. Alice Craig

    I wish I could walk through those beautiful blue gates and meet you Dreama!
    The painting is so beautiful! Thank you for the videos too. I have my paints ready to start again but this time I will try watercolors. I used to do oils. You are an inspiration!
    I love Patti O’s way of signing off especially as the painting was of a patio!!!
    I think she might be Irish like me:D

  52. I have never once had the urge to do watercolor. Until now. Love what you’re doing! Thanks so much for sharing techniques and tools you use.

  53. patricia obrien

    I have been to some of the beautiful sites you have posted! My husband and I went to Paris, Provence, etc for our 30th anniversary two years ago! We were on a tour and at that time I did not paint in a journal. Wish I had. I did take a lot of pictures though. Now I take a journal where ever I travel! Thanks for the memories of a glorious trip!
    patty o

  54. Donna

    I’m “Dreamin'” of going to France! Lovely!

  55. Gaylynn Robinson

    So much to choose from today with the flowers, cherries, and olives. Oh, la, la,

  56. Oh Dreama – how could I not comment? These visits to the colors and moods of France have me longing to be right there! It’s another foggy, dreary day here in Minnesota, but you have brought the sunshine straight into my day. Thank you – and relish every moment!

  57. Karen Smith

    Beautiful…..I have always wanted to be able to have the ability to keep a journal like yours….unfotunately I cant draw a stickman. I do so enjoy following your travels!! Have a wonderful time!

  58. Terri

    Checked my mailbox – no postcard yet…haha! I know you are having an amazing time. Enjoy every minute…T

  59. I am really enjoying your trip to France! Thanks for sharing all the photos they are inspiring. I love your work and would love to learn about watercolor painting. I’m looking forward to meeting you next year at your Lexington workshop.

  60. I’m so inspired by your watercolor journaling. I’m really glad you are posting the actual photo with your painting. It lets me see what you are keying on in your watercolor sketch. Wonderful!! Please put me in the hat for your drawings!

  61. Dreama,
    I know this famous saying is before your time, being 34 years old and all, but Lawrence Welk used to say, “Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.” I would apply his saying to your sharing your trip to France with all of your e-followers here at home. Thank you, Dreama.

  62. Kathy Scott

    Oh I love the photo at the market of the olives

  63. Helen

    Ahhhh… The colors and aroma of market day! It’s one of my favorite memories of pur trip to Provence last fall! Have a glass of cold rose for me today?

  64. Andrée from Québec Province

    Ah! So much memories from my trip in France in 1998 …These saturday fresh markets,flowers,and friendly peoples everywhere! It’ s been a long time since that trip, Thanks so much to share that with us! This is like if we where there with you! Beautiful watercolors! Andrée

  65. June

    Ohhhhhh….I would love to be at that wonderful market right now! I love outdoor and country markets. Much better than the farmers’ market I was at yesterday here in Ireland. There’s something magical about an open air market…especially when that market is in France or Italy.
    Everything looks so beautiful, fresh, lush, vibrant, delicious even just to look at, never mind how amazing everything must taste and smell.
    I’m sure you bought loads of fruits and veggies (ohhhhh…all those gorgeous olives….)! And flowers! And cheeses! And baguettes and croissants and….I’ve just got to get back to France again. I’m already saving my pennies and euros for next year’s watercolour workshop with you.
    This market looks like absolute heavon on earth to me. And your travelog videos are a lovely extra added bonus – especially to those of us who can’t be there with you, it’s definitely the next best thing.
    And now, to take some much-needed me-time and choose one of these photos for my next watercolour journal entry. So many to choose from, though, that I might even be bold and do more than one.
    Beautiful! Thanks so much for taking us all along with you to this beautiful, wonderful, magical place, Dreama.
    Enjoy your day, and what remains of this weekend.

  66. Donna Clawson

    Your lovely painting is prettier than in person. The colors seem magical!

  67. Jobi

    Hi Nancy Standlee!! I thought I was the only one wishing I had paid attention in math class! Das funee!

  68. Jobi

    Beautiful painting! I could feel the temperature! So very lovely! Is that garlic? I’m gonna do that next in my WC journal. I can’t imagine the energy in that market! Really enjoying this trip with you, Dreama! Can’t wait to hear about those new colors from the art store!

  69. gayle

    What a wonderful trip we’re having.

  70. Thanks for the trip. I have a pen question. It looks like the pen you use to go back over the dried watercolor is a little heavier pen line.. Is it the same pen, a “secret” pen, or what? ns (this math is hard!)

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