31 Jan

During the Creative Process

Ernie’s House

The Florida Keys are made up of a few islands.
Like 1700, give or take a few 😉
Key West is at the very tip of the island chain and is only abut 90 miles from Cuba.

It’s a land of tall pies

restaurant going roosters

and color that will make you stop dead in your tracks!!!!

Author Ernest Hemingway called Key West home for awhile.
Ernest had a few cats.
Like 40, give or take a few 😉
Those cats had 6 toes, instead of the usual 5.
That’s a lot of toes.
Eddie is a big fan of Ernest.  Says he was a man of great wisdom….loves to quote him.
“Cat’s were put into the world to disprove the dogma that all things were created to serve man. ”
No surprise that Ernie’s house, as Ed calls him, was where Eddie wanted to meet up with me.

Ernie’s cats have the run of the place.

A fresh water fountain

(originally a urinal at Hemingway’s favorite Key West bar, Sloppy Joe’s)

gutters to nap on

flower beds to relax

lots of places to position for a pounce

and all because they are descendants of Ernie’s original cats with  6 cute little toes 🙂

check out those “mittens”

So there was a bit of an incident with Ed (we will all now feign some shock…)

Eddie’s observation on the incident??  “The sign said nothing about laying on the furniture.”
I didn’t even bother to argue.  I had places to go and banjo playing Darth Vadars  to see.
Key West—-I get all hot and bothered just thinking about it 🙂

P.S.  I had several folks wanting to know the color of my nail polish in my last post pics.  It’s called, oddly enough, “I Don’t Bite”  — a perfect rebuttal to my sister’s last text message….

P.P.S.  A new workshop has been added for Shreveport, Louisiana—for details, just click here ;-)

and no, I haven’t left for home yet.
I am getting pretty good at digging my heels in the sand….

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  1. june

    Ohhhhh….I am in heaven just taking this all in with my eyes and daydreaming myself there…all that sunshine, all that warmth, all that lush green, all those colours, all those beautiful and special kittehs and all those wonderful extra toes of theirs!
    Oh, yes…I do believe I want to live in Key West…or at the very least, go and visit for a couple of weeks. I’ve relatives in Florida (Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Opalocka…hmmm….sounds like a plan! lol).
    Loved the video, too…it made me smile on a day when I really needed it. And ohhhh….that gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous mile high pie! You did, of course, treat yourself to a delicious slice, right?
    So…tell us about the banjo playing Darth Vader!
    Safe journey back home, and thanks for taking us along, once again.

  2. Jobi

    Hi there Dreama! I’m loving all the posts from sunny Florida! Love all the kitty pics. Oh and that pie! Haha it all makes me want to take a long nap! Be safe and enjoy the sunshine. Loved that brown sugar sand!! Xoxo

  3. Marilyn Leslie

    This is great. Where are you staying? would you recommend it as a great place to stay?

  4. Sabine Scanlon

    made me smile.. just what I needed

  5. Ada Truesdell

    Oh my! I see you went to my favorite place for that mile-high key lime pie meringue. “Blue Heaven”…where chickens, cats, dogs and roosters coexist happily and tolerate the diners.

  6. Lisa Bruce

    Key West – a very favorite place! How charming you are with your descriptions. ‘just love reading your humor – and in so few words – not just a painter but quite a writing you are too!

  7. Christine Osgood Holzschuh

    too cute for words

  8. Dave Casey

    There was a time when cats were worshiped as gods. Something Eddie has obviously not forgotten.

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