11 Apr

Before the Creative Process

Gathering Lavender

No shoes allowed.

Sit just so in the chair and nestle your toes in the grass
Close your eyes and listen.
What’s that music?
Bettcha it’s the hum of happy bees working in the lavender.

Take a breath

ahhhh…..LAVENDER—is there anything as delicious?
and did you notice
something else is begging for your attention…
Oh yeah, it’s the roses that decided to climb the tree 😉

Open your eyes and taste of life.

It is very good.

Sometimes a year takes a long time to roll around.  It is, after all, a whole year 🙂
I know some of you are hankering to come paint with me (and all of my 2014 workshops have been filled a really long time–like almost a year!)
so I decided not to make you wait ’til 2015  🙂

I will be adding 3 workshops for this year.

2 in Lexington, KY in September, 2014
1 in Costa Mesa, CA in November, 2014
The info to register will go out April 18, 2014 to those on my subscriber list.  If you’d like to get the early notice make sure you are subscribed, just click here.

Gathering Lavender Dreama Tolle Perry w

“Gathering Lavender”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel


Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Joanne Loeb


  2. Maria Da Penha Sinhorelli

    Eu gostaria muito, mas não posso, totalmente inviável. SUCESSO e obrigada por ser essa pessoa humana!!

  3. Sally

    Did you know I needed to hear your words this morning? I will be meeting you in Costa Mesa this year. Can’t wait to learn from you.

  4. Peg Sullivan

    wow I really like your paintings, and I love Venice, your picture were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Sharon Hodges Trainor

    I, too, want to attend the newly offered class in Costa Mesa. Can’t wait! Love, love, you work and inspiration!

  6. Kami

    Dreama, this is really lovely, it feels so cosy, calm and cocooning… oh I so want to sit there and let myself “treat” by the nature!!!

  7. Tania Helms Bogenschneider

    Dreama, this lavender field painting is gorgeous! We’re going to Provence this year, but will miss the lavender blooms, sadly 🙁

  8. june

    My shoes are definitely off, and I am connecting with nature via my bare feet while sitting amongst all that beautiful lavender, taking in their gorgeous fragrance. The song I hear is Sting’s beautiful classic, ‘Fields of Gold.’ If Sting himself had been sitting here amongst all this joyous colour, he might very well have changed the title of the song to ‘Fields of Lavender.’
    I love when you take us along to Lavender Land…one of my favourite places to be, if I can’t be near the ocean.
    I would so very, very much love to one day be a part of the Dreama Workshop family (I think at one point you called it the Purple Berets, if memory serves me?). One day…but in the meantime, I am there via all the photos you share with us, smiling right along with all of those happy happy people.
    Beautiful, Dreama. As always…beautiful.

  9. Desiree Habicht

    Just add me to the one in Costs Mesa, I’m in

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