16 Jul

During the Creative Process

The Color of Joy in France

Lavender spreads JOY no matter what form it takes 🙂

Atop a cupcake


On a silk pillow made by Suzie (Queen of the  lavender fields of Lherm)


a wee hanging basket at St Cirq Lapopie


or gated entries to special places


Wishing you soft landing places for your soul today!

I couldn’t resist—this cute petite lavender pot from the farm with some dried lavender is the giveaway this time 🙂 !


(Please note: The photos I share here, of our time in France, are to be used as reference for doing watercolors for  journals or postcards only.  I please ask that they are used solely for that purpose:-)

The Color of Joy in France Dreama Tolle Perry V3

“The Color of Joy in France”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you have a friend who needs some JOY in their life, share this post and encourage them to have some fun playing in the water (colors) and traveling along to France—everybody needs a holiday in France once in awhile 🙂 !

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. jobi

    Lily of the Valley!!! Muguet! ;0)

  2. Laurie Johnson

    Thank you Dreama for bringing France right to our doorsteps! 🙂

  3. Sharon Lynn

    Gardenia and the smell after it rains in the Tennessee mountains 🙂

  4. Carol Watson Miller

    … my mother’s perfume.

  5. Donna Knight

    Balsam would be my favorite scent.

  6. anne paulsen

    New born babies… <3

  7. June

    Ohhhhh…I am on that lovely bicycle, enjoying the French summer breezes and the summer scenes (and all that lush greenery (and all that lavender!).
    A beautiful, wonderful, happy and sunny painting. Might be a candidate for the upcoming 2015 calendar, yes? 🙂
    And then afterwards, since I’ve gotten in my daily and invigorating exercise, those lavender cupcakes are calling my name (completely guilt-free and loving every single bite), waiting to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee and a good friend.
    And then, after being a bit tuckered out from all the day’s ‘exhausting’ activities, it’s time for a nap – or reading a good book with this beautiful pillow propped up on my bed or sofa?
    After my nap or my journalling or my reading, it seems to me that the only other thing I want to do today is get out my watercolour pad and get to painting at least one – if not all – of these lovely photos you’ve shared with us.
    And tomorrow…can we do it all over again, please? 🙂
    Thanks for being so generous – not just lavender giveaway, but for everything you share here with us.

  8. June

    So many favourite scents, that it’s difficult to pin it down to just one.
    The sea…the ocean…
    Lemons…oranges…ylang ylang…lavender…
    the autumn air just after it has rained…
    opening an old book, complete with yellowed pages…
    freshly brewed *real* coffee…fresh baked bread….just out of the oven cakes and pies…
    See what I mean? 🙂

  9. Joy

    Lavender is my favourite colour and scent, it looks wonderful in my bathroom, love your creativatity. Joy

  10. Carol Hickerson

    Pine trees

  11. I love lavender. My favorite thing to do is
    Rub my hand against the plant and crush a few
    Buds and enjoy the wonderful scent!

  12. Valerie M

    There are so many scents that bring about good memories and smiles but I have to say cinnamon just makes me feel good! And peppermint brings a freshness to the air!

  13. Karen Oliver

    A favorite scent….yellow roses!

  14. Jane DeLorenzo


  15. Sharon Chapman

    I have two favorite scents lavender and rosemary! Lavender makes me dreamy and rosemary makes me hungry,

  16. Sharon Chapman

    I have two favorite scents lavender and rosemary!

  17. Sherry Defazio

    Love the scent of lavender and roses

  18. Judy

    Lavender 🙂

  19. Christine Osgood Holzschuh

    ohhh I love this painting! I have a bike with flowers leaning agains a tree in my front yard! OK, now I am going to have to paint it since yours is sold!

  20. Cathy Joerger

    You guessed it – lavender!

  21. Claire Southward Snyder

    The scent of a freshly baked loaf of bread sitting next to a vase of lavender–a stunning mingling of scents.

  22. Prudy weaver

    Your ideas and giveaways are so fun and innovative! Thanks for sharing your time there with us!

  23. Carol Lavoie

    Hello dear Angel of Beauty and Generosity! You just keep giving and giving and giving.. what Joy you bring to us all. Thank you, Dreama…..our planet needs more souls like yours who understand the Cosmic Laws of Life. Blessings to you, Carol

  24. Sea Dean

    Star Gazer Lily

  25. Sandra Robbins

    Lavender is the music of the earth and the song in my soul!!!

  26. Carol Collier

    Lavender and rosemary, together!

  27. Liesel Lund

    Ponderosa pine ; ) or maybe the smell after it rains in the autumn… or…. : )

  28. Alan Cayton

    Didn’t the ancient Romans burn lavender in the belief it would rid the atmosphere of evil spirits?

  29. Patricia Stoelting Langley

    I love the scent of lavender and vanilla.

  30. Terri Pennell

    That is so cute – I collect old buckets.
    I would love to add that bucket to my collection.

  31. Teresa

    Can only imagine the wonderful scent in the air. Gorgeous photos

  32. I love lavendar, but you know, lilac is really sweet too 🙂

  33. Annika F

    This painting is absolutely delightful!

  34. Lily Of the Valley wafting through the air in the spring ~
    Gayle is that you?

  35. Gayle

    I love a spicy smell and the smell of the garden after a rain. Gayle

  36. I love the scent of pine or cedar after a rain. Of course, anything baking and Christmas is is always a dream.

  37. Suzanne

    Love the painting on your blog today!

  38. Katherine Baker

    It’s hard for me to pick one favorite scent. Lavender is near the top of the list, which includes pines in a forest, bread baking, Christmas spices simmering on the stove, new mown hay, and the air after a rain. The list goes on; they all bring me joy.

  39. Andrée

    Lavender and geraniums mixed together….

  40. Eneida

    Thank you for the joy you share!
    Love you!

  41. Betsy Adams

    Would love to be there with you but this is this next best thing. I’m a new follower and am wondering where you’ve been all my life. I feel your peace and you have given me a peace with my paintings. I am no longer trying to be a “pleaser” but just going where the heart leads me. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us all.

    • Katherine Fleming

      Love love love lavender!!!!

  42. Marion

    Hey Dreama! I went to St. Circ myself earlier this month. Wouldn’t it have been a hoot to meet there? It certainly is a beautiful part of France.

  43. Rebecca

    Lemon & lavender.

  44. Lavender is such a unique plant isn’t it – I love how its little purple heads seem to float in mid air and how they stay in colour for weeks and weeks! It’s also a pretty fab taste, as you so rightly say. Have you tried lavender, honey & lemon roast chicken?! YUM 🙂

  45. Monica

    I love the scent of citrus – lemon,
    lime, orange… always feels like summer
    so fresh. But I also adore lavender, for a l l
    reasons — the color, the look… the scent.

  46. Alice Craig

    Hello dear Dreama,
    Thanks so much for reminding me of lavender – I can’ believe we don’t have any growing in our garden so I must fix that immediately because I love everything about it, the scent, the color, the texture…and it reminds me of other places I have lived too.

  47. Dianne Cox-Weiss

    Lavender is one of my favorite scents. I put a little lavender oil on my hands before I go to bed, then I spread it on my arms, my temples and under my nose. The scent helps me get to sleep. I also love the scent of roses and gardenias.

  48. Kimi Shibata


  49. I love the scent of lavender. I use hand-made lavender-scented soaps, lotions, and even have a patch of lavender growing in my herb garden. It’s my little piece of France. 🙂

  50. Linda Sartin

    The scent of lavender makes me happy. Love you, Dreama.

  51. Sandra Robbins

    lavender makes me a joyful soul!

  52. Ginny Good


  53. Lois Keffer

    Lavender and tea roses together. Ahhh!

  54. Mary Beth Attix Harrison

    baking bread and vanilla!

  55. Chris Claussen Brandley

    Favorite scent: brownies baking….or fresh clean linen!

  56. Maryjo Warstler

    Happens to be lavender and the color of my bridesmaids dresses in our wedding!

  57. Flynn Gentry-Taylor

    Won’t let me get my pin it link, when I click on see it now it opens up workshop on this page..

  58. Cherry Loney Fisher

    Lavender & linen!

  59. Cheryl Pennington

    These pictures and comments are the next best thing to being there. Such joy and beauty.

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