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Wandering in France and Another Giveaway!


Carte Postale #4 Giveaway
Original Watercolor Postcard


When I was a kid I remember my parents just heading out for a drive to see what new places they might uncover.  That sense of “what lies around the next corner” has stayed with me all these years and there is no better place to experience that than in France.
It’s especially sweet when the place you stumble upon is the magical little village of Autoire.
Come along with me and then grab your morning cuppa and watercolor the day away 😉 !!


(Please note: The photos I share here, of our time in France, are to be used as reference for doing watercolors for  journals or postcards only.  I please ask that they are used solely for that purpose 🙂

Next post will feature a 10 minute watercolor journal video  by my videographer/photographer/friend/fellow wanderer in France, Justin Platt!  See you there 🙂
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  1. Marcia

    My parents and I always took a “Sunday Drive” to wander around also. Never loose that sense of adventure!

  2. Nancy Martin Piros

    Other than France via you Dreama. I would say my favorite place to wander is Yosemite national forest♥ it! HUGS, Me

  3. Kaye Gastley Rhodes

    This really captures the charm! Love it!

  4. jobi

    I love to wander in HomeGoods ;0)

  5. Gretchen Grossardt

    What lovely places you send back to us – France is a charmed land, although you – and we – could find beauty in any corner of the world! Well, almost any corner!

  6. Pat

    I would love to wander the streets of Paris… until then I’ll wander vicariously, through your wonderful blog, in the countryside of France. Thank you so much for sharing. 😉

  7. Jane

    Really enjoyed today’s video. How I wish I were there! My favorite place to wander is anywhere in nature where its quiet and beautiful. Thanks!

  8. nina snyder

    So glad that I can come along to France with you from my apartment! Such fun!

  9. Prudy Weaver

    I have commented so many times that the computer just auto filled my email :o). Love, the village of Autoire. What region is it in? Provence? What time did you walk and film to have it so quiet?

  10. Sea Dean

    Around the shops. I particularly like hardware and home decor stores.

  11. Kristin Kilgore

    around the woods and along the lake at our ranch in texas

  12. Holly Stentiford Gifford

    Thank you for sharing !

  13. I love to wander up at Rattlesnake Lake (there are NO rattlesnakes) as it is a peaceful lake here in the mountains.

  14. Judy

    I always love to wander in England (anywhere).

  15. Lois Keffer

    I love to wander through historical villages of the Old West, especially in the high country where wild roses reign supreme!

  16. Andrée

    Wow! So beautiful and inspiring walk! Thanks for sharing Dreama!

  17. Linda Levine

    You made my day with your village walk. Now I wonder what it is like to grow up in a little village like this…and eventually go out into the bigger world where nothing is ever the same.

  18. Ann

    Love to wander in Carmel, CA. Each house is different and charming, almost like France. Each house is worthy of a Dreama watercolor.

  19. Verna Hall

    When our kids were young we would visit family in Somerset, Ky. and Hardy, Arkansaw. While there we would search out all of the local events. There was always bluegrass music get togethers and gospel music. Strangers were always welcome and treated like family.

  20. Teresa

    Gorgeous Village, what time of the day were these taken? where are the people? not that I would want them there.. Such inspirational settings as is.

  21. Thersa P

    My family left their beautiful home in the country side of France, during the war. They always talked about the beauty of France.
    Your pictures are a nice reminder of the country.
    Thanks so much.

  22. Cheryl Adams-Zanewicz

    Vicarious or not, this is a fabulous trip for me too! Is it me or is it true, that up every step, around every corner or intersection of streets there is something stunning…..? There will be enough fodder for ‘us’ to paint in a life time! This is such a thrill. Thank you for sharing this Dreama~ <3

  23. Katherine Baker

    Thank you for sharing your walk along the charming streets and gardens of France. Walking outside anywhere, far away from big cities where flowers bloom, grasses sway in the breeze, and birds sing is where I like to be. Walking along a beach is wonderful too, but a field or garden always speak volumes to me. Your postcards capture the essence of the gems you found. Merci!

  24. Susan in TX

    So many favorites . . . but Marblehead, north of Boston, is definitely in the top five.

  25. Corinne Murphy

    I have to admit that it was difficult deciding which ‘favorite’ to list. I guess if I’m honest I’d have to say that wandering along the beach tops my list. Closely followed by the woods, small villages in France, lolling around Fashion Island in Newport Beach with my daughter………the list goes on and on.

  26. your parents gave you an everlasting gift. I appreciate your ability to share it with me.Every step reveals a treasure. thanks

  27. Holly Rose

    Loved the walk through Autoire….. not a speck of litter. People that cherish their space?

  28. Terri

    How cute is this postcard – it NEEDS to live in my sun room….please!

  29. Cathy J

    I love to wander . . . where ever I am . . . . wherever the road leads . . . 🙂

  30. Barbara Yonck

    A little walk in France…….. what a great way to start the morning.

  31. Such a beautiful place! Thanks for taking us along. Makes for a very pleasant morning.

  32. Vicki Brevell

    That’s what’s so wonderful about France and Italy – it’s the little towns you’ve never heard of that are just beautiful. Every year I discover more and more beautiful unheard of places. Ain’t it grand!?

  33. Marilyn Troutman

    It is beautiful, thank you for sharing your walk with us!

  34. Jo Ann Simon

    I feel like I am in France right now…a lovely feeling. Thank you!!!

  35. Tricia

    I like to wander anywhere new…..

  36. Hi Dreama! Just dropping a line to let you know that you’re still my number 1 inspiration for how life ought to be lived : )
    Everything you touch turns to spiritual and visual gold!

  37. Monica

    Bonjour! Wonderful ideas to paint as
    well as some great ideas for potting

  38. Loree Hill Luther

    wander in a park

  39. Judy. Me

    Wandering in France is my favorite. Small town wandering around the Midwest has alot of similar charms to France. Just love cats in gardens anywhere. .. They are so funny. At the moment I am laid up with a disc and the watercolour is a life saver. Was wonderful to learn how from you Drema. Thank you! Hugs Judy

  40. Kim

    I love to wander in small towns, big cities, and everywhere in between 🙂

  41. MaryAnne Farley

    I love to wander through the responses to your prompts; I am reminded of so many wonderful places to wander! Thank you!

  42. Carol Cochran

    Love your work! So inspiring

  43. Oh Dreama! You have captured this so beautifully! I love France and my fiancé and I explore somewhere new each year. My favourite places are those little enchanting villages that are so quaint. The k you for taking me there when actually I am sat in the studio on a grey day in England xx

  44. June

    Book shops (second hand ones), second-hand record shops are my favourite shops to wander and explore (and hopefully bring home treasures from), but when it comes to places, it’s usually right around our little village here in Ireland. One of the most wonderful places I’ve ever explored and really felt that sense of wonder was in Venice. After that, I loved all of Cornwall (especially Mousehole and St. Ives).
    I love this postale carte, Dreama. And I love the armchair travelling day out you’ve invited us all to accompany you. Wonderful…France is wonderful, and beautiful, and one day, I hope to return there.
    Enjoy the rest of your day, on this beautiful summer’s day.

  45. Cherry Loney Fisher

    I enjoy wandering around Oklahoma’s museums with grounds, like Gilcrease, Philbrook, & Woolaroc…and also an occasional quirky antique or gift shop.

  46. Linda Guslani Stratton

    Big sigh!!! So beautiful. My favorite was wandering in the little villages!

  47. Vicki Smith

    There is a clear, green river in our town. I love to wander under the big cypress trees and watch the birds

  48. Claire Southward Snyder

    I love to wander through second hand or antique stores.

  49. Mary Beth Attix Harrison

    I love to wander through historical sites and old downtown areas.

  50. Janell Mithani Artist

    I love to wander in old parts of cities and in small towns. Wonderful video, such beautiful places. Happy painting!

  51. Janell Mithani Artist

    I love to wander in old parts of cities and in small towns. Wonderful video, such beautiful places. Happy painting!

  52. Sharon Hodges Trainor

    France is so beautiful! Imagining all those foot steps that have walked these same streets in the past? Some lived in beauty some in poverty! But all the same it is so worth a peek!

  53. Sharon Hodges Trainor

    France is so beautiful! Imagining all those foot steps that have walked these same streets in the past? Some lived in beauty some in poverty! But all the same it is so worth a peek!

  54. quilter422

    i love to wander through bookstores

  55. Patricia Stoelting Langley

    I like to walk in the neighborhood.

  56. Karen Smith

    Such beautiful colors….looks like so much fun. Love it!

  57. Kathy Cousart

    Love this sweet little painting…so inviting and charming! I want wander right there with you! Thanks for making us feel like we are!

  58. Sandra Robbins

    By a bubbling stream in the woods.

  59. Valerie M

    How beautiful! Nothing compares to European cities! They really know how to showcase beauty. I love wandering around flea markets and antique shops.

  60. Carol Watson Miller

    Wow, just watched the video, and it’s CRAZY how many wonderful scenes there are to paint! It must be hard to eat or sleep or do anything but just process all that charm and beauty and put it all on paper. LOVE!!

  61. James M. Coulter

    That was sweet Dreama. I was just imagining what it would be like to move over there. Ha!

  62. Carol Watson Miller

    I love wandering in cities, large and small. And I adore “junking” anytime, anywhere!

  63. Carol Collier

    I love to wander in beach towns.

  64. Nancy Martin Piros

    Wonderful little place you found to video from today. Love the capture of the old world charm ! So wish I was there! HUGS, Me

  65. Elaine Cook

    I love to wander in the local park.

  66. Yvonne Palmer

    I love to wander around flea markets and antique shops 🙂

  67. Denise

    WoW! this is the first time I have walked along with you in France….it is so quaint and so inspiring and I wanted it to keep going….so I will wander with you any day!

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