22 Sep

During the Creative Process


Flow from my soul
The fullness
The brimming
The bubbling over
So full it must and can only flow

Flow from my soul
Contained no more
Gushing outward
Licking up the dryness
‘Til it rolls back upon itself
Like the ocean
Bountiful and measureless
So IS the Flow that lives in each of us
We replenish each other
Day by day
Measure by measure

………….We let it flow

You are SO loved!

"A Walk on the Milky Way" Artist Dreama Tolle Perry

“A Walk on the Milky Way”

Note:  This painting is a scene from a very special place–Sabbath Song Farm–so deep in the country you can look up and see the Milky Way!
Available as a reproduction on archival paper or stretched canvas (click here to view)

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. June

    So very beautiful…your words and the painting. All those beautiful blues and gentle yet powerful purples. Beautiful.
    You too, Dreama, are so loved. By so many.
    ‘Let it flow…let it blossom…let it grow…love is lovely…let it flow…’ – Eric Clapton

  2. Becky

    Love your paintings and postings.

  3. Sue

    So love this,

  4. Christine Osgood Holzschuh

    very different landscape…I like! I also really like the line…”licking up the dryness” very beautiful!

  5. Jewell McCoy West

    Beautiful and peace filled. Thank you.

  6. Elizabeth Blaylock

    This is so beautiful, Dreama

  7. Lisa Stantz


  8. Nancy Martin Piros

    Hi Dreama, I also loved the painting for your Daughter “Common Scents,” has such clear bright colors of the here and now to near future we can see clearly full of color. Then as you get to the house the unsure future the colors fade to a plain house. The unknown future we won’t know until we get to that place in time. I’m sure your Daughter will love this painting! HUGS, Me

  9. Nancy Martin Piros

    Hello Dreama, “A walk on the Milky Way,” looks like I’m looking right into a wonderful mosaic church window. So, bright, beautiful and colorful and a fantastic combination blended so well gives me a warm cool feeling of color. Simply beautiful, Dreama!!! HUGS, Me

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