11 Nov

During the Creative Process

Gathering Light

As Day begins to gather herself
collecting bits of light from here and there
she goes about her work in quietness
seeking out each piece of herself from the darkness

With each small glimmer added
becoming more and more
’til the first faint glow is visible and night begins to lose its hold
It seems so unlikely
At midnight and at one
with inky darkness all around
that she would ever collect herself

Yet we now see that steady, ever-growing light
though it began with such a small, seemingly insignificant change amid all that darkness

As it grows, the bigger it gets the quicker the change comes
And the quicker the change comes, the bigger it grows

at last

Day has gathered all of herself
and shines a light so bright
that we who were watching in the shadows decide
that we too must begin

gathering light

I look at Day
gathering light
I see myself; my need
to gather light

to seek it out

discarding a bad thought for a good one
looking for beauty within myself
to read, read, read those things that enlighten and bring nourishment

Holding fast to what is light and letting go of all else

Gathering and gathering until I too
become at first
the small glimmer
then glow
and at last a fully realized
so bright
that another who is watching from the shadows will decide
that they too must begin

gathering light

Gathering Light Dreama Tolle Perry V3

“Gathering Light”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel


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  1. Rita Corrigan

    Your words.are so encouraging and seem to come at a time when most needed and appreciated!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with all!
    Happy New Year!
    Rita Corrigan

  2. Maeva Cook


  3. June

    I forgot to say that this painting really does capture and gather the light, so beautifully, so radiantly, so warmly.
    Not only can I see the light and warmth in this painting, but I can feel and sense it.

  4. June

    These words you’ve written are so beautiful, so profound, so deep and so filled with love, that while reading, I found myself welling up with tears (in a good and positive way, I mean).
    I too must seek to gather light, and to allow that found light to emanate from within onto the outside, to share with and give to others.
    I recently came across a beautiful line from the beautiful spirit that was and is John O’Donohue. He wrote: ‘Every life is braided with luminous moments.’
    When we gather the light, we too shall have many more luminous moments.
    Beautiful words and thoughts from two beautiful people. Thank you for sharing this with us, Dreama. Your art and your words help me to gather the light.

  5. Carol Watson Miller

    I love the oranges and golds, too. Beautiful.

  6. Christine Osgood Holzschuh

    you know I am in love with your blues…but this orange is WOW…so exciting! It sings and makes me want to sing too….be glad you can’t hear me!

  7. Carol Hopper

    Beautiful painting with poetic, lyrical, inspirational writing.

  8. Rhonda L. Tolle-Beaman

    I absolutely love this! Gathering Light!

  9. Linda Kaskel Levine

    Thank you Dreama. Your inspirations always seem to be just what I need when I start my day.

  10. Linda Kaskel Levine

    Thank you Dreama. Your inspirations always seem to be just what I need when I start my day.

  11. Jobi

    Oh goodness my phone is so slow it won’t even load the picture of your painting but maybe that’s meant to be. Your words are so beautiful and I can see them unfold. I will be that light! Yes I will! I want to help spread the light. Thank you for your beautiful words. I’m taking them to heart. Can’t wait to see the painting when it appears. Loved the workshop. Truly did! Thank you for touching my life. God bless!! Xo

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