7 Sep

Before the Creative Process

Light Magic in France

There are many things to love.

Fresh laundry drying in the breeze
Moss providing a soft green seat on low stone walls
Sister pots hugging favored flowers under the arms of younger trees
All  things brought to life with the dance of the sunlight.

Here’s to the Light!!

Light Magic in France 9 x 9in oil on museum quality panel SOLD

“Light Magic in France” 12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S. Can you believe I’m still working on my project??? I am having a hard time keeping a lid on it but I’m doing my best to keep my head down working and my lips zipped? ’til the time is right!

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Judy D.

    I’m with June on all the above. Your works and words are wonderful.

  2. June

    Beautiful painting, Dreama…infused with light, beauty and gentle calm.
    I’ve been enjoying all the re-posts you’ve shared these past weeks and months…like reminiscing with a dear friend.
    Looking forward, as I’m sure we all are – to the ‘big reveal’…when the time is right, of course. It will be wonderful. It will be brilliant. It will be so worth all the time, work and love you’ve put into it.
    I just hope you’re not working too hard, and taking some chillaxing time out for yourself, in between working on the ‘big project.’
    Wishing you all the best, and sending you lots of love. Thank you for all your gifts of colour, of light, of joy, of beauty…all of which can be summed up in one more word: Dreama. 🙂

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