19 Oct

Before the Creative Process

A Perfectly French Pitcher and Who Are You Working For?

Who are you working for?
When brush lights on canvas
When music cues the dance
When song finds its melody
For whom are you working?

What voice, what face, what memory  is there with you—admonishing, cheering, doubting or inserting fear?
Censorship is important in these matters.
If the face belongs to an ex
to a critical parent who never thought you could
If it is one who ruminates over your failures but fails to notice your successes-
Let them be.
Gather to yourself voices, faces, and memories of those who love and have loved you.
They are the ones for whom you create.
They hold you up with their love, steer you with words of encouragement, belief and a knowing.
For they know what you yourself may not yet know.
That your gifts are no mistake
That you can not fail
Mercy runs anew each moment
Gratitude flows and covers your path

You are intended for great things.
Remember and yet I say again
For whom are you working?

Putting It Into Practice: A very priceless person I know surrounds herself in her work area with photos of people, some living, some now long gone, that she knows love her unconditionally. These are not snapshots—they are large photos. These faces of love are in her space, on her mind, and are the very ones she allows to flood her heart with peace while working.

“A Perfectly French Pitcher”

P.S. If I was someone who ran marathons (which I am not…that’s why Eddie the Cat and I are such good companions) I would consider myself getting close to the end and would be thanking those of you who have brought me “water” and cheered me on with your “signs”. I am feeling the LOVE which makes me confident that I AM on the right path and am not lost 🙂 I promise you will be the FIRST to know when I’m ready to share. For now, THE BIG PROJECT continues.

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Such rich words of advice. I miss my dear father, whose unconditional love surrounded me for 60 years. I was blessed to have him for so long, and now his portrait that I painted while he was still living, hangs in my studio. What a treasure he was! He smiles down onto my paintings in my studio. Thank you, Dreama! Thank you! I CAN hardly wait to finally know what you are doing! God bless you!!!

  2. Cheryl

    Dear dear Dreama! A hundred thank yous for your wonderful insight. Whew what an inspiration you are. Thank bunches and bunches

  3. June

    How I love this beautiful painting so much, Dreama.
    It’s an extremely important – if not vital – question we each need to ask of ourselves: who is it we are working for?
    Thank you for this gentle and loving reminder of what – and who – is important, in terms of a good life, inner joy and inner peace.
    Keep on keepin’ on, my friend, as we patiently and eagerly await the big reveal on your big project. We’re all here for you, with the ‘water’ and the cheering-you-on ‘signs’as you get nearer and nearer to approaching the finish line. You go, girl!

  4. Beulahd

    Who are you working for?
    Thank you! Just what I needed to see this morning!

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