26 Oct


To See with the Heart

To see with the heart.
That’s when it feels right on all levels.
Eyes see only surface.  Heart takes everything in, from the smallest detail to the quietest corner.
While the eye is limited, the heart is not.

When I was a kid I remember someone talking about their mom being like God’s “obscene” eye because no matter how sneaky they were, their mom always seemed to find out what they were up to.

I realized later that it was actually God’s all seeing eye 😉 and that moms in general have a knack for seeing with the heart when it comes to their kids.

The hidden advantages of seeing with the heart??


The shuttered doorways above with roses nestled between love when they are experienced fully. For best viewing, look intently with the heart 🙂

Colorful Paintings and Inspired Writings by Artist Dreama Tolle Perry

“To See With the Heart”

P.S. If I was someone who ran marathons (which I am not…that’s why Eddie the Cat and I are such good companions) I would consider myself getting close to the end and would be thanking those of you who have brought me “water” and cheered me on with your “signs”. I am feeling the LOVE which makes me confident that I AM on the right path and am not lost 🙂 I promise you will be the FIRST to know when I’m ready to share. For now, THE BIG PROJECT continues.

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Lorenz Shawl

    Beautiful, impressionist style my favorite

  2. Glen

    What can I say Dreama, you never fail to delight with your magnificent paintings and stunning colour palette! Thank you for sharing your beauty.

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