18 Jul

Before the Creative Process

Trying to Figure It Out?

I keep finding bits and pieces of myself in unexpected places.  Someone quoting someone else and the words sticking to me like honey from a jar. I’m thinking you might feel it too.

The quote:

“Let the moments wash over us rather than anticipate or figure it out”.

Yes, I know.
You’re welcome.
(Original quote from Nic Askew over at Soul Biographies…I had the opportunity to spend some time with Nic which resulted in a short video that I shared  here a few weeks back.)

P.S.  So that you won’t be thinking that I spend all day dipping my feet in the cool waters of France I feel the need to tell you I am painting.  I just can’t show ’em to you yet.  Remember that what happens in France stays in France??  At least for now 😉 And if you have been berating yourself for not painting online with me, just stop it for Pete’s sake (and for Eddie’s too)! 🙂    I’m opening the course again September 6th for all you gorgeous babes (and a few hunky guys) that couldn’t fit it into your life earlier.


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  1. Debra Baker

    Thank you for sharing this opportunity to learn, to paint, and to be inspired!

  2. Gloria J Callahan

    Now tht’s one of the quotes to write out big and hang in my studio, thanks Dreama! One year ago in your Paris workshop I struggled with the artist who was behind my brush, and this year that artist is finding her way with my beloved colored pencils and some oils also. Thanks you for all your words of wisdom and encouragement!

  3. Chrystal Gilman-Fleishman

    Would love one of those free spots. I love your work! It is so uplifting for my soul 🙂

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