28 Nov

After the Creative Process

On Perfection

It seems reasonable. 

We’ll start this just as soon as we have that. Once we have that then we’ll wait for this so that we can do the other which will of course open the door to….to…the perfect whatever it is that we are ultimately wanting.
So we wait.

Until we get smarter.
‘Til we understand computers better.
‘Til our spouse comes round to our way of thinking.
‘Til our family gets it.
‘Til we feel more confident.

Waiting for this, that and the other.

We want, in effect, to get it right.

To have the perfect solution in sight before we begin. The perfect way to write a novel, the perfect subject matter to paint, the perfect website to represent us…and on and on it goes.


The dictionary (depending on who you consider has the perfect definition for perfect 😉  states it as this:
Being entirely without fault or defect.

We may not see ourselves as perfectionists, yet if we listen to our internal chatter, often we can be very critical on anything and everything surrounding our creative process—to the point of being paralyzed about starting at all!

Painfully, acutely aware of all the ways it doesn’t “measure up” in our efforting to write the perfect book, paint the perfect painting, or craft the perfect song.

Forget Webster’s!

What does Mother Nature have to say about such things?

Pearls, which we set such value on, come from a lack of perfection. An irritant lodged somewhere that it’s not supposed to be which causes the oyster to create a barrier over it resulting in a natural pearl. The “imperfect” Pearl of Lao Tzu is valued at 60 million dollars.

Mined diamonds usually have imperfections whereas a cubic zirconia is “flawless”. The “imperfect” Star of Africa diamond is valued at 400 million.

Kind of looks like Mother Nature doesn’t give a flying fig about our idea of “perfection”.

What if….what if…

Instead of waiting until everything is perfect maybe, just maybe… starting now?

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth. Not going all the way, and not starting.”
~ Siddhartha Gautama

“With whatever it is that you have. Almost everything comes from almost nothing.”
~ Henri Frederie Amiel

No more waiting to “get it right”.

“To banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality.”
~ John Ruskin

“Art is never defect-free. Things that are remarkable never meet spec, because that would make them standardized, not worth talking about.”
~ Seth Godin

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“For the Love of Color”



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  1. Linda Tagg


  2. Jolene

    What a great reminder. Like other things in life, it’s about progress, not perfection. And we each can choose to move ahead toward a goal–that’s progress. And progress is a wiser choice than perfection. So I choose to aim for progress. How about you?

  3. Laury

    awesome post and awesome apron—i’d love to win it! thanks for the opportunity—-maybe the new moon will be lucky for me:-)



  5. Fay Bohlayer

    on “Perfection”; the Joy’s in the process, not the product!

  6. Linda Binford

    I’m inspired by this lovely apron! Looking forward to your online class! <3

  7. Ann Rode

    This really hits home for me in so many areas!! Not just painting but getting new carpeting and the house painted etc. The list goes on and on!!!

  8. Teresa Hamby

    Are the aprons available for purchase? I must have one…they are the most beautiful I’ve ever seen!!❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️

  9. Patti Wilkinson

    Would be proud to have a beautiful colorful Dreama apron!

  10. Helen Burroughs

    Love your poems

  11. Andree C

    Ho! I would like to win this colorfull apron …Beautiful colors

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