24 Apr

Before the Creative Process

Simple is Good

I like simple. What pleases me most is when I can look into the depths of “busy” and realize that… most all of the things in there have nothing to do with me. When out surrounded by nature, walking with Maggie my dog, I notice busy dropping away like nobody’s business. And maybe that is the real truth…

Busy belongs to no one! It exists to challenge us to find ourselves, our path, our truth.
We can’t do it all. What of the all is ours?

So the question is this:
Of all the things that seem to be calling for your attention today, what does your heart call you to do? You have the answers you need, always, within the very beating of your own heart. Looking, listening, catching the hint that your heart is pumping out can expose some pretty interesting things. From my own personal experience, I find it usually isn’t the busy thing or stuff I think I should be doing. It may seem random. It could seem childish. It might involve a nap, or reading a book that’s been tugging at the edges of my mind. I may find myself picking up the phone to just simply chat with a particular person.

Whatever it is that finds its way to the surface calls on us to exercise a bit of trust. A trust that it is simply enough to follow the urge and be content with it being no more than that. (Sometimes I think we get those nudges to see if we are indeed listening and paying attention to our hearts!)

Not overriding our heart is a gift we give to ourselves.

One of my recent listening to my heart moments led me to this little vintage case. No justification. I loved the color. It reminded me perhaps of simpler times. I could see some of my special things living quietly inside it, waiting for me to come play.
In a few words it simply….made my heart happy.
And that is more than enough.

Wanna see what’s inside the vintage circa 1950’s train case? That will be in my next post 🙂

For now the question is this… Of all the things that seem to be calling for your attention today, what’s your heart saying?

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  1. Judy Giannettino

    I I love
    I so enjoy your posts! I love your watercolor journaling and struggle with being loose…but I’m not giving up. Would love to see more of your watercolor. It makes me smile, and what could be a nicer way to start the day!

  2. Christine Holzschuh

    PToday I went to the chiro, did yoga, got an 80 minute massage and then decided I was going to go home and take a hot bath then sit in front of the fire and listen to music. I also came across you post and feel totally justified in my “no work, me day.”

  3. Aloha from Hawaii,
    I like the little blue case you posted and I can see why you had to have it. I have a little wicker lunch basket that does the same for me. It invites me to the beach every day, it’s always there to remind me of the beauty of the sea. I love putting things in it, weather a simple lunch for me or something to share with a friend. If I’m beach collection I often have to hold it in my arms, not to break the beautiful woven handles from the weight. Often times I take the contents to my workshop to create some one of a kind jewelry.

  4. Barbara Malone

    Today it is raining and quite chilly. No errands that need to be done. Household chores can easily be done tomorrow.
    Today I’ll be laying on my couch reading a new Irish Detective Book. I will take the phone off the hook for a while. You will know it’s me if you look for a comfortable woman with a Scooby Doo blanket.
    Love your notes of encouragement. I hope your day is what you want it to be.

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