8 May

During the Creative Process

Just Because

Color for color’s sake.
Just because.
Wee palettes of color cakes.
Just because.
Tiny journals with tiny paintings in them.
Just because.

Watercolor Journaling with Dreama
‘Just because’ is short hand for things that can’t really be explained.   Like how we feel about the color turquoise (known to those in the Dreamette circles as Caribbean Blue).

Watercolor Journaling with Dreama
‘Just because’ comes to our defense when a dear friend unwittingly asks why we would need yet one more art thing.

Watercolor Journaling with Dreama

‘Just because’ has our backs when our mind starts to wander because it sees a label called PASTEL DREAMS.

Watercolor Journaling with Dreama

‘Just because’ is a knowing phrase passed between the lips of those who understand that there’s simply so many things that just can not be explained but are oh so needed to get us through one more day.

The earth laughs in ‘just becauses’ 🙂 !

Peacock tails.
Cat whiskers.
The scent of lavender…and roses!
Dew on the spider’s web.
The lone snowflake.
Dogs when they dream.
Dust particles in sunlight.

We are here to love and to be loved. Just because.

Watercolor Journaling with Dreama
With a grateful heart, I am preparing for some time in Tuscany.  On a mission to gather all that I possibly can to infuse into our next online painting adventure together, “Timeless Tuscany”.  I’m taking my oils, my watercolors….and you in my heart!

Pack and Play Note:  I am loving my Richeson w/c brush set, shown in the pic above.  Multiple choices, short handles and a rigid carrier to keep brush tips in top condition! (I’ve added it and the Prima watercolor sets to my Amazon store affiliate link.)

Meanwhile,  I want you to have some watercolor fun! Just because. I am giving away 3 sets of the Prima Watercolors shown above…you can enter in the box below. (Leave a comment, I’d love to know what you’d like to do ‘just because’!)

Note:  I may have purchased an extra vintage train case to give away..in my next post.  Just because. You know you want one.
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Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Your post caught my attention this morning. I had to laugh because I’m so in love with art supplies, Good art stores are my happy place.
    I’ve been looking at the Richardson brush set wondering if I really need it. I don’t “need” it but I would love it. I love watching you use the flat brushes in that set. I have tons of flat brushes but I want those brushes.
    Just because……great idea.
    I’ve been reading, listening to tapes and looking at organized spaces and seeing how much I need to downsize even more. You collect a lot in 73 years.
    My birthday is coming and now I know what I’m asking my grandkids for.
    Love your art and your wonderful generous sharing of your technigues

  2. Mary Zittrouer

    How can I order the small palette of color cakes? I have never used them! My traveling days are over but still enjoy water Coloring! Thank you

  3. Patty Burks

    Wonderful colors.

  4. Scheria H Houston

    Love this”just because”. My just because is I love to paint with beautiful color.

  5. Lynette

    I’m signing up for a chance to win this treat from you “Just because” i can!
    Seriously though.. I have found so much JOY in using your oil palette that I would love to have your watercolour palette too!! So that I can enjoy painting in watercolour – which is my first love.

  6. Karina

    Thank you for validating that its okay to “Just Because”. There need not be any other reason why passing by a certain little cottage down the road, watching swallows swoop, or seeing my grandmothers handwritten recipes makes me go all sqishy inside…it is Just Because!

  7. Pam

    Would love to be more disciplined in my journaling – just because it surprises me at what I can do and create and I am almost always excited with the end result!

  8. Christine

    Just because the beauty of those lovely watercolors make me feel like a kid again!

  9. Cheryl Rene' Pennington

    I would love to have the discipline to sketch and watercolor In my journal every day. Your paintings brighten my world, as does painting here at home. I give it a good try. Dreama taught us not to whine about what we can’t do and about criticizing ourselves too much.

  10. Lynne Koliha

    I would love to have the capacity to travel. Because, however, I do not, I must create my home-bound adventures. I have found various art classes of assistance in bringing forward a creativity I never suspected I posessed.
    Now, after working only in black, grey, sepia and white, I am readying myself to expand into colors.

  11. Linda

    Dreaming of three days in the Smokey Mountains learning watercolor.

  12. Lisa Maisonneuve

    ….Life is great! And I beed to paint rainbows

  13. Pamela Johnson

    just because…I’m grateful for the ability to see the beautiful colors and inspired by your lovely paintings and words…

  14. Julia Byrnes

    Light candles in the evening, just because.

  15. Sally Wimberly

    Painting every day for the rest of my life (undisturbed)…..just because

  16. Janel

    Watching the sunrise…just because☀️

  17. I would love to see all of these beautiful colors swirled together to see what magic is created! I especially love caribbean blue (aka Turquoise 😉 swirled with a burnt sienna. I am traveling to Provence in a month and plan to sketch little vignettes with watercolor every day! Having little cakes instead of tubes would be so divine!!

  18. Shelley Sears

    A day off from work that nobody know about just because I want to paint all day without any interruptions.

  19. Mary Hendricks

    Love, love, love your art! Really want to be in on your next workshop!

  20. rejane eagleton

    Last month I planted some daisies in front of the house.The name Daisy in Brazilian Portuguese is “Margarida”, which is the name of a close friend I had in my teens. I don’t know if I planted daisies in honor of my friend or because I miss those days where our worries were to study hard and have good grades. I’m not sure. Maybe I planted those daisies just because…

  21. rejane eagleton

    I know the house needs sweeping and there are days I don’t even make my bed. The timing and the weather have been nice — to prepare the flower beds, to plant those bulbs I want to see transforming themselves in explosions of live colors. Yes, I want to be outside. Just because.

  22. Alanna Woodfin

    Just because ….it is color…and colors whisper to my heart.
    Just because it is paint

  23. Marion Mercer

    Lift my face to a warm summer rain…just because.

  24. Linda Dunlap

    I love taking art workshops these days. Nothing makes me happier!

  25. Linda Stratton

    LINDA STRATTON – MAY 9, 2017
    Just because …Paint, brushes & canvas’ all bring us to another land! Always love how I feel when painting!

  26. Janet Hunter

    Just because watercolor is my medium
    Just because God let me see the colors
    Just because at 76 I’m not going to stop
    painting, just because………

  27. getting up before dawn to be ready to paint the sun coming up on the Catalina Mountains… just because

  28. Ginny N.

    Just because my 18 year old cat and I will be moving out of state and painting (even not very well) will help relieve the stress for both of us! =^..^=

  29. Anne Presutti


  30. Mari

    Enter to win a watercolor set…just because.

  31. Xavier Carrubba

    The Joy of walking and working in my garden, taking in the fragrances of Spring and the beauty of color…”Just because”

  32. Cindy Englert

    Hold my grandson Leo the entire time he takes a nap, enjoying his snuggles…just because.

  33. Ildy

    just because I love watercolour
    just because I love sunshine in my hair
    just because I love my baby dog smell
    just because I love to live
    just because I love your posts ….

  34. Dobbsie Koeman

    Your website is an inspiration!

  35. sheryll maddox

    Hold a newborn baby! Just because!

  36. Robin

    Getting a massage…just because 🙂

  37. marguerite@logic.bm

    Journal and paint with these delicious watercolors. Just because I love art!

  38. Marguerite Lovell

    Love the colors. Love Dreama’s posts. Love to paint. Just because it feeds my soul.

  39. Nancy

    I would walk through French flower markets and smell the flowers…just because!

    • I would absolutely love to win the watercolor set. Just seeing how you paint little pictures I. Your journal is so inspiring and I want to do that too!!!

  40. Carolyn Tober

    I would love to go for a long walk, come home, pour me a tall glass of ice tea and relax the day away reading a good book! Just because life happens and I’ve had WAY too much of that to do this!

  41. I like to sit on my deck and watch the wind play through my geraniums…just because. 🙂

  42. LeAnn

    Just because….I was given the gift of life to live and live.

  43. Cynthia Grover

    Beautiful, luminous sunlight, just because….. Ohh, those lucious colors!

  44. Roxanne Current

    I walk around my yard taking in the fresh spring air and giving thanks for the amazing ‘new life’ that is blossoming everywhere….just because.

  45. Suzanne Dungan

    Walking barefoot on the beach…just because!

  46. Linda Johnson

    I like to rise to the sound of the birds and go for a swing in my hammock just because! Love to look at the sunlight and shadows under the leaves of the maple tree! It’s my happy place.

  47. Sandra

    Just because….I love the colors in the palettes–perfect for painting in my journal

  48. Order those water colors – especially the pastel ones – because they speak to my heart!!!!!!

  49. Angela Alter

    I sit with a cup of tea amidst an armful of knitting patterns spread around me on the floor, dreaming of possibilities. … just because.

  50. David


  51. Valerie Davies

    Just because i need perking up .

  52. Just because I love Dreama’s posts… <3 <3 <3

  53. Andrea

    I would like to take a cooking class – in Tuscany – just because!

  54. Andrée C

    Just Because…I love your tiny journals!…And I want “la persévérance” to continue mines everyday! Enmène-moi dans tes valises vers la Toscane, Dreama!

  55. Laurie May

    Purchasing another art journal because you like the feel of the paper

  56. debi

    Really enjoy your rich colorful blog. TY.

  57. Christy Brink

    Just because the day dawns fresh and new with the cooing of mourning doves.

  58. Sharon

    Just looking at these paints makes me happy

  59. Jeanne

    ToTo nurture my subdued, insecure artist soul, to find my true self again just because…..

  60. Connie Conway

    Love your art.

  61. Linda Borch

    I run outside to see the rainbow and incredible light after the storm… just because!

  62. Etta Yeary

    Love your Watercolors ……… Love to journal, especially when traveling. It makes memories of the things that are most special to the traveler……..more meaning than a photo. I love seeing your journaling books, thanks for sharing.
    Would love to win these……if I do I’m on a quest to find that cute Samsonite train case! Antique booths here I come!!!! I still have my mothers Samsonite hat box with the hats. She wore to my brothers wedding and my wedding……

  63. Colleen Gilgenbach

    Just because I might win!
    Just because I want to.

  64. Anita Cook

    With so few sunny days here in New Hampshire this Spring, a cup of coffee on the back deck, soaking in the Sun, just because….

  65. Connie

    Taking a paint class. Just because!!

  66. I never knew there was a name for “IT”. Trying to explain “IT” had me justifying until I would look silly. Thank you Dreama, you’ve helped me define “IT” in TWO WORDS! Besides you’re incredible talent, teaching and genius thought process, i can only say Thank You for sharing your life and heart with us! You are more than Just Because!!!

  67. I just love your work. For many years I painted primarily in watercolor and loved it… but about 10 years ago really started to explore oils and left my watercolors behind. I am ready to play again with new depth and life.

  68. Ghillie

    Cup of tea with my fat pug Cosmo snoring on my lap💙Just because it’s a great way that start the day

  69. Just because…..I want watercolors too!

  70. Linda

    Dark decadent chocolate! Just because!

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