14 Jul

During the Creative Process

Time Away

Feeling a bit spent?  Maybe put off when it comes to walking away from your creative stuff for a break?
It happens. I know the feeling and have some thoughts on this that might just be what you need to hear 😉
For starters, with a ‘regular job’, it’s usually clearly defined how much time a year one has to unplug.
It’s simple. 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 2 months—whatever it is, there are definite parameters to plan one’s time away.
This will not be news to you. There is though a hidden something that comes with time off from a ‘regular job’.  Something that escapes most of us doing creative work on our own time.
It is this…Vacation/time off equals guilt free time away from our work.  Someone else has mandated the what, where, when…the ‘how long’ of it!
It is absent of fear of loss (if I’m not working will I be replaced, forgotten? Will I lose my creative mojo? Am I losing my creative mojo??)
For artists, writers, anyone doing creative work at any time, there is a fear that lurks below the surface of time off, time away…that great beyond of non-creative time.
We fear what it means, what it might be leading too, where it might end.
We concern over coming to a complete stop…we are wary that we may never arise again.
Taking a break makes us uncomfortable in our own skin.  Even though we may be drowning in a sea of non-inspiration, just stopping seems like the worst thing to do!
Logically we understand that creativity needs to be fed. It can’t endlessly produce without having space to replenish. This is somehow relatable in the ‘real job’ world, but seems all wrong when it comes to our creativity.
Sometimes it’s hard to discern between a challenge and a need for down time.  Sometimes we are avoiding our work out of fear of failure (which is another topic for another day) but sometimes we have overlooked the fact that:

We need deep breaths and no agendas and time to absorb and ponder what ifs.
We need space.
Empty space.
We need to not do for a while so that when we DO show up we are thinking clear.  

It is at this point that I find my inner self stirring itself with a knowing. An understanding that there is a defined road for our lives. A new one, built in every moment, just for you, just for me.
It takes a bit (or a lot) of faith to believe and trust in this part.
That we are hardwired to stop and BE.
To do some stuff that has nothing to do with ‘being creative’.  Maybe even the chop wood/carry water variety of stuff.
How much time do we allow ourselves to step away from our ‘job’? Who decides what is enough?
In our innermost being the truth rings out to us from every corner, every turn in the path but it seems at odds with what we have come to believe about how this life works.

We were made to walk, to rest, to take time away. There is replenishment and inspiration in the non-doing.

If you’re feeling like you need time away from your creative work, it’s okay to give in.  In the letting go is where we are restored.

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I think we can all take a tip from my painting, ‘kicking back’ and  resting itself on the back porch of the Dream.Love.Paint cottage 🙂

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  1. Your writing, Time Away, very much tapped into my creative life! I’d been working long focused hours on an illustrated product line- and finished it only to feel pressure from the outside to start on another one for my holiday launch! When I went to my computer to start my research, and pictured myself at my drawing board I realized there was zero in my right side brain! I mean NOTHING!! Almost like I’d lost all talent! I walked away and concluded that I had BURNOUT. A new experience for me. So got into bed with a soothing cup of tea and left all creative thoughts behind. Two weeks later I felt the creative ping back in my system – good as new!

  2. Boy did I need to read this!! I just finished preparing for a solo show recently and I truly reached burnout. Can’t hardly look at my paints right now! And it’s scary!! What is I’m never interested in painting again?!? It’s such a part of my life right now. I’ve always bragged about how I love it so much I would do it no matter what!!! It doesn’t feel like that right now. Hopefully a break will give me what I need to get back. But I’m worried…

  3. Thank you Dreama for sharing your thoughts. So much wisdom you have shared. I just finished a 12 week course – The Artist’s Way – A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron. I think every artist – whether you be writer, musician, photographer, artist, etc would benefit greatly from reading and studying what Julia Cameron shares with creative people. It is truly a course in discovering and recovering your creative self.
    I love your art – it is always fresh and beautiful.

  4. Susan

    I will sometimes knit or bake (something creative) during my easel break. However, lately I am making excuses not to paint out of my frustration and expectations at the easel. People tell me I’m a good painter but I’m not as good as I’d like to be and I’m struggling to get over this hump! Can anybody relate and tell me how you work through this dilemma?

    • Anne Conover

      I think we all feel we are not as good as we want to be. I think we have to look at as a journey and that we learn something new with every painting we complete. My mentor always reminds me that ” even Rembrandt would have gotten better if he had lived longer!”

  5. Carol

    Thank you Dreama! Almost heaven as I read and my soul is inspired. Let go and trust! Happy Tails to all who dive in or not;)

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