20 Oct

During the Creative Process

Unbidden and Capturing Magic Moments

When I take a look at life so many, if indeed not all of the best and dearest things I have found Me.
They are not mine because of my stressing, fretting, striving, controlling or any number of things I have done
to try and shape my life.

It is good to pause and remember
Probably the best gifts in life
Come to us unbidden.

With life so very full, many of us find it a real challenge to carve out time to create.
Even a tiny bit can do so much to unwind those stresses that are part of life.
One of my de-stressors is my talented virtual assistant, Lisa DeYoung.
I can now add to that her lovely journals.

The Daily Musings Journal  and the Musings Adventure Journal offer a fun and simple format to help you capture your everyday magic moments. Its bite-sized hand drawn boxes are waiting for you to leave some joy inside. You can add color, sketches, quotes, gratitudes, dreams, or whatever inspires you on that day.

Best of all it has gotten Eddie’s approval and as we all know…Ed approves of very little 😉

I encourage you to visit Lisa here to learn more about her and her journals…they would make fab Christmas gifts!!)

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Barbara Somerville

    Lovely way to gather thoughts and creativity!

  2. Becky Cook

    I ordered one of Lisa’s journals as a gift and would love to win one for myself.

  3. Phyllis Elliott

    I believe I should put to paper my thoughts, ambitions, it validates who I am!

  4. Antionette du Bruyn

    My gifts are my grandchildren… as I have three sons, the two granddaughters are the light of my life…. the grandsons too… but holding my first grandchild… a little girl called Isabella… in my arms… magic! Love all five to bits!

  5. Pat Haynes

    Would like to get started journaling. This looks like just what I need!!

  6. Nina Davis

    A beautiful way to collect my thoughts and appreciate both the gifts and struggles in my life! ❤️

  7. Nanci

    Love these journals and would love to win one. So important to count your blessings, one by one and be grateful. x o

  8. Barbara Busey

    Love everything about what you share…so sincerely generous

  9. Deb Houts

    Thanks for this lovely opportunity! I haven’t tried journaling yet but think it’s time to explore.

  10. Lisa Ann Zuker

    I would love to win one of Lisa’s journals. So inspiring! 🙂

  11. What lovely journals! True inspiration! Thanks so very much for the opportunity to win one of these.

  12. Diane baglier

    I would love to have one of these journals! I need to do something to create every day……. i’m always doodling on the back of envelopes and scrap paper!

  13. Diana Wood

    Love you Dreama

  14. Gail Herrmann

    The journals are fun and inspiring!

  15. Susan rogers

    Art as in life, from cover to cover. When the musing stops, time for another journal.

  16. Laurel Ariss

    These journals look wonderful!Great way to keep inspiration handy!

  17. Nancy Clayburn

    I really need to learn this journaling thing with art!

  18. Cynthia Schuyler Leavesley

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to win these lovely journals.

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