1 Dec

Before the Creative Process

Just Another Day

Just another fallen leaf at the Dream.Love.Paint Cottage.

Every day is precious.¬†It is never–just another day.¬†Unique treasures, glimpses of the divine held fast within these measures of 24 hours.¬†Buried beneath to-do lists.¬†Hidden in shelves of doing.¬†Sometimes perched in plain sight.¬†Delights,¬†appearing only within this 24 hour span of ‘just another day’.

Your life is precious.¬†It is never–just another life.

Veiled in garments of hard work, weariness and sometimes sleepless nights there lies within Unimaginable glory. An immortal you whose life viewed from 30K feet takes on a whole new meaning of what it is to be human in these 24 hour spans.
As each day is a treasure and to be treasured
so are you.
Treat yourself and this day with wide-eyed-open-wonder.

It is a marvelous day
And you are a magnificent you.

It is never just another day.

Coming Next Month!!

The much anticipated next adventure from your Dream Team is almost here.

Timeless Tuscany opens in January!
9 Brand Spankin’ New Painting Videos.¬†All New Adventures in the Italian countryside of Tuscany that include an epic amount of videos, downloads, and inspiration galore.¬†Mama Mia–what a way to get dreamin’ in 2018!¬†It’s all online and opening January. Creative inspiration ¬†is just a month and a click away.¬†Click here¬†to add your name to the VIP wait list (and get a chance at winning a spot in this course!)

 I would like to say that there was no gelato harmed in the making of this course but I would, of course, be lying like a dog.  Woof!!
Fall in love and paint Italy--all online in this adventure painting course from Artist Dreama Tolle Perry! More info at http://DreamaTollePerry.com

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