19 Dec

Before the Creative Process

The Art of Love


I awoke early this morning while it was yet dark outside. Thinking of you, thinking of the thoughts my father shared hours before his death in 2008.

‘We’ve been allowed to see the love we have for each other.  There are a lot of important things in this life, many true things, but the most important of all is LOVE.
It all comes down to love.’

We are privileged indeed to see the love Source has for us and the love we have for each other.
(Just seeing/hearing someone’s genuine laughter or sorrowful cry is a reminder of how ONE we are–we laugh with them, we mourn with them even though they may be a total stranger to us. This IS  the love that connects us all.)

We are, no doubt, most alive when we are keenly aware of the love we share.
All else recedes when held up to that amazing light.

Our truest colors emerge when we remember…

it all comes down to love.

Feeling so much love and gratitude for you my fellow sojourner.  I’d love to give you a hug–life being as it is though, the following is as close as I can get 🙂  A few good words for you to share, download, or simply hold in your heart.

Click here to download this high-quality, printable image.

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. That was a great hug!!
    Thank you, always.

  2. Kris Noble

    So beautiful! Thank you.

  3. Kitty McGee

    This is sooo true, kindness, loving , caring all things to help everyone.

  4. Renate keis

    Dreama, Dear Heart!
    Thank you for another opportunity to simply appreciate you & your ever uplifting in-between-emails of such intuitive writing-timing, including this one about Love+++!! So love your candor & simple, clear openness even in the midst of your own ‘mellow ebbs’. & always, your beloved, nutty & goofy wit & humor that, like mine, are so delicious & easy to instantly share, laughing out loud & chuckling, even through the day of an email received. & the new fun & beautiful art studio photos, including your handsome Petie.
    Hugs & love always,
    Renate xox

  5. Linda Brunk


  6. Receiving this was like getting a beloved, favorite magazine to enjoy. Thank you for sharing your love and joy, and talent. I can just see a book on the market someday that would be of all your writings, etc.
    I would love to have a video/DVD of you demonstrating how you paint. And, I wish I could at least repeat one of the oil lessons one more time. Of course there was no way for me to video from your lessons, but some of the pics that I took are better than nothing! I buy DVDs from Liladahl. If there was one of your demo I’d buy it!
    Hugs and love to you!

  7. Anett Sauve

    Thank you. It seems you are reflecting on what you have been given and shared. Bless you.

  8. Marguerite Lovell

    Thank you for this, Dreama. I’m going to print and pin it up where I can see it every day. Lovely reminder of what to focus on!

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