22 Mar

Before the Creative Process

A Cool Fifteen to Creativity

Getting started is hard.
As tempting as it is to wait for inspiration
and as wonderful as it is when our beginning is lock step with being inspired
there are more days….

where we must simply 


So I’m challenging myself (and you) today to set a timer for 15 minutes and begin.

Let’s see what can happen in just 15 minutes of time set aside to simply get started.

Whether it is to write something (that’s my 15 today) or to paint something.

15 minutes can begin to wiggle loose those parts of us that feel a bit stiff, a bit out of sorts or a bit lost.

For the minute we begin, we start to see at least one step that we can take that is in the direction of that which we desire.

We can grab our laptop and begin to ponder what can happen in 15 minutes of writing.

We can begin to pull out a few ideas of things we might enjoy painting. Look through an art book and read a bit of wisdom from a favorite artist. 

With a timer set, we can look and realize that we still have an entire 8 minutes left, as is the case with this writing. (This has included letting the cat in and out the back door more than once…oh Eddie!)

A LOT can happen in 15 minutes.

You can uncork your creative self. Pour some of that into setting the stage for your newest venture. 

Note: After this little experiment I am going to set my clock for 20 minutes.  Yes, 20–since I  now have a whole 5 minutes left on this 15 minute writing adventure.  I’m curious to see what happens with my watercolors and journal in that time.

Having trouble getting your joyful self in the game? Join me for 15 today and see what happens—share your discoveries in the comments below 😉


Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Nasr

    Hi Dreams:is that your real name?,very beautiful, i’ve Seen you on line before and thought….aaahhh she is another artist like others,but I have to tell that I was wrong, you are very inspiring to artist that feel like( okay I painted every subject,,,now what), I love your work specially your watercolor paintings, when I look at them they make me happy,I like to see you painting one, are you on YouTube?, thanks for helping other artists….🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️

  2. A.M.

    Nice post and all too true. Do you have tips for frazzlement at end of very busy days and weeks? Most often 15 minutes a day feels overwhelming during the work week.

  3. Elizabeth

    So interesting

  4. Karen

    Thank you for this. I’ve been taking more time for this over the last few weeks. It’s surprising that just a little time each day can make a difference. Skills develop, ideas emerge. It doesn’t mean that everything that we create is good or even satisfying, and sometimes you make mistakes and learn from them. I’m learning to enjoy all the processes with the highs and lows and trying to see the big picture in all of it. The hardest part is silencing the inner critic that keeps me out of the studio. Today I will try something new, collage! Can’t wait.

  5. Karen

    You are a ”penspiration”💜

  6. Karen

    You encourage and inspire me💜

  7. Love your post…so motivating! Your ideas are fresh and promote creativity in all of us…thanks Dreama! Celeste

  8. Thalia Newton

    Dreama. I really admire you and the effort you have put into your beautiful project. I am probably the “underachiever” in this class. I love seeing all the Facebook posts of the others taking this course but I must admit feeling a little overwhelmed and now I really feel behind. I’m glad I have two years😊.
    I never give up and am really enjoying your course. Tomorrow I’m going to practice your 15 minute lesson.

  9. Wendy

    Thank you for the 15 minute idea.
    It worked for me and I started my first painting! Thank you for your encouragement.

  10. Barbara M Becker

    Thanks, Dreama,
    I started on Thursday, but since I got your email today, I will go to my studio and finish. I’m not great at this watercolor after painting in oils, but I have certainly enjoyed this class…Postcards From Paris!
    Thanks for a reminder!

  11. Linda Brunk

    So glad that you started your “15” today with writing. Your words are always refreshing, real, and inspiring,………..like your watercolors! I can envision the two combined in a published work. I, for one would look forward to that book!
    Best regards

  12. Joanne Spilman Kilduff

    I leave a little watercolor set up so that when stress gets to be high or I just need to drop out, look out a window, imagine or Dream. I can quickly sit down and put brush to paper! If my paints weren’t out I couldn’t do this.

  13. Eldie

    What a good idea. I am spending 15 min to ponder on that idea…..

  14. Well, I have been remiss on keeping up with my blog, and your 15 minute challenge is just the thing to get me going. Thanks!

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