24 May

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Before the Creative Process

Your Creative Space

It’s the ‘container’ that both holds and reflects your unique way of being in the world. 
It is part of the proper care and feeding of your gifts.

It’s also a divine way to learn more about yourself. 
About what you love, what you need and what matters.

This act of feathering your creative nest can serve to bring you back to yourself.
It’s part of uncovering and recapturing the dreams.  Those visions long held for yourself and your gifts.
It helps you to recognize your own growth and evolution.

We often lose track of ‘us’ while living life.
We are busy.
We are caregivers. 
We are mothers and fathers, sons and daughters.
We are givers and worriers and travelers and lovers.
Way too often we lose ourselves in the midst of all that is.
So much so that when someone asks what lights us up, we find ourselves at a loss for words.
We lose our way and this is can spill over into our surroundings.

Building (and re-building) your creative nest provides a kind of magic. The kind that pulls you forward in your creativity.
It takes into account that you are evolving.
It’s a way for you to do something kind and good for the most important person you will ever know.

Dreama Nesting at the Dream Love Paint Cottage - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com

This first step requires some dreaming on your part…
Grab a seat and your favorite beverage. Let’s begin dreaming about what your perfect creative space would look like.

  • Perhaps a studio with amazing windows and ample space for meditation and yoga. Complete with a light-filled painting area—all spilling out onto the beach.
  • Maybe it’s a treetop studio hideaway, tucked into the lush mountains of North Carolina. Filled with peaceful silence, mountain streams below and only you to paint the day away.
  • Or maybe you’re an urban kid at heart with a need to keep your finger on the pulse of the city. A tweaked to perfection industrial space. Within walking distance of all the hip places, of course!
  • How about a studio in Paris, France? A little nook in the heart of Montmartre. The arts district where Renoir and Picasso honed their skills sounds perfect!

Take your time on this step. What’s in that awesome ‘nest’ of yours?
 There are no ifs, ands or limits!

‘Imagination is everything. It is the preview to life’s coming attractions.’ ~ Einstein

Roses and Painting - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com

Now hold onto that dream nest and let’s feather it out, bit by bit…
(Hint: For this step, you are probably going to want to write some things down!)

What excites you about this place? Is it the freshness of the breeze? The sounds of the city or the call of the birds? What is it that you hear? French music playing? How does that make you feel? Optimistic, inspired, peaceful?

The pounding of the surf from the ocean —what is it that you love about it? What is it about walking on the beach that so opens your heart?

Are you alone or do you have some artistic partners in your space?

How does your day go here at your amazing studio? Do friends pop in for delicious ‘after hours’ conversations? The ones that only artists get excited over? Do you perhaps linger together over a nice French wine and ponder the day’s work? Or does your conversation take place with the local birds near your treetop studio?

What items are in this nurturing space? A vintage easel that provides a touchstone and a reminder that you are worthy? Hand thrown pottery to hold your brushes? A desk that calls you to your writing? Are there jasmine vines framing the doorway to your studio, heavy with scent? A child’s drawing (perhaps even your own childhood drawing)? One that reminds you of the innocence and beauty of simply being yourself?

Where does your heart and mind travel? What words from yesterday’s conversation still turn over in your mind? Creating new pathways of inspiration?

Don’t be shy about asking yourself lots of questions at this step.
Dig deep into the why.
You will find it shines a light on what you love, what you need and what matters.
First dreaming, then questioning—will give you a clear vision of you.

Time for taking action…
Dreaming is awesome. It’s a doorway to encountering our true selves. And we needn’t wait for ‘someday’ to arrive to take action on those dreams.
We can begin in the here and now to honor ourselves and our gifts. Whatever gets our creative blood to pumping is worth every bit of effort!

An ocean studio dream can begin to come to life by adding just the right touches. Things that at a glance connect you to your vision. A bit of sea glass, a zen sandbox or an ocean soundtrack.

Treehouse studio dreams can take form. With each placing of found bird nests and feathers, we call forth the sacred spaces of our hearts. Scents that conjure up the great outdoors and favorite hot beverages add to the feeling.

A Paris studio—oh wait—that’s for the next post! (I’m guilty of cramming a lot of Paris into my cottage studio and can’t wait to share!)

What can you bring back from your dream and put in place in your current space?
What changes can you make to reflect this vision?
What things need to be added? What things need to be let go?
In what ways can you begin to bring your dreams to life?

You can begin doing this no matter what size space you have. Be it a solitary table top in the kitchen (I started out this way) or a full-scale space that you’re not quite sure how to fill.

Aspire to create a magic place for yourself to create from. It can begin with things as simple as music that connects you to that which you love. And sipping a drink that adds to the present moment.
It needn’t be big or elaborate to make the magic happen.
It only need connect you to your dreams.
Easy, peasy.

The Plan:
Dream big.
Distill it down to tangible things that connect you to the spirit of the dream.
Add these things to your creative nest.
And then…
Dwell in that space which holds what you love, what you need and what matters.

It’s time to begin feathering your creative nest, my friend. Leave a comment below and let me know what you’re dreaming of!

Dream Love Paint Cottage - Dreama Tolle Perry - https://dreamatolleperry.com

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Coming Up Next Post: Inside the Dream.Love.Paint Cottage Makeover!
All the fun, all the changes and most definitely, all the why’s!! See my choices for watercolor and oil organization, my favorite writing desk and more!

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  1. Kitty

    Will send a before pic!
    Been out of the country for several months, my space is a mess! Definitely needs an over all clean up, and added things that make it my happy space.

  2. Danah Moore

    You have set my mind in motion! After having some wonderful large studios, I am now painting in my home studio. I have made a roomy upstairs landing (with a tree top window) my mini studio with my two custom drafting tables and built in bookcases. I’m pondering on improvements for that space. In addition, I love being on my large patio and had already started on making changes there. I think I should make a little painting area there for early in the day art creativity. Texas heat won’t allow all day endeavors! I already have a small bistro table—might get a larger tabletop and start there. Pictures to follow later. Suggestions welcome! Thanks for your inspiration!

  3. Joy London

    Oh Dearest Dreama, you always pop into my life with wonderful thoughts and ideas just when i need you!
    Ive been having so much fun with my rescued fur babes that my home and art is badly neglected and as much as i love my four legged critters i need my art space, my Me Space! So now the fur has settled down i shall start to feather my own nest again, a place to relax, to cogitate, to draw and paint, and have time to play with my fur babes too! Thank you for rescuing me!
    Love n hugs Joy x

  4. Thalia Newton

    I love the creative space you have fashioned for yourself. Also I will look forward to learning more about your unique and personal and
    Yes, your sacred space. Do I dare use “fun” and “sacred” in the same thought? Yes. Why not? ❤️

  5. Lorna Schreck

    I just spent today clearing out my art room and gathering all like things together. It was a huge task, as I have so much more than I need or can store in my new, yet tiny space. Just packing up 8 boxes for donation and sale lifted the creative soul, which is anxious to soar. I finally have a walking path through the room, can reach the window for fabulous fresh air, and have space to (mentally, physically and spiritually) assess and dream my space. I already feel renewed and refreshed. I will spend time during the “busy” work of cleaning, hanging shelves and making curtains, to ask the questions you’ve posed in this and the previous email. Thank you so much for the inspiration, the guidance, and the stunning example of how to approach my Creative Nest!

  6. Marjie DAvis

    Dreama, It’s such a joy for me to read your inspiring words of wisdom about creativity! I’ve been following you on Instagram and signed up for your emails in March 2019 after seeing your gorgeous works of art on Pinterest. I’m a 65 year old art novice and enjoying my journey in trying watercolor painting and sketching nature the past few years. Your words have been so inspirational in my journey and I just wanted to thank you for sharing your beautiful Dream.Love.Paint Cottage and your heart for art.
    ~ Blessings, Marjie

  7. Dreama-
    Am I so transparent? Or are we all on the same road- some a little farther ahead?
    Man, you truly do read my mind.
    I want a new studio. And it’s getting to be an obsession.
    (I do need room for all these brushes and easels😉)
    Great blog post. Keep going, girl!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      We are all on the same road Margaret and if we believe some of those theories on time —that it’s not linear—then nobody’s ahead of anybody 🤔😄😂. Yes to a new sacred creative space for you!!😍

  8. Kimberly

    This is a project that has been put on the back burner for far too long!!! Thank you for inspiring me to put it on the front burner and to turn up the gas! “Nesting” has always been the best investment I make in me and your reminder has me doing more than dreaming about it!!! Thank you Dreama for all the joy, beauty and inspiration you bring into my life!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      You’re so welcome Kimberly—glad you are inspired to do it!!

  9. Lynda Ashley

    Oh Dreama, this post really spoke to and brought up amazing memories. More than 20 years ago, I wanted to start a company called “Designs For Peace of Mind”. Long before the internet and social media, I felt there was a great need for everyone to have a tiny (or big) space in their life where they could just rest, be peaceful and collect their thoughts. I felt the people that needed this most were people who could not afford to just build it. It could be a corner of a room, a small alcove in the back yard, a small table with the things than calm you in the corner of the office……I wanted to consult with people with a list of questions to figure out what was peaceful for them and hopefully intuit a design idea for them to implement. I never did this….wish I had.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      It’s something that is needed today Lynda—the busier we become the more important these spaces are. Maybe there is a reason your dream is still hanging around 🤔😉😊

  10. This is so timely, Dreama, as we’re moving next week & I get to design a brand new creative space for myself! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Love the synchronicity Jan! Enjoy the process!!

  11. Thank you for all your inspiration. I am getting ready to give my space a redo, and then I am going to get a website built. I love your work – It makes me feel joyful and thankful for my own talent!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      I love hearing this Elaine! As creatives we really are like family—here to support and cheer each other on!

  12. Dreama, I love this blog and it’s going to take some time to study and put into action. But I can say right now that the most important thing to me in an art studio is comfort and convenience. I want it close-by and preferably in my home (Done) and to have space. I want space enough to set up a drawing/watercolor corner (Done), a space for my oil painting (Done), a space for my computer, printer, scanner, book shelves, etc. (Done). Now I want a designated and permanent space for my acrylic painting (NOT done). True, I have expanded to a room across the hall, but for some reason it hasn’t taken shape or inspired me. Ever onward.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      I love the idea of having creative areas for multiple mediums Adele! It’s one of the things I did in this makeover for the cottage!

  13. Cynthia grover

    I dream of quiet, light flooded space, gently teased by the flutter of wings and cheerful birdsong, and the drifting fragrance of growing things. My soul expands with joy and imagination bubbles forth in such a space!

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      I’m right there with you Cynthia!

  14. Karen Conlin


    Thank you! This started me focusing on my storage shed that I always wanted to turn into my “Creative Cottage.”

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Yay!! 😊🙌

  15. Building a new home with a downstairs office and a upstairs loft with north light.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      Exciting Nancy!!😊

  16. Katie Richcreek

    This is an amazing dream to join in, and I want it all. The beach, the mountains, the city life, and most of all Paris. It fills my heart with music and my mind with color. What a fabulous place to go in my imagination. I know this will bring me so much inspiration if that fountain ever runs dry. Thank you! I’m so happy to be part of this path.

    • Dreama Tolle Perry

      So happy to be on it with you Katie!😊

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