6 Sep

Before the Creative Process

That thing about creating that Hemingway knew

The thing is to become a master and in your old age to acquire the courage to do what children did when they knew nothing. ~ Ernest Hemingway


And what is it, exactly, that children do when it comes to making art?


They are—







What are the things they don’t do?





Feel shame


Hmmm. Do you see a trend here of what happens in the making of our art?
We can see what happens when we approach our creative time with joy.
Joy seems to be the natural state for a child.

We can also see what happens when we approach it with fear.
Fear can be a natural state for us big kids.


Peonies at the cottage

I’m going to challenge this big kid approach, though.
We can choose, anytime we want, to shed that big kid thinking and return to the youngster we each carry inside.

Guess who?

Art is here for us.
To abandon ourselves to the sheer joy of being alive.
It is not here to judge us, shame us, or make us feel less.

Whatever you have happening this week, I encourage you to let your inner child pick up a brush, a pen, some paint and express the joy of life.

Vintage bottle

It’s all we have and it’s beautiful!

Note: The watercolors shown here are small pieces, done with great joy at the Dream.Love.Paint cottage. No ‘big kids’ were involved 😉  If you’d like to paint with me, my Winter Escape sale is happening now! Click here for details 🙂

P.S. Somehow, when I write, I always feel gratitude for you. For your attention, for you reading my stuff, for just being here. It means a lot! You can receive my letters straight to your inbox by subscribing here. (My letters are free, of course!)

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  1. Sara hanson

    The list of what kids do and don’t do—so true! Thanks Dreama. Keep it coming. Merry Christmas to you, Ron and all your family!

  2. Renate keis

    Dearest Dreama,
    Heartfelt Thx for your sharing…always uplifting, light & fun…& sure love that photo of “Little Dreama”!!!xoxo Happy reminder to be more the happy playful Being we each Are NOW & as much we mean to let be xoxoxo

  3. Mary Ann Kiesler

    Always love your words and Art!

  4. Marleen hoffman

    Thank you once again for your beautiful message. Happy Holidays for you and all of those you care so much about.

  5. Hello Dreama…Just listened to your podcast about finding yourself at 50. It was quite inspirational. I love your fresh painting and pleasing way of teaching. I have been a professional art teacher and fine artist all my life. I also love to write creatively and enjoy reading your topics and looking at your work. I’m glad I found you.
    Best regards.

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