20 Mar

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When in doubt make pasta…and watch this video

It’s been a week.
I’m guessing you have felt it too.
I was reading and came across this:

‘Will this choice that I’m making now bring happiness to me and those around me? If the answer is yes then go ahead and make that choice.’
~ Deepak Chopra

So I made a choice.
To share my pasta and my Italy with you.

First, my pasta:

I rarely cook. I’m known for no recipes (well, there is that recipe in my Provence course, but my lips are sealed…with Nutella).
I have fallen in love with making pasta.
I consider it an arts and crafts project.
Sort of like play dough except you can eat your finished piece.

And then my Italy:

I love Italy. I especially love the people of Italy.
They are warm, earthy, joy of life people.
I made an art course there and called it Timeless Tuscany.
Inside the course, I have ‘adventure’ videos where we go out into the countryside of Italy.
There is one of the videos inside the course that has been tugging at me all week to share.
Available to view, for a brief time, so please dive in.
Warning: After watching, you may find it’s time to make pasta, pizza, or a painting.
Why not all 3??

My pasta antics/recipe are here in this video—filmed by Ron in our kitchen.
You can find the little Italian pasta maker I use in my Amazon shop here (and I am an Amazon affiliate which means I may make a few cents on anything you purchase via the link.)
I’m fully expecting the Cooking Channel to be contacting me shortly for my own show….he he!

’Til then, this is your crazy-haired artist buddy signing off with flour on my face, paint on my hands and a whole lotta love in my heart for you!

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  1. Betty

    I have just watched your two videos that you shared of Tuscany & your making pasta! I loved them both, and can see why you love Italy so much. It was just beautiful; could bring one to tears!!

    Thank you

  2. That was super fun – thanks for sharing!!! As I watched the drive thru Tuscany – I just keep thinking about Italy at the moment and my heart goes out to everyone there. We are almost in the same situation in some parts of the country! Thank you, Dreama, for reminding us of the little beauties we can find in everyday life! REALLY looking forward to FLOW!!!!

  3. Diane pittard

    What a fun morning I’ve had with you!!💕
    Thank you so much for this share!

  4. What a treasure your Italy video is! Transported me to a happier place for sure! Thanks for your encouragement of the arts! It is so needed, especially today! Blessings!

  5. Cindy Michelotti

    This was a wonderful way to end my day! Thank you for the “ride through” Tuscany and the painting! My heart is with our many relatives at this time. This was a great escape! Stay well.

  6. Terrie Potter

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Tuscany video with us! It brought tears to my eyes watching it and listening to the music. The world is broken and we need sharing like this to keep us all sane. Your heart must be breaking for your Italy, its people and all they are facing right now! We must cling to hope for healing and peace. <3

  7. Sabine scanlon

    Loved it! Perfect for today. It’s snowing here in Ontario..
    Now I’ll have to start some pizza dough.
    Also, almost makes me want to try making my own pasta.

  8. Mary Long

    Loved both videos!
    Left wanting to be in Italy!
    And either cooking or painting, well especially painting!
    Thank you!

  9. Meg Barry

    Dreama, thank you so must for the videos! The one from Tuscany was soothing and reassuring (which I think we all need right now). You have inspired me to try to make pasta. One of my aunts did so when I was little (to save money). So, you made me think of my childhood and of sunny Italian days. The only thing better that I’ve seen recently is the video of my almost-2-year-old granddaughter playing in a puddle after the rain stopped. Although life is crazy right now, there are still good things to think about — including your support and kindness.

  10. Your email today is awesome….both calming and inspiring during this stressful time!, I have taken the “Paris” and “Tuscany” online workshops. Today’s post took me back to Tuscany (where I have visited) once again. Thank you for using your talents and calm personality to remind us there are really good beautiful things and ways on which to focus during this test.

  11. Dreama, It was so nice to be in Tuscany with you again via your video! Thinking of all Italians and others who are struggling these days. There is still such beauty and kindness in the world – I hope we will all continue to see and appreciate the goodness around us. Thanks for posting your uplifting videos!

  12. Kerry Doyland

    Thank you Dreama, what a lovely way to chase away the news blues here in England!

  13. Luv your demo on pasta. My grandson Austin (12) has been making pasta this week to keep him out of mischief!! in these difficult times. Thank you Dreama Carolyn

  14. Lorna Schreck

    Ah Dreama,
    You make dreams come true. Your day in the Tuscan countryside was something my Joe and I had dreamed of, but never had the chance to fulfill. Joe passed away when he was 35 in 1990 of cancer. I could see us as the youngsters we were – loving the music, wine, cooking and eating. It was something we did with a group of friends.
    One weekend it was home made ravioli. We even took photos of the first batch of pasta that ended up in the trash. It was filmed on and off all day from the shopping to the loosening of belts at the end of the meal. This was a memory that I had forgotten. Our “videographer” edited it to music and we watched it and laughed and laughed at laying down the base pasta, filling it, laying down the covering pasta, then came the shaping, crimping and cutting, boiling and serving. Fresh-flaked cheese was floating down onto the little pillows. I can taste it right now.
    I never got any of those photos or a copy of the video. So please know how grateful I am that you shared this with us. I do live in the heart of the northern California wine valleys and love the beauty of the area. But the buildings still have a few centuries to go before they will be ready to be uncorked!
    And yes, I’ve got the meat ready for the Bolognese sauce that will be slow cooked all day tomorrow to go with the fresh pasta. With the pandemic – I’m making a big batch and them I’ll make several small casseroles that I will freeze and enjoy the next two months.

  15. Betty, I had the same thoughts. I would have had a cup of flour all over my navy shirt. Thanks for the laughter and envy!

  16. Loved going back to Italy with you today Dreama. And seeing Silvio again:) Also loved your pasta tutorial–I would definitely be trying your recipe, if it wasn’t for this darn keto thing I’m on lately. Thank you so much–its always a joy to get your emails. Looking forward to “flow”.

  17. How fun! We’re stuck in the house like most everyone these days and this was such an enjoyable time with you in Tuscany! I loved the beautiful tour of the countryside and the gathering of joyful cooks making pizza! The music was so uplifting! Your lesson on pasta-making was inspiring, too! Thanks for lightening my mood today! Bless you, Dreama!

  18. Barb ryan

    It was so wonderful to revisit Tuscany again. And your pasta adventure just made me happy. Thanks so much for sharing these!

  19. Debra McKee

    So fun! Thank you Dreama! A nice escape from reality. Debra

  20. Jan tilker

    How fun! It probably tastes even more like Italia! 🍷Chow Bella!

  21. Myla Montgomery

    thank you for my escape from self isolation on a trip to Tuscany. Beautiful

  22. That was so wonderful. I was in Italy in Sept. I am so thankful I made it before all this virus stuff. I loved this video. I am ready for Flow….. let’s go!!!

  23. Lucy

    Great job !! Today I will make pizza
    Thanks Dreama
    Lucy from San Pedro sula , honduras

  24. Debora

    Thank You for these lovely videos! A very nice break in this crazy world we find ourselves in at this time. simply JOY!

  25. Diana

    Dreama,you dreamy person, thanks again!!!

  26. You did a great job, the TV stations will be calling you. Love you Dreama

  27. Priscilla

    Thank you for making such a lovely start to my day. Tuscany is beautiful!

  28. Fran

    Bless your heart for sharing the Italy watercolor video!!! Such a wonderful break from the virus angst. Your videos are like a prayer! I am wondering if an Italian watercolor class is in the works? I am hopeful! Blessings to you and your loved ones! Fran

  29. Shelia hucks

    I enjoyed these videos so much! Being confined by the Coronavirus, it felt like visiting with friends! Thanks so much for sharing!! They were both inspiring!!

  30. Nancy

    What fun!! I have always wanted to make pasta with a little gadget like yours. (that and making buttermilk biscuits from scratch). This has inspired me on many levels. I suddenly imagined us all sharing short videos of ourselves doing something we love.
    -Cooking a signature dish
    -Repotting orchids
    -Painting bunnies
    -Sharing how we came to find our personal signature for our paintings.
    -Singing our favorite 20 second
    jingle as we wash our hands.
    -Whatever it is we are doing in our homes or gardens these days.

    And the list goes on and on!! It could be an online reunion like the one we almost had!

    Love and hugs, Dreama! So fun hanging out with you this morning!
    Nancy T

  31. sharonlee

    Loved the pasta video!
    I was a bit disappointed to hear your monthly membership was only open to existing students.

  32. A cooking show would be brilliant….Dreama maka pasta……and Ron could be in the background making the gravy (as the Italians say). It does not escape our notice that only our Dreama can oil paint in a white blouse AND play with flour in a black shirt, all the while staying spotlessly clean and elegant.

  33. ChristIne

    Oh Dreama- the videos are wonderful! Italy has always been on my bucket list as is making pasta! Absolutely made my day!

  34. Susan darnell

    Love the videos so beautiful and fun. The last year has been very chaotic and stressful. My husband was diagnosed with acute leukemia so we have been in and out of the hospital etc fighting for his life. I signed up for your class, Notecards from Paris, but have not been able to complete it. So thankful for the two year timeframe. Since he is in remission right now, I’m hoping to get inspired to finish the course. Thank you for your inspiration and encouragement.

    • Oh Susan, I took the Postcard from Paris class last year and am planning to “go back” again this year. I like the idea of spending April in Paris. So if you need a friend, know that I will be there too. I am so pleased to learn of your husbands medical progress. I hope you can both breathe easier through this pandemic challenge. I will keep you both in my prayers.

  35. gailwilliams

    Loved your video. not sure of your measurements but learned this about a year ago from a lady I quilt with and she was taught by her grandmother as a child. This also makes great crackers just leave a little thicker dough and add fresh herbs and salt to oiled top before baking. I got my pasta maker from Ebay and it is from Italy. I use it often and love playing with dough.

  36. Nancy Toth

    Thank you for letting me escape the cold winter day. I could feel the sun shining in my face, I could taste those cherries, and those roses, and the lovely music
    Thank you!!!!!!!

  37. kim

    Thank you Dreama! What a wonderful way to start my Saturday morning! It was like getting whisked away with you 🙂

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