1 May

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In gratitude for the creators

For you, for me, for the creators.

For free-flowing thoughts, for pencils that swirl and twirl, for paintbrushes dipped, for canvases covered, for clay caressed, for dancers on pointe, for strings that sing, for words set to melody, for breath of life, for hearts that allow.

You ARE amazing for all these things and so much more.

In this quiet that we are in
may it be a space that feeds the hidden gold within.

May we arrive on the other side
living and loving deeper and wider than ‘ere before.

For we are held dear ones, with such tenderness and grace.

Moon above, earth below
Sun by day, stars by night

May our feet
our hearts
our hands

Be made glad

May we be encouraged for these are

wider spaces

where Knowing arises
and creativity dwells.


Click here for the Spotify Playlist: In Gratitude for Artists and Life


The ‘Super Pink Moon’ of April 2020 was the biggest one for the year.
I caught it heading into dusk, so large I could do nothing but let it fill up my heart, my soul.
How lucky we are to see these moments.
Big magic, indeed.

Pink Moon, Big Magic

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  1. Sara long

    Your painting and your writing touched my soul. You writing is like a prayer! The colors in your painting are so soft and soothing. Thank you for sharing this! What a blessing!

  2. Such lovely wise words filled with feeling of love. Thank you.

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