8 Nov



Starting today I want to break the rules.
The ones that say we spend 80% of our time doing the “extra” things
And only 20% on the thing we were born to do

80 on the minutiae, the “declared” important by the somebody said so’s
20 on the divine gift that was placed in us from the get go

I wanna be a rebel
Not to do what I have been told
Not  accept the bill of 80% goods
That I have been sold:)
To tip the scales way to the other side
Spend the biggest chunk divinely
and leave the other 20 behind
If how we spend our minutes is of course
how we spend our lives
then let my 20 grow to be the 80
Let those would be watching
simply be
(….okay, so my rhyming skills are somewhat less than impressive–but you know what I mean)

Giving yourself permission to spend time cultivating the gift within gives those around you permission to do the same for themselves.

We never know in  life who is waiting to see if we are going to reach for our star or settle for the status quo of urgent but not important.
Your child?  Your spouse? Your best friend?
They may need for you to take that leap of faith as much as you need it yourself.
They may need for you to leave off the “vital few and trivial many” that eat up the hours and instead choose to follow your bliss.

Often times we worry that we might be considered selfish for following our dreams, letting other things go in order to do that one thing that calls to our heart.
Author J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame is rumored to have said that while she was writing the first book that she lived in absolute rubbish–the writing, her gift, taking precedence over the more mundane details of living.  I think if she had spent 20 percent of her time on the “vital few” and 80 on the “trivial many” that we probably would have never known about Hogwarts School and Lord Voldemort.  (400 million books later……!)

80 and 20

It may be time to flip the numbers around in our lives 🙂


Tracy Wall
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  1. Anonymous

    I am grateful for another beautiful frosty sunny morning in which to paint.

    Karen Chamblin

  2. Anonymous

    Choose joy!!! Like your blog.


  3. Anonymous

    I am grateful for you, Dreama, for your happy, uplifting and inspiring Blogs. I look forward to reading you every day and for your ability to set me on the right path. Thanks to you and your funny feline friends from,
    Patricia Steedle and FFF Sugar

  4. Anonymous

    I am truly grateful that I have immersed myself in art, and my journey had brought me to YOU! Your paintings always bring me joy, and your blogs bring me the inspiration that I crave, and, well, I’ll save some more for tomorrow!!
    Karen McDonald

  5. Sandy Turner Slade

    Today I am grateful for being blessed with a positive attitude. I wake up & immediately feel equipped to enjoy the day. I have my quiet time while enjoying my coffee and I take whatever time I need to thank God for all He has given me.
    Sandy Turner Slade

  6. I will always be grateful for my Grandfather for always encouraging all my artistic projects, starting as soon as I was old enonugh to hold a pencil. Thank you, Morfar, I miss you.

  7. Gretchen Stoudt

    Thankful for waking up on the “right side of the sod” so that I may enjoy another day of your gratitude journey.

  8. Grateful for a 3 pm job interview today . . . and, in the meantime . . . how beautiful the leaves are in Atlanta . . . bright yellow, all the oranges, deep reds . . . all set against the ancient Magnolia’s deep greens which magically stay that way all Winter . . .

  9. Nancy Toth

    Today, I am grateful that I gave myself permission on this past long weekend to be a little lazy. I regrouped and feel really good today!

  10. Anonymous

    I am grateful for all my painting friends and teachers.

    Karen Chamblin

  11. Anonymous

    I am grateful that I have a studio where I can go paint or just hang out and enjoy music. I love the smell of it and it makes me happy the second I walk thru the door.
    Lori Anderson, Folsom CA

  12. I’m grateful for a supportive husband who encourages my art.

  13. I am grateful for the internet which allows me to view so many artists’ work and thoughts. Of course that means that I am grateful for those artists who generously share their artwork and their hearts.
    Your words resonated with me tonight; I still have 2 teens at home, and I fervently hope that my taking time to paint tells them that they can and must take time to follow their God-given talents.

  14. Right now, I am grateful for the “20”, the “80” pays the bills. I plan to change the numbers by making the “20” feel like 80.

  15. I am grateful for the friends that are the buoys for my soul 🙂

  16. I’m grateful I’m not color blind! I could eat your paintings with a spoon; they are so deliciously colorful!

  17. I’m grateful for the hours of silence, because I can hear the whispers of the creative muses much more clearly.

  18. Anonymous

    Grateful that I am available to help my aging parents – I’m okay with only 20% time left for me.
    ~etta hermann

    • Anonymous

      I am grateful for a hot bath and reading a good book (in the bath!) because it’s sooo snowy and getting cold outside.
      Debbie Spivak

  19. Anonymous

    Greatly blessed to have a daughter who loves me so much as to plan another surprise birthday gathering for me today… which means I am also thankful for friends who came to celebrate!

    • Anonymous

      Sue Lepsch

  20. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my husband who encourages me to paint and helps with a lot of the everyday stuff and doesn’t complain when I slack off the “trivial many”.

    Judith B

  21. I am thankful for my wonderful helpful Christian husband who has been so supportive in helping me promote my first fiction book. Today he carried in my boxes of my books and boxes for another lady to set up for the KY Book fair on Saturday. Then on Saturday he will get up early to drive me there and spend the day telling people about my book! Wouldn’t want to do it without him. He has been to everyone of my booksignings this past year but one and that was at a woman’s sorority meeting! He was disappointed he wasn’t invited!

  22. Anonymous

    My heart is full having reconnected with a dear old friend whose husband recently passed.
    Am grateful that I made the effort to find her and talk with her – the caring for one another has never diminished. We are former military wives who have given much to our country along with our husbands.
    Laetitia Borden

  23. Hi Dreama,

    I am thankful again today for my daughter and her unselfish giving of time and help during my current difficulty,


  24. MDS

    Grateful for the warm fire that is waiting for me in the next room!

  25. kathryn ikeda

    Grateful for a wonderful bouquet of roses I found.

  26. Marcia Fox

    I’m grateful and looking forward to heading to the basement and working on four 8 x 8 paintings of bear with cubs. I love Dreama’s floater panels, won’t use anything else. Oh, and don’t forget those wonderful floated frames! Once you use these products, you won’t want to use anything else!

  27. I am grateful for the heavenly smell of brownies! 🙂

  28. Ellen A.

    Grateful Dreama and Eddy have this blog to entertain and inform us!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  29. Anonymous

    I am thankful for my husband xxx
    Frances, France

  30. I am grateful for your funny and informative emails in my inbox on a regular basis.

  31. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my husband’s fishing trip! I feel inspired to paint thanks to this blog. My only decision for the next 7 days is acrylics, oil, or water colors.

  32. I am grateful for finding artists like Dreama, and thankful she shares her lovely art! 🙂

  33. Kay

    Hi Dreama! I am thankful for my one and only son, I love him with all my heart. God knew what he was doing when he gave me the one BOY. Boy….they never seem to grow up always boys :). Thank you GOD for my Son!

  34. I am grateful for my sweet cat Simon who provides hours of entertainment and endless unconditional love!

  35. I’m grateful my daughter finished submitting all her college applications today. Phew, now the wait begins!

  36. Grateful for light fluffy snow falling -I have decided it is all in the attitude!

  37. Anonymous

    I am grateful that the election campaign season is over and the new one has not yet begun; that my daughter finally went to the Doctor and that I get to spend my afternoon creating things. . .
    Karen Gifford

  38. Susan in Texas

    I’m going to be grateful for today’s 80%, leaving me with a clean slate for a wonderful 20% tomorrow.

  39. LeAnn

    Grateful for compassion from friends.

  40. I’m grateful for the time, the health and the ability to get outside and see and paint beautiful things.

  41. This comment has been removed by the author.

  42. …just happy that I AM today.


  43. Sharon

    Today I am grateful for EDDY (Actually you) for bringing some extra humor into my daily life.

  44. I am grateful for my dog, Becket. He nags me every morning for a walk, and so he gets me out for a stroll through fall leaves each day.

  45. I am grateful that, after a horrible night, I was able to come home to a peaceful home and take a nap this morning with my cat. 🙂 On with the rest of my day!

  46. Definitely needed to hear the 80/20 thing… haven’t allowed painting to inch into the 20 part for a long time… although I have gotten lots of knitting done! Grateful, today for a warm house and that I can delight in my first snowfall as a New Englander!

  47. I am grateful to have the whole day free to do whatever I want.

  48. Anonymous

    YAY!!! I love that quote by J.K.Rowling…
    let the housework, chores, etc. linger while
    I squeeze out more blissful painting time and
    say “thank you” Dreama, … for this prompt!
    Monica Dahl

  49. June

    Your 80/20 poem and your declaration of wanting to be a rebel and change it round the other way is something I’ve been re-teaching myself how to live each day – it’s difficult, but I hope to get better at becoming an 80/20 rebel, too. This was, as all your posts have been for me, so inspiring and full of get-up-and-go and follow-your-bliss motivation. I wanna be a rebel, too!

    Today I’m grateful to be able to paint all day in my comfy home, heated by the fireplace with lots of wood and turf roasting away, while having my hubby bring me cups of coffee throughout the day, and having our three amigos – our crazy but loving and lovable and adorable cats – keep me company while I’m painting and crafting. Especially on this very cold November afternoon.

    I’m also very thankful that today, unlike yesterday, I have no toothache any longer. Life is sweet. Moreso when you follow the 80/20 rule. Thanks, Dreama!

  50. I’m grateful that daily having a heart of gratitude has lifted my heart up above difficult circumstances in life. And journaling gratitude has changed my life.

  51. OMGosh YES! It makes so much sense to turn it around – I am so grateful I told myself to do this gratitude adventure. If I hadn’t, I could have been stuck the other way around most days of my future.

    Too bad dishes, too bad dust mop, too bad dumb TV shows, Yeah to canvas, brushes, and yummy oil paint colors! Thank you Dreama – really a good one.

  52. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for my cozy home, which warms not only my body, but my soul. And for the fact that soon I will paint!! Cheers to you Dreama! Paula Riley

  53. I am grateful today for the abundant wild mushrooms, wild ideas and WHIMSY.

  54. Holly Rose

    I am grateful for each day getting closer to living my life in a truly authentic manner. I don’t want to lose touch with my inner child, nor do I want to forget the significance of service to others.

  55. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the birds feeding outside my window on this cold morning.

    Lorraine Kendel

  56. I am grateful for this crisp, beautifully painted, fall day I am living in South Carolina.

  57. Anonymous

    I am thankful to be around creative friends!
    Carol Hickerson

  58. Today I am grateful for my loving partner and husband!

  59. Melissa

    I am thankful for my delicious coffee this morning and sunshine coming through the office windows.

  60. I am grateful I will be painting according to your 80/20 rule today. I have to go. Maybe i can stretch it today to 90/10.

  61. Dorothy

    I am thankful that I have the whole day ahead of me free to be creative!! (Well, I really ought to scrub the bathrooms, too.)

  62. Anonymous

    I am grateful to you for sending the 80/20 rule idea–must give this a try, and am sending it on to friends. J.A. Walker

  63. Anonymous

    I am grateful today for cousins . . .

    Cathy Joerger

  64. I love your message today. I also Love the painting.I am grateful to have art in my life

  65. I am thankful for my honey and my children and all the wonderful people in my life

  66. I am grateful that I live in a good area to go hiking and the sun is out.

  67. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the fire within that drives me to paint!
    Susan Johnson

  68. I’m grateful for the new 80%/20% rule that you’ve come up with! It definitely works for me! I’m also thankful for the people around me who encourage me to do the things I love….especially paint!

  69. Deb LaRocque

    Today I am grateful for a beautiful fall day with lots of sunshine and a hair appointment that I desperately need.

  70. Suzanne

    I am grateful that I have good friends who have stood by me over the years through good times and not so good times.

  71. Anonymous

    I just purged the shoes in my closet! That makes me very happy.
    Kay Rose Sloat
    Hendersonville, NC

  72. Good Morning! I am grateful for my artist friends, they inspire and encourage me!

  73. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for the “little storm” we are getting ready to have. It’s enough to be exciting and a change from the beautiful fall weather, but will clean the outdoors and do no harm. Sending best wishes to the East Coast.
    Lori Anderson, Folsom, CA

  74. I am grateful to have enough money to buy paints.

  75. Ruth Roberts

    I am so grateful for my painting friends. Yesterday in Painting Class with Teddy Jackson,we laughed and had so much fun. Belonging to this art tribe means the world to me.

  76. Today I’m grateful that I work from home and don’t have to commute in this snowy and icy mess.

  77. I am grateful for friends and kind of wish the 80/20/dreama suggestion could also apply to hanging out with friends:)

  78. Anonymous

    I’ m thankful to be traveling today.a good day to travel.
    Brenda Gibbs

  79. Linda

    I’m grateful for a warm home, a comfy bed and the safe feeling I have when I’m tucked inside while the weather turns cold, windy and dark. Linda, Nevada

  80. I am grateFul to be enjoying all the wisdom in the posts. I am still deeply embedded in 80/20 (the bad way) and am slowly trying to find the courage to change

  81. C-Rae

    My health, my life, my family
    These things I’m grateful for
    I’m needed, loved and happy
    I’ll ask for nothing more

  82. I am so thankful for beautiful friends that take a moment of their precious time to share a special moment in their lives!

  83. Today I am grateful to work with nice people.

  84. I am grateful that we live in the internet/blogosphere age and that we are not isolated artists.

  85. I am grateful that I can make choices with my time and my art! As Albus says to Harry, “It is our choices….that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”

  86. I am grateful for my local library, which is a lovely place with view of the river, a good place to sketch readers and nappers, and has a marvelous collection of books and music – for free!

  87. margene parker

    Today I am grateful I can still take care of myself, maintain my home. I do not like to be alone, but I am so grateful I don’t have to have someone take care of my needs.I am able to get up and go out 5 days a week. and help at a local thrift store for Pets needs, Life is good today. Now to get back in the mood to paint daily. Thanks Dreama.

  88. pat

    I am thankful for the 80/20 rule and the reminder to reverse it, especially where my artwork is concerned. Sometimes I feel like I need permission to create. That is hogwash!!!

  89. Dana

    I am grateful for establishing the tradition of spending one day a week painting in watercolor with my 90 year old Mom. On that day both of us spend 80% of our time doing what we love and 20% of our time … Eating! That works out to 100% happiness!

  90. Hi Dream! I am grateful for your “permission” to do my painting instead of all the decluttering and cleaning that need doing!

  91. Anonymous

    After reading SOLD by Patricia McCormick in our book club, it made me realized even more how LUCKY our daughters are to be born in this country.

  92. Anonymous

    I am thankful to live in a beautiful Colorado forest and enjoy listening to the birds sing.
    Linda White

  93. Anonymous

    Grateful for the blue sky and sunshine of this beautiful morning.

  94. I am grateful for my husband and our son, who we waited 16 years to have! We adopted him at age 6 and he is a joy- now 16 years old. I’m grateful for the opportunity to home school him, and your reminder to give him the 80 I need to give!

  95. Sue Taylor

    Today I am grateful for painting in my life and attending one of Dreama’s workshops!

  96. Today I was very grateful to receive a long hand written – and illustrated – letter via snail mail from a dear friend on the other side of the world. I will treasure it.

  97. I’m grateful for INSPIRATION… as in your writings Dreama, thank you for today’s writing about flipping those numbers around! I am inspired!

  98. I’m thankful that there are other people with the gifts I don’t have that are willing to help me around the house and yard so I don’t have to worry about doing those things. That way I can focus on the important things.I guess that’s my way of tipping the percentages in my favor.

  99. Katherine Baker

    Today I am grateful for my art teacher. He reduced my fears, and has taken my painting to a level I never thought possible. His patience, knowledge (which he generously gives), and his own talents have inspired me.

  100. Anonymous

    I am grateful that my job is more like a “calling” than a job so I do not mind going in each day. Today, though, I am grateful that it is Thursday because that means I get to go to my painting class after work! Any day I get to paint is a wonderful day!
    Mary Beth Harrison

  101. I’m thankful for deadlines (as in the arts and crafts show I will be in next weekend). They sort of force the 80/20 rule. And once again, thankful for your words of wisdom 🙂

  102. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the new friends I have made this year and what I have learned from them. I pray for the ability to see a friend in every person. You would be amazed at the things you are missing if you don’t reach out to other people. Judy Elias

  103. I highly prize the 20/80 (that opposite arrangement) by pushing it to at least 50/50…it’s working for me. Some days it works 20/80..and those days I feel like “Hey, look at me – I’m still HERE!”
    Today I am grateful for other artists who share their supplies, materials, ideas – but most of all their friendship and camaraderie! Paint on!

  104. DLPBR

    I’m happy and grateful in knowing that next year I’ll be taking a DTP workshop !

  105. Anonymous

    A Facebook friend posts the most beautiful photos from Asia. Today she posted my favorite views from Tuscany. Grateful serendipity and a warm morning smile. Melissa

  106. Grateful for having good health, both myself and family

  107. Because I seem to have ‘lost” the pictures of ALL MY PAINTINGS (!) somewhere in my Mac, I haven’t been able to post a painting in the ‘Sandy Fundraiser’. I had to do something to help those poor people who are now suffering through a horrible snow storm to add to their misery. I’ve purchased one painting already and am waiting on the auction to close for the second one. I wish I could just buy up the lot of them and make sure the ARC gets as much as we can give them! I love the paintings I’m buying and would choose many more if I could, but today I’m grateful for the opportunity to do even the smallest thing to help.

  108. I’m grateful to Dreama for teaching me how to make & use those expressive brushstrokes. Thank you Dreama.

  109. Anonymous

    Thankful for these beautiful sunny days. So blessed! vicki morgan

  110. Anonymous

    I am grateful that my granddaughter’s PET scan results were normal.
    Pat Kreppert
    Springfield, Ill.

  111. Anonymous

    I’m soooo thankful this morning to find out that Miami Dade County residents voted YES to increase our property taxes $10 per $10,000 in order to support Pets Trust. This will help to care for all these poor animals in our shelters and slowly but surely convert to no kill!! Thank you!!! Monica Avila

  112. Thoughts this cold frosty morning go toward our neighbors up North who are struggling still and must be so cold…Thankful and grateful for warmth and heat.

  113. Anonymous

    I am grateful for a cool morning for our daily walk. It is a great way to begin the day. Cindy K

  114. Anonymous

    Holly M’s post reminded me that this cold will go away. I’d lost hope. Thanks, Holly.
    Gayle Nunn

  115. I am grateful to all the art teachers I have learned from ( including Dreama!). We are lucky to live in a time where we have ample access to learn from others, either in person thru workshops and classes, or thru DVD’s , books, on line. Thank you for sharing and inspiring others to grow.

  116. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my library where I can borrow art books.
    Dana Burton

  117. I am grateful today for the view of the magnificient beauty of the sea but I know that this beauty can be very cruel. Andree from Quebec,Canada

  118. I am thankful for the reminder in your post today about what is really important. Yes, sometimes we really do get the 80/20 backwards and need to reverse It. Thank You, Dreama!

  119. Today I finally have time for a wash, cut and style. I need to really think about that 80/20 flip more often. Instead of just wishing I had more time I need to take more time. I’m grateful to you for reminding me of that.

  120. Terri Godfrey @ Fresh Thyme Design Studio

    It is a cold, blustery, first snow on the ground morning in New England. I’m grateful for an art space that is 10 steps from my house on a day like today where it’s warm and bright and I can apply the 80/20 rule with ease. (It’s not always this easy)!

  121. Yvonne

    Collected some guests from Cape Point Nature Reserve, about 20km from my home. What a spectacular drive along the coast, WOW, we are so lucky!!!! Yvonne Ankerman, Sunny South Africa !!

  122. I am thankful for your daily inspirational posts (really thankful!) I too love the 80/20 inspiration – THANK YOU!!!

  123. Everyday I’m thankful, and grateful for my husband.

  124. I am grateful today for the view of the magnificient beauty of the sea but I know that this beauty can be very cruel. Andree from Quebec,Canada

  125. Thankful for my father. His birthday was today. His birth name was William Dennis Rooney…miss you dad. The touch of Irish explains a lot.

  126. Ginny Good

    Today I am grateful that I have a room set up for my painting studio and want to spend more hours painting and let some other things go! I love the 80/20 inspiration!

  127. Today I am grateful for a nice hot shower that warms me on this cold and snowy New England day.

  128. Holly Morris

    I am grateful this very morning that my horrible cold of the last two weeks seems to finally be getting better. Okay this is a selfish post, but honestly the coughing just had to stop sometime. I believe I am better this morning. Yea!

  129. I am grateful to be warm & dry. To have a place to paint where I can leave my stuff out and get right back to it!

  130. Marcia

    I am grateful to live in an area that has all four seasons. We have our first snow of the season!

  131. Lyn

    Today my pets get the thumbs up!

  132. I love pushing the 20% towards 80% and am grateful for a day job, lifestyle and family support that allows me to ignore a lot of the mundane and concentrate on my art.

  133. jen lacoste

    A painting that is going absolutely right! Yippee!!!!

  134. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my friend Dorothy whose wonderful friendship inspires me and I am passing the 80/20 rule on to her also.
    Marilyn Troutman

  135. I am grateful for my many art friends. They inspire, encourage, and support me in so many ways. I’m not at the 80/20 yet but moving close to 60/40!

  136. Anonymous

    So grateful for Joni Mitchell, whose b/day was recently and whose poetry and 20% attitude has inspired and influenced her fellow female artists. Go, Joni!
    Joan Terrell

  137. Josephine Y Hardison

    I am selfishly doing the 20% today and am SOOOOO excited to be driving to Lexington to paint all day with you!!! Looking forward to seeing what everyone will create!

  138. Oh, I get grumpy when the 80% stuff takes over! I struggle to balance it out while still maintaining some sanity in my life! Dreama, your post has given me new resolve to fix this!

    So, I am grateful that yesterday I decided to color outside the lines a little more, and today I will make the time to do it!

  139. Anonymous

    Hi Dreama,
    I’m thankful for the 20%!
    Jaquelin Perry

  140. I’m grateful for those closest to me, family and friends who encourage me to keep doing what I love– paint! Dreama, I love that 80/20 rule and will strive to make it happen. Thank you.

  141. I am so grateful for the awesome adults my children have become and particularly for the way they parent my grandchildren.

  142. FCP

    #8…First light dressed in lavender and fog.
    Faye Christian Phillips

    (P.S. LOVE your 80/20 rule -thanks!)

  143. I am grateful also Dreama that since I have discovered the 80/20 rule my life has become so much more enjoyable and happy! Why did I wait so long to switch!

  144. I am grateful that I have courage to engage things that a few years ago would have sent me straight into a pity party!

  145. Bon

    Excellent advice. It is hard to do sometimes but something I strive for. I am grateful for the courage it took to ask for 2 days off in a row from the job I have done for over 20 years, in lieu of retirement. And I’m doubly grateful for my boss saying ‘yes’. It is wonderful to be able to have that 2nd day to work on my projects.

  146. Anonymous

    I am grateful for all the abundance in my life, my family, my friends and the joy of painting….Thank You Dreama

  147. I’m so grateful to be packing my painting gear up and heading for the lake with my dear man – and to practice the 80/20 guilt-free.

  148. Boy was that good advice and I am so grateful to hear it I have spent way too much time on th 80. Look out 20 here we go!

  149. I am grateful for Carol and David Marine for giving us Daily PaintWorks…

  150. I packed and ready to leave for Italy with my best buddy. What a wonderful life!

  151. Unknown

    I am grateful that Dreama that you inspire me with your views of not only art but also life. Thank you, dear friend. Teresa in San Diego.

  152. Gaylynn

    I am thankful for my art, even when I am MIA in the studio on many days.

  153. I am grateful today that I have grown so much by utilizing the 80/20 rule since I discovered painting. I have nearly always given art the 80% and the “trivial many” got the final 20%. I have a very supportive family who keeps things running while I blissfully follow my dream and practically live in a “disaster state” of a studio~

  154. Anonymous

    Ive spent 7days lost in a ‘crush’ on someone who will never know – for the 1st time in 35yrs! Im 52. Whilst looking for quotes by E.Tolle to find some peace, I accidently found your work. Not only did it distract me, but it uplifted my spirits back to where they should be. Im joyous again. Thanku. Im so grateful xxx. Lee-Ane Keegan.

  155. Anonymous

    I’m grateful today for the neww canvases that arrived by UPS yesterday from Jerry’s. Georgia Okeefe called her blank canvases “Hopefuls”. I love that and when I have a new stack of canvases I feel very hopeful that something good will come of it. Dianne Harrison

  156. I’ve been thinking about this very thing. I’m so happy you have inspired me to actually DO it! Thank you Dreama!

  157. Anonymous

    I am grateful that my relationship with my daughter is now back on track, and my heartsore is gone!

    Alma Marshall

  158. Anonymous

    I am grateful to have my grandson living with me, when he was 6 his mother died and now he is 13. I am home schooling him and there are moments, but as a whole it is so rewarding and I love him with all my heart. God is Good. Merry Lund

  159. Hi again. I was so pent up waiting to receive the blog in my inbox that I jumped the gun and posted before I got it. Sorry about the sp. mistakes above, I’m just so excited. I really must mention that Alberts although you are in a higher place now I hope you understand how grateful I am to have known you and been inspired by you to follow my heart in all things. I’ll take the low road and you take the high road and let’s meet in Paris to laugh, eat and paint together one more time. <3

  160. Seem to have spent 100% of my day in the 80% area, however it is so that I can spend the next 3 months in Paris for which I’m truly grateful. No, I’m not rich just waaaaaay out on a limb and will support myself painting ink and acrylic wash post cards and teaching. This would all sound preposterous 18 months ago when I decided to become a professional Artist. If I listed all I’m grateful to for that decisions I’d take up too much space, but let it be said “you are loved”.

  161. Unknown

    Dreama, your words are so powerful, yet so simple. I will be making an extra effort to reverse the 80/20 in my life!
    Artfully yours,
    Candy Doub

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