7 Nov



In our rush for acceptance (ie approval/love) we often reject the very thing about our self that makes us a unique, one of kind, never to be duplicated kind of soul.
When it comes to doing creative things I think that may be the reason we often find our self with an internal war going on.

We crave the creative, one of a kind, signature look—and simultaneously fear being seen as “different”

And why is that you ask??


–‘Cause different ain’t generally held as a good thing in some parts.

“You all know Jim?”

”Yeah, he’s kind a different ain’t he?”

As I am writing this  I am looking at the newest member of my family…one cute tuxedo kitten with half—yes—half a moustache.  He’s so darn cute!  And much cuter than if he had had a whole moustache:))

Of course he’s not worried about it.  It has never occurred to him that he is anything but perfect.  And doggone it—it’s what sets him apart from about a zillion other tuxedo cats on the planet.

Our divine uniqueness, our imprint, our oddities if you will–are what set us apart from all the other creatives/artists/human beings in the world.

If you are inspired to try something a little unorthodox with your art—I suggest you go for it:))  It could be the very thing you will go down in history for!
Playing it safe, filling in that half moustache with a tattoo to try and blend in with what’s already happening, downplays the very reason you are here.

Personally, I think we should start celebrating our oddities.
Maybe call it  Quirkday.
Once a year not only acknowledge our weirdness…. actually CELEBRATE it in high style:)))

Are you the one who always gets the most paint on you at a workshop?  By gum, celebrate it.  Take photos.  Make sure folks realize how much fun you are having to the point they are Sap Green with envy:)
Are you someone who likes to have a soda with that Glazed Krispy Kreme Donut?  Do not apologize…..while folks are watching, throw in a  couple of packets of sugar just to watch their eyes get bigger.

It’s worth taking note—

what makes us different can be our salvation!

Some folks with the oddest of voices have become famous lending their voices to cartoons,  commercials and movies.
Even Van Gogh’s moment of thinking he might look better with one ear probably contributed to his fame:))

Our quirks are our strengths, if we can but allow ourselves to see them that way.

It is our way of being, of seeing, of doing in the world.  A singular, unique perspective that we bring to life.

The cool thing about quirks and oddity’s— like those that occur  in a junk store or remnant bin —are how they stretch our imaginations.  Something that doesn’t have a match, that’s unusual, becomes the very thing that engages us.

Much more satisfying than walking in and picking out matched sets of everything—odd tables and chairs in some of the bohemian restaurants have a feeling of freshness about them –they intrigue us with their chipped paint and worn colors.
I like to think that our quirks provide the same kind of inspiration!

Until we are able to celebrate our quirks, we may never know just how amazing and wonderful we are:))

The First Annual Quirkday.
It’s almost here
What are you celebrating?
I’m celebrating my ability to listen to the same music….over and over and over ’til it drives those around me nuts. (I am currently on a Maroon 5 binge;)
I’m celebrating my ability to carry the same purple handbag for 3 years.
I’m celebrating my penchant for buying paint because I like the name of it (as in Caribbean Blue)

I’m celebrating my need for faux and real fur in my life–on blankets, coats and cats:))

Celebrate your quirks and open the door to inspiration!

P.S.  Okay, so there really isn’t a Quirkday, but I am thinking of starting one….all you need do to be a member is claim your oddity.

Let the Celebration Begin!

P.S.   Can you believe we are at Day Seven already?? That’s way over 1,000 comments of Gratitude–How beautiful is that!
Please take the time to share the Great Gratitude Adventure with others–you never know what a difference it could make–and that’s what it’s really all about!


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Here’s tomorrow’s Gratitude Giveaway:))

I am so excited to share this book which just came out October 25. I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of it and after reading it, decided I had to purchase some to share:)) Written by one of my favorite biz guys online, Chris Brogan (along with Julien Smith), The Impact Equation:  Are You Making Things Happen or Just Making Noise? is a must read for those building an online presence.
“Anyone can write a blog post, but not everyone can get it liked thirty-five thousand times, and not everyone can get seventy-five thousand subscribers. But the reason we’ve done these things isn’t because we’re special. It’s because we tried and failed, the same way you learn to ride a bike. We tried again and again, and now we have an idea how to get from point A to point B faster because of it.”

What are you grateful for today??

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  1. lois MADELINE nicholls

    i am grateful to be surrounded by creative family and friends who encourage growth in the Arts. Sometimes I know it helps me think outside the box and sometimes I can push the envelope and think: What box?”

  2. Anonymous

    I am grateful to have several positive, encouraging people in my life…I consider you, Dreama, to be one of those. I don’t know where or how you gals come up with the exact words I need to hear, to me it is a GIFT & I am so happy to be on the receiving end.
    Sandy Turner Slade

  3. Rosanne Mapp

    I am grateful for all the Veterans who have served and are still serving our great nation. Thank you Vets!

  4. Shar

    I am grateful when I wake up in the morning and realize God has given me another day to strive to be a better person:)

  5. Nancy Makar

    I am grateful for the young couple I call daughter and son in law! Today is their wedding anniversary and they are one of the neatest couples I know! I love you Kendall and Jay!

  6. Thank you for the inspiration. The world will not fall apart if I skip a few things on my to-do list for today, and instead spend a few more minutes, maybe even hours, on that painting that is almost finished. Maybe tomorrow, there will even be more painting time on my to-do list, and less of other non-art related things.

  7. Nancy Toth

    Today I am grateful for all the hero’s for keeping us safe here in our country…the Vet’s. I know yesterday was the real Veteran;s day…I sent emails to all my hero’s and posted on Facebook, but wanted the thank them again today…..
    Nancy Toth

  8. Anonymous

    I am grateful for all the animals and birds that surround us. They make me happy.

    Karen Chamblin

  9. Anonymous

    Hi Dreama, today I am grateful for my adult son who just gave me a call this morning to
    chat, nothing special just whatcha doin’.
    Barb Krell

  10. Annette Nordine

    I am grateful for all those who support me in my art endeavors.

  11. Anonymous

    I am grateful for a fabulous meal i just share with terrific new artist friends and our teacher.

  12. Anonymous

    Brenda Smith
    I am so grateful for the encouragement to celebrate my quirks! Love it!

  13. I’m grateful for my painting buddies. We celebrate each accomplishment as we all learn more each time with get together.

  14. MDS

    So grateful to know that when my phone rings tonight, it will not be a political callPeace reigns (I hope).

  15. Anonymous

    Seven things (to catch up) For my eyes that see the beautiful fall colors. A quite time with my husband, a clean house, a new recipe that turned out well, a friend calling my name, putting a favorite quilt under the covers that hugs the body well so that cold drafts stay away, and God’s mercy that made it all possible.

  16. Trying to get well enough to jump in my car and head for Lexington in the morning. Thankful that Hyatt was so helpful when I explained why I couldn’t come tonight. I cannot stand the thoughts of missing the workshop.

  17. Anonymous

    Grateful for being able to snuggle under warm
    covers after a long, long day…with the latest
    ‘quirky’ dog who adopted us…with his gruff
    bark and bravado personality…a Lhaso Apso
    no longer wanted…he has found his group
    of ‘monks’ to guard and protect. Love all
    my quirky pets…which makes me quirky?!
    Monica Dahl

  18. Susan L Williams

    I am very thankful that we live in a democratic society where we each have the right and ability to vote for the candidates of our choice. I am also thankful that the election is over and hopeful that some meaningful change for the better is on the near horizon

  19. Posted at 5:48 this morning and grateful to come back looking for some positivity at 8:48 tonight….funny how that works:) Love all the inspiration and good for us to stop for a moment and look within…Grateful to have a place to always find something uplifting…Thanks DTP!

    • …as always thank you for the lift and the insights.
      Today i’m grateful for the time , ability, and support to just paint, with good food and health to nourish along the way.

  20. Rita

    I am grateful that i finaly, after fifty years, love my life

  21. Anonymous

    I am grateful that I live in the United States of America! A country of wonderful possibilities.

    Judith B

    • Anonymous

      I am grateful for a job I love going to each day.
      Debbie Spivak

  22. Anonymous

    Today happy for the sunshine after days of rain 🙂
    Frances Dunn

  23. I am grateful that Tuchy is going to meet Dreama and they get to paint together for three days this week. How great is that!!!

  24. I am grateful it is my birthday today and for the many friends I have that celebrate my quirkiness!

  25. Marcia Fox

    I’m grateful that it’s almost Friday, and I can paint with my Friday art group. Can’t wait!

  26. Anonymous

    i’m grateful for tonight’s choir practice in our little country church, and the sometimes slightly out of tune piano with which we make a joyful noise.
    laura baughman

  27. Hi Dream,
    I’m grateful for all the wonderful bits of insight you bring to our mailboxes!

  28. It’s a joy to celebrate our differences! I’m grateful for my unique, one of a kind life!

  29. Anonymous

    So thankful that I was able to spend the day shopping with my 85 year old mother!
    vicki morgan

    • Susan L Williams

      I’m glad that you are able to do that. My mother passed away in August and was almost 85. So thankful to have had so many great years to spend with her. Carpe Diem!

  30. Ginny Good

    Today I was grateful that I work with children 3 days a week. They always live in the present and make me laugh no matter what is going on in the world. They also embrace being quirky!

  31. Valerie McMullen

    I am grateful for a warm, sunny day!

  32. I am grateful for my daughter who was willing to dance in the kitchen with me and sing old motown songs, making up routines that were just plain silly.

  33. I am thankful for your post today. We need to celebrate our quirkiness! Thanks for the reminder!

  34. I am very thankful for my friend Kathy Foster who is attending your workshop this weekend. I love her for many reasons, but am very thankful that she told me about your interesting site which I enjoyed perusing. I shall return!

  35. Anonymous

    I bought my daughter Maroon 5 tickets for her upcoming Birthday! I am grateful to share time with my family having Quirky FUN 🙂
    Carol Hickerson

  36. Grateful for people who share THEIR quirkiness and who appreciate that quality in others. (and for your warm beach painting yesterday… since we might get snow today!)

  37. Quirky, hmmmmm…that would have to be my and my family’s sense of humour. It gets us through the tough times as well as the good. I am grateful it also makes people gravitate towards us and wanting to share in the fun.

  38. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my husband. He is such a wonderful friend to me, a kind father, and the best grand father.
    ~etta hermann

  39. Kay

    Hi Dreama! I am so very thankful that I have such a wonderful daughter! She is my first born and is always the first to be there for me through the good and the bad. She is my best friend!

  40. blogger

    I painted this morning! Woo!

  41. Dorothy

    Today my daughter listed all the things she is happy about. Her month was a difficult one and I am so grateful that she knows how to get through it by focusing on the positives!

  42. I am grateful to be able to love and accept myself exactly as I am knowing that I will change as I walk through life into the future.

  43. I love to be quirky, it is one of my missions in life, at work we wear a uniform so to show off my quirkyness I wear Birkenstock shoes with hearts, champagne glasses and the eiffel tower in black red and white. Yes I get some comments working in the vet clinic but the animals don’t mind. Love your work, I am so grateful to embrace my quirkiness, thank you for the reminder.

  44. Holly Rose

    I absolutely adore the idea of Quirk Day, and find that perhaps, oddly enough, I am indeed drawn to the unusual and quirky in people and celebrate their inner child in a sense. Thanks, Dreama, for reminding me to be on the look out for the very next bit of quirkiness!

  45. Anonymous

    Oooh, this one hit home, I have always been the cat with half a moustache, only I was self-conscious about the abnormality. Hiding under a bushel basket – if you will.

    Today I shall begin accepting my oddities, whether in decorating (a church pew in the dining room and an old door for a headboard) as well as my unique collection of enjoyable art, photography and crafts — I will no longer try to justify enjoying all of them, even to my loving husband. I shall celebrate my ability to love them all, each in their own special way (sometimes overlapping in time and space).

    Thank you Dreama for waking me up.
    Karen Gifford

  46. Yvonne

    I am grateful that I had a great day painting today !! One has to make the time as one does not always have the time. Yvonne Ankerman

  47. I’m grateful for my teenage daughter who is such a special person and inspiration to me. I’m grateful for her random texts to tell me she loves me 🙂

  48. Aren’t you right! Quirkiness’ are blessings 🙂


  49. Wonderful Eddie painting, Dreama. I am grateful for my life itself.

  50. Anonymous

    So thankful that life can be simple, focused and meaningful all because God is at the forefront.
    Sue Lepsch

  51. Today Im grateful we have a roof over our heads.

  52. I am grateful to be an artist. Quirkday sounds
    good to me.

  53. June

    Viva la difference! Claim and be proud of our oddities, eccentricities and quirkiness – definitely! People might think me a bit ‘odd’ for loving Bollywood films (and the music that goes with those films), for loving the music of the 70’s band bread, alongside loving jazz, blues and Pearl Jam, and my quirky collection of tea pots…but that’s the joy and fun of it – to NOT be exactly the same as everyone else in every way. It’d be a very boring world if we all liked and disliked the same exact things. To be unique, to be individual and not an automaton.

    So bring on Quirkday – the sooner the better! I love that idea, and I love this post, Dreama (and I love that adorable photo of Eddie Pierre and his half mustache).

    I’m grateful today for my very old car starting up (eventually) this very frosty morning to get me to the dentist to deal with the toothache caused by a filling having come out unespectedly. So that’s really two things to be grateful for, then – the car starting up and the dentist taking me in on short notice.

  54. I am grateful that I tire of some things quickly. That makes me move on to discover new more wonderful things like books, music, dancing shows, movies. At the same time, I am quirky enough to never tire of petting my cats, reading a good book or loving my husband and children and grandchildren or listening to the sound of rain.

  55. I am so grateful to be leaving tomorrow for Italy and celebrating my Birthday in Amalfi! Life just doesn’t get much better than this.

  56. LeAnn

    Grateful for camaraderie.

  57. Anonymous

    I am grateful for a new day. A day to start anew and have another chance.

    Lorraine Kendel

  58. I try so hard to be the kind of person I think will fit into everyone’s idea of “normal” and so after reading today’s post, I will look at my “Quirks” and everyone else’s quirks in a whole new light and embrace them for the expression of individuality that makes us interesting and special! So for that….I am grateful!

  59. Anonymous

    I’m grateful to be able to sit and watch the sun hitting the tops of the vines on the fence and casting sunny spots in the early morning garden shadows. It gives me inspiration to paint.
    Lori Anderson, Folsom, CA

  60. Gaylynn

    Today I am thankful for my job, my students, my boss and co- workers.

  61. I am grateful for a the yoga/pilates class which I went to last night after a very long break! The teacher, Kelly, is so very positive and encouraging that even though I can’t do or sustain many of the poses, I feel great after the class! So, I am also grateful for Kelly!

  62. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful that I am going to my art class this morning to learn more glazing techniques.
    Barb Krell

  63. pat

    I am happy that I am known as quirky, and that is OK.

  64. I’m grateful that the sun rose this morning.

  65. I am grateful for the people in my life who accept me just as I am!

  66. Sharon

    I am grateful for having an open mind and being able to explore new and different things. Each day is a new beginning.

  67. Your new tuxedo cat is sweet – and reminds me that I am grateful for all the love my kitty dishes out every day. She makes a great lap warmer when the weather gets chilly, too.

  68. I’m grateful for the maturity (age!) that allows me to accept my differences as what it is that makes me unique, and to know that it’s okay.

  69. Suzanne

    Quirkday is a great idea! I am grateful for my quirks and am going to appreciate them more.

  70. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the technology that makes it possible to receive words of encouragement and inspiration from so many wonderful artists.
    Pat Kreppert
    Springfield, Illinois

  71. Linda

    I’m grateful for my paints, brushes and canvas…and the friends I get to paint with each week. We are all pretty quirky in one way or another. I guess that’s what makes each of our art personal, original and unique! Maybe quirky and art and artist go hand-in-hand!?!

  72. Ha – I feel like I fit right in with “Quirkday” today. Jim reminds me of a family tuxedo cat we once had the pleasure to know – he was called ‘Boo-Gar’ (accent on the ‘Boo’). Today I am grateful for my daughter, Jessica.

  73. I am grateful for my husband’s tolerance of all the tripping around I do in the name of art teaching, having fun in general

  74. I am thankful for my quirks. Now off to celebrate them!

  75. Josephine Y Hardison

    Love your idea of Quirkday!!! I am grateful that as I get older the fitting in and being like others, is less important. God made me this way for a reason so I am thankful for all my quirkiness and celebrate all those around me that may possibly have some small quirks among them.

  76. Terri Godfrey

    What a wonderful POST! Couldn’t have said it better myself! Celebrating our uniqueness is what life is all about. YAY. Today (and every day) I am grateful for a wonderful man and a great marriage (41) years. We make a unique (and quirky) team full of energy and humor.

  77. Today I am grateful for my quirkiness! It helped me get my husband years and years ago, helped me get a job once or thrice, and it makes me who I am today more than ever.

  78. Anonymous

    I am grateful to be surrounded by so many supportive people… Most of whom are quirky!!
    Denise Rainis

  79. jen lacoste

    My gratitude today goes to the safe return from Botswana of my husband and son. I am also more than a little envious of their trip… though not so much about the part where the elephant charged the boat they were fishing from!! And, like another friend on this page, am grateful for my washing machine! The poor thing has worked its tail off today!

  80. Deb LaRocque

    Since I probably have too many quirks to keep count, let me just say I am grateful the election is over!

  81. Anonymous

    I am grateful to live in a country where we can choose our leaders. I may not be pleased with the final outcome, but it a process our people have made work. Cindy K

  82. I am grateful that after today, the statistics/research paper I have to write will be over. I am grateful for the gas fire and my two kitties keeping me company in this drudgery. I am grateful I am able to have the time to study deeply interesting things like art and nutrition! I am grateful that Dreama’s beautiful art is in the world!

  83. I am grateful for my own quirks and for those of my family and friends. It all makes life interesting and fun.

  84. I’m grateful for a good night’s sleep.

  85. Anonymous

    Thank you for introducing quirk day. I am going to pay attention to quirkiness today. Mine as well as others.
    Brenda Gibbs

  86. Linda

    I am grateful that I have art in my life!!

    Linda Phillips

  87. I am grateful for your writing, Dreama. Your posts are a little bright spark in my day.

  88. Thank you again, Dreama for your words of wisdom. As I look at other artists, I often think “wow, I wish I could paint just like that”. At the same time, I have ideas of my own that have been swimming around in my head for ages that keep getting put on hold because they are not tried and true. Other words of wisdom I heard yesterday were “greatness doesn’t come from being just like everyone else”. I guess it’s a sign 🙂

  89. I am thankful we live in the wonderful United States of America!

  90. Quirkiness is what keeps life interesting. Makes you pay attention! I am grateful for that.

  91. Anonymous

    I am thankful for another day with those I love in a place I love!
    Mary Beth Harrison

  92. Anonymous

    I am thankful for my heat that worked this morning on this chilly, Fall day! After an evening of anxiety and the morning news, to sit down and read your blog, I can change my thoughts to start a quirky, fun and creative day! Thanks for that!

    Becky Frame

  93. Good reminder…I think I’ll practise seeing my quirks with gratitude today. The day’s already feeling lighter!

  94. I’ve been flying the Quirky flag for a long time. Okay, sometimes I try to hide it a little but among my friends it’s no secret. I’m a little quirky! Yet what you say about playing it safe with my artwork rings true for me… makes me think I should give myself license to color outside the lines a bit more! So, for that, I am thankful! I’m also thankful we live in a country where any and all oddballs can vote!

  95. I have to repeat what Elaine said about finally being able to appreciate myself and all my quirks! Not to sound melodramatic, but it’s taken a reeeallllly long time to get to this point and it’s amazingly freeing! I plan to take full advantage of my new outlook on me!!

  96. Marcia

    I am grateful for my little “Tuxedo” kitty. She is a wonderful cat. I am blessed that when I don’t feel well or am down, she comes and sits on my lap to comfort me.

    Rescue kitties are the best!

  97. I am so grateful for my weird quirks! (What, doesn’t EVerybody worship cheese?)

    Thank you for all you do!

  98. I am grateful for the love and caring of my wonderful husband.

  99. Anonymous

    The sky is blue, the air is clear and fresh, my loony pal is back at work (after lots of days off) ‘and I’m feeelin’ goood’!!! 🙂 🙂
    Mandy Parrett

  100. C-Rae

    Happy Quirkday! I have been known by many to be very singular! And…that is the way I like it. We are all unique and therefore should celebrate it!

  101. I LOVE this blog post! Thank you so much.

    I am grateful I am finally at a point in my life I am able to appreciate my quirkiness and embrace it more fully. Here’s to being quirky and loving it! 🙂

  102. Anonymous

    I am grateful for good friends in my life
    Linda White

  103. I am grateful for this day! God is good!!!

  104. I am grateful for all those who share their good ideas and thoughts,like Dreama does. Many of my good ideas start with something I learned from a friend. I am so thankful we have so many ways to communicate and share ideas.

  105. I am grateful for the people in my life that inspire me!

  106. DLPBR

    I’m grateful to hear NO more political ads !!!

  107. I am so grateful that my sister won your painting! (a wee bit envious but mostly grateful). AND… I’m so grateful I made all the stop lights on my way to yoga this morning. A perfect way to start the day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  108. Anonymous

    I’m thankful that it only took me to age 40 to realize “hey, I’m pretty damn cool!” LOL! And who really cares if I’m not!?!? Not me! Thanks, Monica Avila

  109. Grateful that we live in this wonderful, free country, where we can say what we think without fear, and vote with our heart.

  110. I am grateful for the laughter that comes from my children as they celebrate the quirkiness of their father (okay, a little bit of laughter at my quirks too :))

  111. Thank you for the reminder to embrace my own special quirks!

  112. Anonymous

    So grateful for a wise election. In so many ways. Gayle Nunn

  113. Thankful for the means to go to art classes.

  114. I am a very fortunate person. I don’t win lotteries or prizes but, at least to this point in my life, all my NEEDS and many of my WANTS have been met. Not only am I grateful for this, I am grateful to know the difference. And this morning I am truly appreciating my cup if hot coffee to get me started in my day.

  115. Lyn

    Today I am grateful for a scheduled visit to play with my grand grandkids! A senior “playdate”.

  116. “Claim your oddity”” I am grateful for my new mantra. Thanks, Dreama!

  117. Today I am grateful for the Internet. It brings people together in ways we never thought possible.

  118. I am grateful for all the imperfections that make life perfect.

  119. Grateful for the warmth my little dog, Scruffy, gives me while sitting in my lap.

  120. I am grateful to open my email and see your beautiful painting this morning!

  121. I’m grateful the election is finally over. Dreama, thank you for the reminder to embrace who we are– quirks, and all. I like who I am, and don’t want to be like anyone else. I also like the idea of National Quirkiness Day!

  122. Anonymous

    I love mornings, I am grateful to be able to have a little quiet time with a cup of coffee and a book before the day begins to heat up! Judy Elias

  123. I am thankful for your Quirk Day. Accepting my oddities helps me to appreciate the oddities of others. It keeps things interesting. Jill

  124. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my quirky family who can laugh at those who see us as “different”.

    Robin McEwan

  125. I am grateful to be able to post these reminders each morning in spite of my cat insisting I pet him while I do this…

  126. I am grateful that the costly election is finally over though not pleased with the results, I am so grateful that we are a country of people with diverse opinions,some may be oddities, and that we can move on and forward together!

  127. I am grateful that I have always been comfortable with my own quirkiness! My acceptance of self and self-expression at an early age is due mostly to my Mother’s influence.

  128. I am so grateful to start my day finding out I am the gratitude winner!! Thank you so much!

  129. FCP

    #7 Hopeful eyes that dissolve into a quirky little wagging tail.
    Faye Christian Phillips

  130. I am thankful this morning for my ability to vote and I made sure to exercise that right. I do find that I am also thankful that it is over,I look forward to this country to quit whining and get off its hind end and start working toward a better future for all.

    • Susan L Williams

      I am with you Tami. Let’s get on with life and work towards a better future.

  131. Grateful to have an iPad to comment on today after a stealth virus took over computer yesterday

  132. Grateful to have an iPad to comment on today after a stealth virus took over computer yesterday

  133. Anonymous

    I am the artist that gets paint all over me and thankful today that I can paint.
    Marilyn Troutman

  134. Anonymous

    I am grateful for rock bands that have never given up nor given in. Went to The Who concert Monday night and Pete Townshend and Roger Daltry totally rocked the place for two hours straight. They were born quirky and their bravery to explore their quirkiness has resulted in some of the greatest gifts of music ever.
    Joan Terrell

  135. I am so grateful for getting all my framing finished yesterday. I am grateful for having the rest of the readiness happen in perfect order today.

  136. Karla

    Today I am grateful for my husband of 35 years who has stuck with me and learned to accept me for the unique person that I am.

  137. I am grateful for artists and craftsmen who share so freely of themselves, passing along tidbits of creativity and inspiration to all who will hear. They bless my life so richly. (Thanks, Dreama!)

  138. Love this embrace your quirkiness post and made me smile!! I am grateful that I also got an advance copy of that book, Impact Equation, and loved it. Grateful to have found Chris Brogen through you and treasure his posts each day!

  139. Today, I am grateful for last night’s presidential election results ~

  140. Today after having done about 10 loads of washing I’m extremely grateful to the inventor of automatic washing machines. I’m old enough to remember when clothes were boiled in a copper barrel heated by coal and wrung out with a mangle. How lucky I am.

  141. Quirkday
    What a fab idea! Now I can officially celebrate my perfectly perfect imperfections. The truth is that I don’t think I’m the least bit odd, but nobody else agrees. hummmmm…

  142. Unknown

    I am grateful I finally have developed the courage to let people know that I love, I am crazy about, I adore, CATS. I am not a closet cat lover anymore, I do not cringe when I say I am owned by four cats, wish I could have said it proudly when I had seven instead of feeling odd. Teresa, San Diego.

  143. Anonymous

    I am so grateful to be alive on this very hot day! I am changing into someone I love, standing up for my truth, and radiating love to all.

    Alma Marshall

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