6 Nov



We often are wishing for things, for something in our life to change—just wishing.
Wishing somehow leaves us feeling hollow and unfulfilled.
Not so with dreaming!

Dreaming has power in it.

Dreaming is visioning.  Visions are what bring that which is   unseen into that which is apparent.

Dreaming is hope filled, open to possibility and a belief that something–ANYTHING is possible.
 It someone how feels decadent to simply sit and dream, to do it on purpose, to dream consciously—perhaps because we forget just how powerful dreams can be.

The beauty of dreaming is that we are the builders.

We decide who gets to be in it, where it takes place and what its outcome is.  Dreaming lives right next door to visioning and visions are what pull us into where we belong.

Dreaming for most part doesn’t get the attention or billing of importance in our lives that it should have.  Looked on as trite and non-essential , it is in fact the portal to living into the life that we would desire for ourselves.

Things that are seen and thus deemed “real” existed first in the unseen world.

Great inventions, solutions to complex mathematical problems, beautiful art—must first be imagined, visioned and dreamed of on their way to being “seen”.

When you take into account the possibility and important role that dreaming can play in our lives, it would seem to me that dreaming is

Worth scheduling

Good for you

A necessary Luxury:))!!!

P.S.  You may say that I’m a Dreama, but I’m not the only one:))
“Never Never Land”


Nancy Bowron
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  1. lois MADELINE nicholls

    I am grateful for the many, kind, observant, & terrificallly, helpful people who have noticed me & graciously offered to assist as I move about with both legs in casts from hips to ankles using a wheelchair and now, moving with a walker. Thank you for being “angels” as I have recovered from falls that broke both kneecaps.

  2. Nancy Makar

    Grateful for Veterans today and every day!

  3. Today, I’m grateful for life, health and imagination to paint whatever I feel!

  4. Anonymous

    I am grateful for art teachers and workshops that help me improve my paintings.

    Karen Chamblin

  5. Nancy Toth

    Today I am going to cocoon in my house and paint all day…..ahhhhhh grateful

    Nancy Toth

  6. Anonymous

    Even when your days seem unsurmountable, look to the good things you have, the people that are positive in your life, the freedom of this country, the beauty around you. Grateful then becomes “a given”.

  7. Rosanne Mapp

    I am grateful for my supportive husband!

  8. Anonymous

    I am grateful for people who share their ideas with others rather than hoarding them.

  9. Today I am grateful for the glorious sunshine this morning. Even my quirky little dog who has two pony tails to keep her hair out of her eyes appreciates it after days of mostly rain when she had to wear her blue raincoat which she hates.

  10. I am grateful that I could go out and eat a cheese platter with my husband on his birthday. We had a fabulous time and I could dream of renting a huge part of an old factory to convert it into an art gallery/art school. 🙂

  11. Anonymous

    Today I began learning ye olde palette knife technique! I’m dreaming of the fabulous paintings I’ll create and grateful for a wonderful workshop in which to learn.
    Gloria Benedetto

  12. Katherine Baker

    Today I am grateful I live in this free country where we can vote, make a good living and follow our dreams if we work hard.

  13. I am grateful f
    I am grateful for good health and my house.

  14. I am grateful for the ability to keep dreaming every day even on those “doubtful” days 🙂

  15. Grateful for political freedom and the right to vote for our nation’s leaders and issues

  16. Pam

    love, Love, LOVE your work!!!! Was posted on facebook by a fellow artist, so I had to come see. Wish I could learn to paint with the knife. Awesome work. Thankful for folks like you that share your talents with others!!! Keep up the great work!!! giftofgabsave@hotmail.com

  17. Diana

    I’m grateful today for brushes to paint with and gas stoves to warm up by! take care, love,Diana

  18. Dreams or visions? Dreams AND visions, delightful to be designers and builders, each of us, of our own!

  19. Anonymous

    I am always grateful for Tuesdays. A dear friend and artist shows up to paint with me in the studio as she has for years now. We drink a cup of coffee while solving all the world’s problems and then we tackle our most challenging problems in paint. We have gotten very good at critiqueing each other. I remain amazed that I always know what her painting needs but seem to have a below 50% success rate with my own. There is nothing better than a dear friend who shares your passion and I am so grateful for her.
    Dianne Harrison

  20. Dreaming of heading for Lexington, Ky tomorrow for the workshop. It’s always very exciting for me to learn new things from Dreama as well as the other talent that shows up. Dreama won’t allow us to whine so I’m practicing saying kind things about my artistic efforts.

  21. Anonymous

    Today I’m grateful that the LONG line moved faster than I expected, and that I was able to vote – along with LOTS of other patient people!
    Lin Haaksma

  22. just found out my newest grandbaby on the way is a boy. Pretty grateful for that.

  23. I’m grateful that last night’s dream can’t come true (I am pregnant and dreamed it was a kitten…!!). I’m also grateful I had two paintings juried into the 2013 Best and the Brightest fine art show and sale in Scottsdale.

  24. Anonymous

    So thankful to live in America and have the right to vote for our leaders. vicki morgan

  25. Anonymous

    I am so grateful to have the time to dream.

  26. Anonymous

    I am grateful for a working refrigerator in the kitchen after 5 weeks of waiting for the new one.
    Linda White

  27. Anonymous

    Agreed…Dreaming is a necessary luxury!

    So very grateful today for our first grand daughter born yesterday evening.
    ~etta hermann

  28. I’m grateful to 3 aircraft and crew plus all the maintenance staff delivering me safely home. I’m grateful to the management of L.A. Airport security very obviously having done some retraining to make the process less painful (I actually enjoyed it). I’m grateful to the inventor of ziplock bags for keeping the ink from spilling into the rest of my suitcase (really grateful).

  29. Dean H.

    I am grateful just to have the ability to pick up a paint brush and make a mark…no matter how small.

  30. Anonymous

    I am grateful to be living in a country where I am privileged to vote, and the time to relax this afternoon after working at my job this morning.

    Arleen Turzo

  31. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful to live in a country where we have the privilege of voting, even if it doesn’t turn out the way I want it’s still a blessing.
    Lori Anderson, Folsom CA

  32. Kay

    Hi Dreama! I am so thankful for the beautiful sunshine that we have here in Ohio today! I am not real fond of fall but will say today is a bright and sunshiny day with all the fall colors. 🙂

  33. Anonymous

    Today I am most grateful for the beautiful, wonderful colors on this clear fall day make it easy to be inspired, thankful, and hit the voting booth!

  34. Thankful for the privilege to vote, and dreaming of a brighter future!

  35. So grateful for the freedom of living in America and being able to vote today!

  36. “Never, Never Land” looks like a palette knife painting. I love it. I am grateful for you as an artist and all that I have learned from you.

  37. Sharon

    I am grateful for a little dog named Teddy. He is truly my best friend.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. Speaking of dreams, have you seen the movie Waking Life? It’s about lucid dreams and the animation is done by 25 different artists…very well done. I have seen it several times and highly recommend it to all artists.

    Thank you Dreama for your continuing inspiration!

  40. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my free country.

    Lorraine Kendel

  41. blogger

    What a wonderful jewel of a painting you have posted today, Dreama. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂 I’m also thankful for the many ways artists can connect through technology and the ability and willingness we have to encourage each other.

  42. Rosanne Mapp

    Yesterday on my way home from you Workshop, I was unable to find a hotel room, so I ended up sleeping in my car!

    I am grateful because the rooms were occupied by the utility workers on their way to NJ and NY to help with the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. They needed the rooms more than I did. They will have a a great deal of work to do when they get there.

    Luckily my home had no damage from the hurricane. I was happy to sleep in my car for a few hours before continuing my journey home. Made it safe and sound!!!

    I am grateful!

  43. I am grateful to be grateful rather than hanging out in self pity or ‘under’ my circumstances. Hanging out in this frame of mind is a prettier picture indeed!

  44. Susan in Texas

    Grateful today for my writers group that keeps me focused.

  45. I just finished voting … and I’m so grateful for that privilege!

  46. Today I am grateful for a free country that allows me the right to vote. God bless America!

  47. Today I am most grateful to live in a free land where we can choose who will be our President. That long tradition established by our forefathers.

    When I look to other countries who have not prospered I weep for them in the hardships they face, real hardships like spending the entire day going to get water, walking miles…then it’s not even clean. So I am grateful for this life of abundance. May we cherish it!
    Cathleen Perkins~

  48. Dorothy

    I just got home from a morning walk with a good friend. I am grateful for the good health that allows me to walk this way every day and for a sweet friend who shares this feeling.

  49. Bon

    Today I am grateful that I was able to wake in my own home, drive myself through the beautiful countryside to my little country town where I voted among my friends and neighbors. And I’m grateful for my dear son who has fought for this right 3 times in Iraq, and doubly grateful that he is in this country again now.

  50. Suzanne

    I am grateful for the time that I have to read, paint and especially to dream.

  51. Ellen A.

    Grateful that the birds have choosen my bird feeders. I watch as they fly in and entertain with there songs. What little miracles they are. So cheerful and perky, it is 37 outside.

  52. Anonymous

    To appease my ruffled feathers when we moved into an apartment instead of a house, my husband agreed that I should have the big bedroom for my art/craft/sewing “studio” – it has a certain air of Junque Room about it, but there I am allowed the freedom to create, whether with charcoal, paint or sewing machine. It is soooo nice to walk down the hall and know that everything will still be in place in the morning, when I return to play some more. (Unless my cat has had fun overnight)
    Karen Gifford

  53. Anonymous

    I am grateful this morning to see the sun shining in and your words reminding us to dream. Jane Walker

  54. Anonymous

    So grateful this beautiful country is my home
    and we have the freedom to vote…and
    create our lives in a myriad of ways.
    Grateful for your continuing inspirational
    art, Dreama.
    Monica Dahl

  55. Anonymous

    I am grateful that I have the freedom to vote for my elected leader.
    Robin McEwan

  56. I’m grateful today that I am the mother of a son who is growing up to be a compassionate, thoughtful young man. I pray he has the courage and the diligence to bring his own dreams to fruition.

  57. I am grateful that the election will soon be finished and the people on the end of my telephone line have a good chance of being someone I actually know. Interesting day – we vote in the same ward as Paul Ryan. I think I’m grateful for the chance to see what happens when local politics and national politic converge.

  58. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful to you for putting dreaming into perspective. Too often we hear “he/she is just a dreamer”. Where in the world would we be without dreamers?
    Susan Johnson

  59. Anonymous

    I am grateful for your positive input to start my day. Nancy Finch

  60. I am grateful the election is finally over! I love your work, so beautiful!

    • Anonymous

      I am grateful for my beautiful golden retriever who took me on a walk before the hustle and bustle of my day.
      Debbie Spivak

  61. Anonymous

    I am grateful that I will be able to paint today.
    Pat Kreppert, Springfield, Il.

  62. I am grateful for the right to vote. I am grateful for hot oatmeal and coffee when I returned home from waiting in the chilly, rainy, fall day to exercise that right. I am grateful for a government that is big enough to take care of those caught in a hurricane.

  63. Dreama dreams are very powerful! About 30 years ago I would drive out in the country to my brothers and day dream about having a home in the woods…..a single Mom working two jobs this was about as far out as you can get…..well I’ve been living on 40 acres of woods one mile down the road from where my brother lived for 24 years! I truly believe when you put it out to the universe it can happen.

  64. Anonymous

    I am grateful for quiet moments over breakfast with a great cup of tea. Doesn’t hurt to have a good book to read.
    Brenda Gibbs

  65. Well, first I am thankful for the great (not perfect) USA, where I can express myself freely and taken in the various cultures and people who reside right along with me here.
    I am also grateful for painting still lifes which include the beautiful flowers and fruits from local farms!!

  66. Todays gratitude is our right to vote! So everyone please, get out and vote!

  67. Gail

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. Anonymous

    Hi Dreama, This morning I am grateful for a lazy morning, a cup of coffee and my newspaper.
    Barb Krell

  69. Gloria

    I laughed out loud(LOL!) when I read your comment on”you may think I am a Dreama, but I am not the only one”! I am grateful today that all the political ads will soon be history!!!!

  70. I am grateful when I wake up every morning to see what Dreama has to say, in my inbox. I am grateful I can read what everyone says. My mom who was an artist lost her sight to early in life.

  71. Anonymous

    So grateful for parents who demonstrated how an American lives – with dreams, ambition, dedication, hard work, reliance on God, responsible for their failures and hardships, protecting the freedom of others, giving to the needy and caring for the preservation of our nation as it was intended – a whole nation, under the authority of God, un-dividable, protecting the freedom and rights of all to live without government control and intrusion. May that vision be realized again.
    Sue Lepsch

  72. Good Morning Dreama, today I am greatful that I am alive and well and one step closer to achieving my dreams!

  73. Anonymous

    I am so grateful that I read your blog yesterday about the poo in the cake. I drove 15 min yesterday to meet a “friend” for a private swim lesson. I waited an ample amount of time then called her twice and texted her..no show. I finally texted and said I was leaving the pool. This morning she texted me and said…didn’t you get my email? Of course, she hadn’t sent one. I immediately began stewing because I knew it wasn’t the truth and I had wasted my morning then I remembered your blog and it changed the course of my day. Ah ha…the poo in the cake…don’t let it contaminate the rest of my day. So, thank you for that.
    Na Na

  74. Meant greatful…typing too fast again!

  75. I am greatef that I dreamed a dream and it happened. A home on a tropical island.

  76. I’m grateful for insightful and inspirational people.

  77. C-Rae

    LET FREEDOM RING!I am thankful that I live in the home of the Free and the Brave!

  78. Ruth Roberts

    Today I want to express my gratitude for Daddy. yeah – that’s right, I am 56 years old and still call him daddy. Knowing things were tight this week he surprise gifted me a trip to Costco. I could cry from his generosity and that I didn’t have to ask for help. I love you daddy.

  79. I’m grateful for the color purple and the magic it adds to painting. It not only is pleasing to see, but it makes me happy while I paint with it.

    • Oh that makes me want to add some to my sunflower painting. Always a delightful surprise addition. Thanks for reminding me.

  80. Today I am thankful that yesterday’s surgery seems to have gone off without and that I had such wonderful medical staff helping me. And, of course, thankful to the hubster as well.

    I really wanted to win the calendar, but would be happy to have any of your lovely giveaways. I intended to leave a comment yesterday, but apparently was too sedated to stay on task,


  81. Linda

    I am grateful for nice friends who do nice things. I’m grateful for this beautiful autumn season with all its color and loveliness and the mild, cool temps. Taking a deep breath and going to enjoy my day with a paint brush in my hand! Linda , Nevada

  82. pkseay

    So many things to be grateful for. Today is a day to enjoy my children and grandchildren. I am blessed with a son and a daughter who are very happily married, well adjusted, employed, an the best parents to two granddaughters and a grandson. I am blessed!

  83. I’m grateful for the right to vote and hopeful for the future!

  84. Dana

    I am grateful to be living in our country where all people are free to pursue their dreams and aspirations. Please VOTE today. We need to do our part by participating in our precious Democracy that makes it possible for all of us to dream and make those dreams come true!

  85. You are making this gratitude adventure so easy – today’s painting reminds me that I am grateful to live beside the sea. I can only see glimpses from my house, but it is very near. What I love most is that the view is so different day by day – sometimes I can see Scotland so clearly that I can make out the individual wind turbines on the hills! Time for a quick walk!

  86. Im grateful for Autumn! The crunchy leaves, the sharp crisp Autumn breeze, the Autumn fragrance in the air! It makes you feel cozy and its my favorite season 🙂

  87. DLPBR

    I’m grateful for RAIN !! We need rain so bad.

  88. Even as I awoke I had butterflies in my stomach!! I am soooo excited about our election today and can’t wait for the results! I’m also pretty excited that all the political TV ads will be no more!!! Your guy, my guy…it doesn’t matter. What matters is that WE GET TO CHOOSE!!

  89. I’m grateful for my husband who is supportive of this habit of mine called painting.

  90. I am grateful for the starry skies out this morning and the calm, soft air. So lovely today!

  91. Anonymous

    I am grateful everyone returned safely home from our big dance competition. Everyone danced well. I met enough goals to be happy and missed enough to stay focused. Melissa

  92. I’m grateful for living in a country where we have the freedom to vote. (And grateful that this election will finally be over!)

  93. Anonymous

    I am grateful to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.
    Dana Burton

  94. Lyn

    I am grateful for the opportunity to daydream today. Dreams really do come true.

  95. I am grateful that this election will soon be OVER! Then I will be free from political ads! I think they get in the way of my creative juices!!
    Vicki Brevell

  96. FCP

    #6. eyes that smile hello

  97. Today I’m grateful that I live in a country where everyone has a right to vote. God bless this great land of ours.

  98. Anonymous

    After a long drought in Georgia, I am grateful for the rain. It has been a long time since we heard rain in the dark of the wee hours and then were able to turn over and peacefully snooze.
    Joan Terrell

  99. I am so thankful Election Day is finally here!

  100. I like many other folks am thankful for the right to vote today. I am standing in line at this moment! 🙂

  101. Sara

    As I look out over the Ohio River I’m forever grateful for where I live & where I’m going eventually(heaven)
    But today I will go vote & be grateful I live in USA!’

  102. I am so thankful to live in a country where I am free to vote my conscience, worship in freedom, and express my opinions without fear of reprisal. What a blessing!

  103. Ashley

    I’m grateful for the inspiring messages you post.

    Ashley Merkel
    Annapolis, MD

  104. Josephine Y Hardison

    Grateful for your thoughts on dreaming!! Grateful for my right to vote! Grateful to live in such a great country, in spite of all our issues, we have so much to be thankful for! Today I will treasure my time to dream BIG!!!

  105. dix

    Today I am grateful for my wonderful family and friends. Just discovered your beautiful paintings and writings. dix—

  106. Deb LaRocque

    I am grateful to live in a country that allows dreams to come true.

  107. Today especially, but I am frequently thankful for living in this beautiful country with the many freedoms we have. Everyone can dream and everyone has a voice. Make it count! I’m grateful that we can!

  108. I too am thankful to live in a free country and that is important to me.But I am also grateful for the light rain that is falling outside. Each time it rains the plants and yards look so much better and the greens become greener and deeper. No more yellows and browns mixed in.

  109. Anonymous

    I am grateful for waking with enthusiasm for the day ahead. Another day in this beautiful place to explore and experience!
    Mary Beth Harrison

  110. Anonymous

    Today I am thankful for our 6 beautiful granddaughters.

    Linda White

  111. I love the rich impasto of “Never Never Land”. I dream when I have a paintbrush in my hand. Dreaming and having vision is important.
    Today I am thankful that as an American I have the honor and duty to vote for those running for public office. Haven’t missed a one and hope I never have to, as long as I breathe. It’s important to me.

  112. Anonymous

    I am pleased I got this email and was able to enjoy your little knife painting. Love the texture and colors!

  113. I am thankful today that we live in a country that we can voice our vote freely.

  114. Not just today, I often think how grateful I am to have been born in the USA.

  115. Gaylynn

    Today I am grateful to live in a country that gives me the right to vote; the right to believe in God; the right to an education and the right to raise my family in a safe and healthy environment .

  116. NLK

    So grateful today that we live in a free country, and get to vote to elect our leaders, AND have a peaceful transfer of power! Please VOTE today!!

  117. I am thankful for being chosen to win for today! Thank you so much!

  118. Gerry

    I am grateful that I only had to have a lumpectomy yesterday and am doing great. Thankful for prayers and friends.

  119. pat

    Today I am thankful that I can dream of a country full of peace and love.

  120. Holly Morris

    Today I am grateful to be an American and that no matter if my guy wins or your guy, we will still have peace today because of our democracy.

  121. Anonymous

    I am grateful for morning walks in the pre-dawn that are a peaceful way to begin a day. Cindy K

  122. Sandy Ward

    I am grateful for today’s post on dreams – the first email I read when I got up. You’ve given me a much need attitude adjustment, Dreama. I can breathe. Thank you so much!

  123. Anonymous

    I am grateful for a little “ME” time for a massage today
    Carol Hickerson

  124. I am grateful that my vote is an act of love for country and my duty.

  125. I am grateful for the privilege to voice my opinion today in the voting booth!

  126. June

    I am very grateful to have seen a few dreams of mine come to fruition – good health (especially when reflecting back to a time when I didn’t have it), a loving husband (which I cherish every day for that dream becoming a reality), a comfortable little home that provides shelter, warmth, comfort and is a sanctuary and respite from all the hustle and bustle that life can sometimes bring. I am grateful that I was able to dream those dreams, and see them come to fruition in my life.

    I believe in the power of dreams. Dreams are our connection to something deeper … something more sacred. It is the subconscious giving us messages and signs – we only need listen to them or, to take it a further step, to remember by writing them down in a dream journal, to be reflected upon at a later date, for meaning and interpretation; that our dreams and the dream state itself are very powerful resources for us to get in touch with our real inner selves.

  127. LeAnn

    Grateful for my fore bearers – they toiled and sacrificed and left their homeland to come to this great country and today I am the beneficiary of their hard work.

  128. Marcia

    I am grateful to be able to voice my opinion today with my vote!

  129. Anonymous

    I am grateful to have the opportunity to look for things to be grateful for. It is a wonderful way to start the day. Judy Elias

  130. Terri Godfrey

    I set my alarm early this morning, made the coffee and am grateful that my husband and I will drive to the polls today in a peaceful New England town with others where we have freedom of choice to cast a vote for the candidates of our choice.

  131. Ginny Good

    I am grateful to live in a country where we can follow our dreams and believe that “with God All Things are Possible”!

  132. Anonymous

    I’m grateful for all the untold numbers of star twinkling in the early morning Texas Hill Country skies.

    Linda Hall

  133. Anonymous

    Love the dreaming vision today Dreama xx Today I am going to practice it. My miracle for today was seeing a greater spotted woodpecker on a fat ball RIGHT outside my kitchen window. I have rose arch there and hang the 2 fat balls underneath so I can watch the birds from the sink. He is always away for the summer but returns for the winter. Then on my bird table in the courtyard the robin has returned and the nuthatch was there too xx
    Frances Dunn, France

    • Anonymous

      AND just now a few hours later through the back kitchen windows a Beautiful Kingfisher on the perching post in the l’etang And “our” Heron. Thet are fishing but I hadn’t seen the kingfisher since last year….
      Frances, France

  134. Anonymous

    I am grateful that our state motto remains: “With God all things are possible.”

  135. I am grateful for all the sacrifice that others made so that I may have the right to vote today.

  136. We here on the east coast have another big storm coming our way. Today I am grateful for a solid roof over my head and power to keep the furnace running. And I am praying for the thousands who are not as fortunate. I am also grateful for those power crews who have traveled so many miles to help. Here in NH I have seen crews from as far away as Oklahoma and as close as just over the border from Quebec.

  137. Anonymous

    I am grateful that as a FEMALE I am able to vote! How many women in history stood up to this nation so their voice could be heard. I am grateful to all those historical women!

  138. Wonderful writing, Dreama! I am greatful for Dreams and for the courage to go after them. They really do come true!

  139. Ohhh, I love dreaming big, too. And today I’m grateful that every single morning my husband brings me coffee in my favorite cup… I haven’t made coffee in 8 years….

  140. Awesome post- believe in dreaming big and grateful for the opportunity to go after those dreams!

  141. I am grateful for my imagination and abundance!

  142. I am so grateful for the gifts that have come into my life recently!

  143. Anonymous

    I am thankful for my computer to stay in touch with family and friends.
    Marilyn Troutman

  144. I am grateful to have the luxury of time to sit here for awhile and comtemplate others’ statements of gratitude.

  145. I am grateful for a great job that has made it possible for me to develop my artistic skills with the assurance that the bills will be paid and my family has healthcare. Retirement and becoming a full time artist is just 3 short years away!

  146. I am thankful for those who dream and encourage those of us who may be afraid to dream big enough!

  147. Anonymous

    I am thankful for my family, not just today, but every day,
    Jaquelin Perry

  148. I woke up this morning at 4:30am with the thankfulness that I am a painter and creator of beautiful things.

  149. Karla

    Today I am grateful for second chances. And third, fourth, fifth…..

  150. Today I am grateful for my dreams and the courage to act upon them to make them a reality. Art is fabulous, that way!

  151. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful to TripAdvisor for having such wonderful and complete photos of some beautiful rental apartments around the world…I can bathe in them and Dream of the holidays I might take there…one day 🙂 🙂
    Mandy Parrett

  152. Yvonne

    Today I feel like I am looking at your Painting of the beach. We are fortunate to have a beautiful view, with water the same colour !! It gives a peaceful and restful feeling. Yvonne Ankerman

  153. Unknown

    Oops. that was Teresa in Diego. Previous Unknown.

  154. Unknown

    Grateful that I am now being able to see that perhaps I can accomplish some dreams and put reality on my waiting list for a while.

  155. Solitude
    The first to awaken, I shuffle downstairs to the kitchen,make myself a cup of English Breakfast tea.
    Settling into my cozy chair in the sun room by the garden I listen to the birds morning chirping. I take my handmade journal and my favorite pen and write my intention for the day.

  156. Anonymous

    I am grateful that I can take a rest-day to restore myself and take time to just be.

    Alma Marshall

  157. jen lacoste

    One might say that a wish is a dream with intention… the unfulfilled ones with not enough. For to get that rolling ball to the very end of the driveway, there has to be sufficient impetus, strong direction and it really helps if one has brushed away all the fallen leaves and debris in its way.
    Grateful today for another beautiful day. Painting starts now!

  158. Anonymous

    I am so thankful for my job and my home and that I still have both. Thanks Monica Avila

  159. I’m grateful for my ability to remember my sleeping dreams and the messages my spirit guides send me through them. I’m a firm believer in The Power of Dreams (the title of my first screenplay & book) and I completely agree with you, Dreama, that everything first starts as a dream (a vision). Sweet Movie Dreams ~ Thank you Dreama for being such a wonderful inspiration ~ I’ve experienced many synchronicities so far with your lovely posts here on your blog ~ That’s always a good sign that we’re on the right path or trail.

  160. Hola Dreama,

    ..grateful for my three teenage boys and hubby:)

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