11 Nov



The word playing upon my mind this morning?  Metamorphosis.

When one thinks of the “soup” factor taking place in the change from a caterpillar to a butterfly, small wonder a cocoon of hiding is involved in the process.  Not feeling its attractive best, challenging at best to explain what in the heck is happening, it just seems easier for the caterpillar to go under cover during this melt down period…(for some reason that feels so relatable!)

I also found it interesting upon reading the definition of the word, that it involves...programmed cell death AND resting stages.

Some things must die when change comes.  Boats and bridges must be burned.

And Resting Stages…

Rest is a necessary ingredient, often overlooked, misunderstood, and bound to come with some guilt attached for taking time out!

The energy required for the process of change MUST have rest as part of a successful recipe.
So….. I am thinking, in order to evolve, to take flight on the wings of our dreams,  we  should consider….

  • Being okay with not being so visible and transparent for a period of time.
  • Allowing and making room for resting, peaceful time while in the process.
  • Recognizing that some things are going to “die” in the process….relationships, ways of thinking, a business idea, a plan.  It is “programmed in” to the process.
One thing not mentioned in the process, but surely  programmed in as well–a sure trust in the process of life.  Trust that this cocoon time is necessary  to evolve into all that we are intended to be.
Aware that we cannot always explain what is going on but sure that we are fine and are going to become even more amazing:))  We are becoming  and it will be self evident as the metamorphosis is complete.
Also noted in the process is “a change of habit or behavior”  as in– the crawler is now a flyer!  We can feel ourselves being pulled towards these changes as it is happening–however, it is exceedingly difficult to share that or make sense of it with another.
We know–however it sounds so silly when verbalized to another.
Imagine…Caterpillar to friend
“Hey, I can feel myself growing and changing.  Suddenly I am interested in aerial maps!  I have a feeling I am going to be flying or something, moving at fast speed, seeing the world from above–the big picture so to speak.” 
Friend to Caterpillar “Hey, are you off your meds again??”
Metamorphosis  does defy everything that is “normal” and is at odds with how we normally view life–it comes with an entirely different playbook.
When we feel change pending, a stirring that says this is different, a brand new road ahead, –remember–none of the old rules apply.
It simply is…
“French Poetry”


June of Ireland
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  1. Nancy Makar

    Grateful for Saturdays and the freedom they bring to do whatever I want!!

  2. I am grateful for my creative gifts, because I have a wonderful God who gave them to me 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    I am thankful for my life and the opportunity to share it with my family and friends!
    Patricia Steedle

  4. Anonymous

    So Thankful for our sweet rescue puppy, MIMI, a true lover.
    Karen Jean

  5. Annette Nordine

    For Stephanie and Mimi who helped me ready the gallery for our Art In Madera Tour on Saturday and Sunday.

  6. I am grateful for family and the beautiful meal we shared together on Remembrance Day! My mom is such an awesome cook and such a kind person!

  7. Joanna

    Today, i m grateful to my daughter and son-in-law for the comming a new day cafe.

  8. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for Skype. It’s such a blessing to be able to visit with my two sons and their families who live in Europe. The younger one became dad to twins a couple of weeks ago and I was the first “visitor” to see them side by side, facing each other, sleeping peacefully.

  9. Gretchen Stoudt

    I am grateful for the spring like warmth and sunshine after the spate of cold, wet weather we have been having.

  10. myra

    I am grateful that my grandchildren moved close enough that they can sleep over often, like tonight, when there is no school tomorrow. Grandkids are awesome!
    Myra Patin
    Colorado Springs, Co

  11. I am grateful to have the chance to spend a beautiful afternoon with my younger son’s girlfriend.

  12. I am grateful for rest. Take time out for a nap. Blissful!

  13. Anonymous

    I am very grateful for living in the South where our winters are so gorgeous. the weather makes you just want to smile and relax. Monica Avila

  14. I am grateful for my amazing husband and his amazing driving on a long road trip.

  15. I am so grateful for the beautiful day I had with my family at Laguna Beach,CA

  16. I am thankful for my friends that support me in my time of rest and change.

  17. I am thankful to be back home with my kids tonight after being away from them for six days.

  18. C-Rae

    I am grateful for all the Veterans that have served so that I can be free!

  19. Anonymous

    Today I especially grateful for the men and women who are in harms way, far from home, fighting to protect our freedom and our country. God please bless them and keep them safe.
    Lori Anderson, Folsom CA

    • Anonymous

      Grateful for good friends who lift us up.
      Debbie Spivak

  20. Linda

    Wow…I am grateful I get to read your blogs! Metamorphosis is amazing!!!

  21. I am thankful today and every day for my three wonderful children!

  22. Anonymous

    I am grateful that you made it easier to get to the comment part of your blog. Also I’m grateful for being lucky enough to have participated in your workshop this past weekend and where I learned many useful things about painting.
    Ann Greely

  23. Anonymous

    Thankful for a beautiful sunny day spent with friends. vicki morgan

  24. pat

    I am wondering if the FB comments get put in the drawing?? I’ll be thankful if they do!

  25. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the mysterious space of grace that surrounds & protects us as we develop within our cocoons.
    Joan Terrell

  26. Sandy Ward

    WWII: I am grateful that an American GI stationed in England missed a train during a blackout near Manchester, and that an English lass also missed the same train. And the GI, who was quite shy, did ask the lass if she’d like a cuppa while they waited for the next train. And she said yes! They survived the war and the lass moved to the US. They became my parents, James Carl Murray and Minnie Ainsworth. / Sandra Murray Ward

  27. Bon

    Today was a restful, peaceful quiet day of doing end-of-summer clean up chores in the garden, reading a very good book, day-dreaming, and now playing on the computer. I am so blessed to have this gift of time. Your inspiring post is a wonderful addition to my day. Thank you. I am grateful for having this link to your blog.

  28. Anonymous

    Today I’m grateful that my mother reported a good flight with no pain or problems with her newly replaced hip. This means that flying and travel is still possible for this feisty 86 year old. My name is Sea Dean, Artist, Author, Curator, Genealogist.

  29. Joanna

    Nice day with my family—-
    Joanna Cranford

  30. Anonymous

    I am grateful for a beautiful day spend with my daughter!

  31. Anonymous

    I’m grateful to find out what’s going on with me—metamorphosis! Going through a non-productive drawing/painting cycle. Very frustrating, but when I look at that as a time to rest, regroup, and begin a new direction I feel confident something good is going to come of it. Janet Clemens

  32. So grateful for this thought and being able to paint in a nice warm house on Remembrance Day!

  33. Today I am grateful for all the veterans that have served for this great country. God bless them all.

  34. Question on the paint savers: After a painting session, do you find it difficult to keep the space surrounding your colours clean enough so that the paint savers actually seal? How do you do that?
    Grateful for your advice!

  35. I am grateful for spending an entire day with my daughter-in-law yesterday. We went to a wonderful yoga workshop together.

  36. June

    On this Veteran’s Day, I am grateful to all the brave, courageous and honourable men and women who have served in the military, and those who have come face to face with unthinkable and unspeakable danger in combat during conflicts and wars all over the world. We honour them all on this day of remembrance.

  37. Yvonne

    So lucky we have stunning neighbours, makes moving to a new house so much easier. Respect and help one another! Yvonne Ankerman, sunny South Africa

  38. MDS

    Selfishly, I am grateful for one more warm day, and the last chance to put in some spring bulbs in the garden!

  39. pkseay

    We had a beautiful honor service for veteran at our church this morning. I am thankful that I live in a free country where we can worship as we like, say what we think without fear of government punishment. I am thankful for the veterans in my life today and in the past. God Bless our Veterans! God Bless the USA!

  40. I am grateful that God loves me- warts and all! I’m thankful that I live in the land of the free and home of the brave. I’m grateful to all veterans, especially my oldest son and his wonderful wife who have committed 8 years of their life even though the separations are tough. I’m grateful for my husband who Has faced pain 24/7 for 7 years but worries about me. I’m grateful that I am given chances tohelp others. I LOVE to help others and remain anonymous.

  41. Josephine Y Hardison

    I am so grateful to have had a wonderful father that passed away this year after turning 90. He was a WWII veteran spending much of his time in France and Italy. I hope to one day retrace his steps he took during his service to give me my freedom. Grateful to ALL that are Veterans today!

  42. Sharon

    I am grateful to our military for all they have done to keep us safe. I pray for each and every one to come home safe. I am grateful for all who help the ones that need help after their tour of duty.

  43. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for second chances, starting over, all those things I used to dread. Change is not the horrible thing it once appeared to me to be. I have discovered that I am comfortable breaking the rules once in a while. I am grateful for time to adjust to new circumstances.
    Karen Gifford

  44. I am grateful for being able to witness the metamorphosis of so many wonderful artists through their blog archives.

  45. Wow, this Veterans Day is very, very special to my husband and me. Our youngest son is career Army and loves it. He has been deployed 3 times and each time has come home safe and whole. His family (wife and 2 boys) have gone through a lot….a whole lot….with their husband/dad plunged into such danger. To say nothing of all the relocations during those same deployments. As difficult as ‘those’ changes were for them, they are in just a wonderful place in their hearts because they’ve stayed close…to each other and to the Lord.

    We couldn’t be more proud of all of them than we are. So many other military parents cannot be happy this day and for them, my heart just breaks, because I couldn’t even fathom losing my boy. I pray for all the families of the military, past and present, because I know firsthand what they’ve gone through and in some cases, sacrificed.

    Today I feel especially blessed and grateful.

  46. Ruth Roberts

    What a beautiful post. I can totally relate. When I was diagnosed with cancer and given 12 months to live (3 years ago!). I crawled in to a deep place of solitude. I was alone and okay as a processed the metamorphosis that was coming my way. Coming out of it and being given more time…I am transformed by the experience and glad (in a way) to have had it. Out of suffering…. I found ME!

    • June

      What a beautifully and inspiring comment you’ve shared with us, Ruth. I am grateful that you are here with us. When I was sick ten years ago, I didn’t think that I could find anything ‘good’ about it, but now, having gotten through it and all the changes that’ve taken place over the years since that time, I now know, from my own experience, that the often-talked about ‘gift’ of being very seriously or life-threateningly ill is very much a gift in many ways, on a much deeper level. What you ended your comment with, ‘out of suffering…I found ME!’ touched me deeply. Thank you, Ruth, for your honesty and your courage, and the gift of your wisdom.

  47. LOVE this post! Thank you. I am grateful for my favorite veteran – my son.

  48. Anonymous

    I am grateful for having the courage to make changes in my life. After painting in watercolors and pastel for years, starting in oils and now focusing on oils – which meant not seeing “old” friends and artists very often. I am happy to be on a new path with a wonderful new group of friends. AND getting into a workshop with Dreama next year!!!

    Judith B

  49. I am grateful for all the Veterans who have served our country with pride and give us the freedoms we have today!

  50. Loved this wonderful and interesting post, Dreama!! Love the way you make me think about things!!

  51. This post meant a lot to me, Dreama! In the middle of mega studio makeover, abolishing clutter and dust. This usually happens when I’m about to start on a new series of paintings. Part of the metamorphosis towards a fresh start. I am thankful for artists that share knowledge.

  52. Anonymous

    I am grateful that the internet was down for 10 hours today, giving me the chance to rest and appreciate the silence, and stillness of knowing that change is here and accepting it with joy and love.
    Alma Marshall

  53. June

    Another inspired and inspiring post that resonated deeply with me as I read it each time and let is settle and nestle deep within.

    Yes, sometimes it might feel ‘unnatural’ and even ‘negative’ to have to go through the metamorphosis process, as we are in general – as part of the human condition – quite comfortable with what we know and are so familiar with, much prefering that to the ‘unknown’ and the potential fear of what that unknown might be and might hold for us.

    But I believe that metamorphosis is a natural and necsssary part of the Divine Process and the Higher Plan, if you will, of nature and the universe, in however each of us perceives and defines that to be (God, the Divine Mother, the Goddess, the Higher Self, Gaia Sophia, etc.) Metamorphosis implements change and growth, flow and blossoming.

    From acorns come mighty oak trees, from tiny seeds become beautiful and magnificently coloured flowers. And yes, even into a stunningly beautiful butterfly. To not be a part of this process is to stagnate, to atrophy. Yes, metamorphisizing feels different, but only different to what we are already familiar with…with each change comes something brand new, something potentially magnificent.

    Thank you, Dreama, so very much, for the beautiful gift of ‘Color Song’. This gift was a very special birthday prezzie. As is said here in some traditional and Gaelic speaking parts of the country, go raibh maith agat, mo chara Dreama.

    Today I am grateful not just for the gift of your ‘Color Song,’ but also for my dearest friend Emma, who is the little sister I always wished I’d had – and now, I do! Em, if you’re reading this – I love ye!

  54. Marcia Fox

    I’m grateful for that big hamburger with lots of onions I had last night, grateful I got to stay in bed this morning, but not grateful for the heartburn!

  55. Anonymous

    I am grateful that my Mom is finally home after a lonnnnng week in the hospital! Thank you God!
    Christine Allison

  56. I am grateful for today, Sunday this day of rest and that they opened a BIG art supply store minutes away. That’s where I’m headed to just look about and enjoy the day.

  57. Anonymous

    Today, I am grateful for hope. After three days of winter snow storms, I am hopeful that tomorrow there will be sun!
    Susan Johnson

  58. Grateful for God being at the center of my life and pouring out his goodness!!! <3
    Cathleen Perkins

  59. Individual metamorphis is difficult for those around the changing person. It almost cost my marriage when my turn to grow became a necessity. The end result was a stronger marriage and the freedom to grow into myself and my art. Gratitude for all those growing and encouraging growth.

  60. I’m grateful for this day of rest.

  61. Deb LaRocque

    Yesterday I attended the wedding of our friends daughter. The bride as well as the groom and my son attended MSU and swam on the swim team for them. The groom after graduating went to officer candidate school. He will be deployed in January. During the wedding he wore his uniform instead of a tux. It was a constant reminder of what is to come for this couple and the sacrifices they are making for their country. There were other jobs he could have accepted that would have kept him from being deployed but he chose this. This morning I saw an older gentleman wearing a baseball cap that was very decorated with medals, flags, and writing the said “Veteran”. So let us remember and be grateful for all the men, women, and families that have served our country today and always!

  62. I am grateful for our home and for my loving husband. Grateful for the day before us.

  63. I am grateful for the 66 year friendship of Jeannie Kaufman whose funeral I have to attend today. I miss her already.

  64. Anonymous

    I am grateful to the Veterans and all who serve and grateful for the day ahead. J.A.Walker

  65. Anonymous

    Today and everyday I am grateful to those who fought for our freedom and those that still do. I am also grateful that my Dad returned from the WWII to become the wonderful husband and father he was.
    Barb Krell

  66. I’m grateful for this warm, wonderful weekend weather. Yesterday my children and I went for a walk in a national park, and today we will go for a drive to wherever with my mom and maybe stop somewhere for a light supper. I love watching the moody skies and soaking up waning warmth before the snow falls.

  67. Today I am grateful to be going on a date with my husband before going to sleep and then working my 11 pm to 7 am shift. James Bond here we come.

  68. Linda

    Today I’m grateful for our veterans and all those who are currently serving our country to keep us safe and free. I am also grateful for the father I had who kept our family safe, secure and in want for nothing. He passed away 16 years ago today…I think of him everyday and feel so blessed to have had him. Linda, Nevada

  69. Unknown

    Today I am grateful that Metamorphosis also can still happening now, as I become a senior.
    Never too old to learn new tricks. My new motto. Teresa, San Diego

  70. Cissy

    Today it’s my friend’s The Browns. They live in Todd, NC

  71. LeAnn

    Grateful for the love and support of my God.

  72. Anonymous

    Grateful to those men and women who now, and in the past, have served us all.

  73. I am grateful to all the men & women who have served our country allowing us to enjoy the beauty of this day and the wonderful possibilities it presents.

  74. Thanks today to our veterans – past and present – without you our freedoms would not be so evident.
    Your writing today reminds me of a favorite story time book when I was a teacher – “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” as a precursor to our Butterfly Unit. The idea you put forth is an important one to learn at an early age, both for nature’s sake and figuratively.

  75. Anonymous

    Today I am loving the sunshine that comes after the storm – another blessed sunrise!
    Mary Beth Harrison

  76. I am so grateful for such a great insight into the life of an artist.

  77. Anonymous

    I am thankful for sunshine. Everything is more manageable for me when the sun is shining.
    Dana Burton

  78. Anonymous

    I am grateful for this beautiful sunny fall morning.
    Pat Kreppert

  79. Love your post about metamorphosis today. I think I am in one right now!

    Today I’m grateful for the opportunity to celebrate life with my 96 year old grandmother. We are celebrating Thanksgiving together, how appropriate for a month of gratitude.

  80. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for our veterns who have served our country.
    Lorraine Kendel

  81. Tish Murphy

    It is Veteran’s Day and I must share how grateful I am to for all the men and women who have served our country.

  82. Today I am grateful for your blog post. I found it difficult to put into words, the changes and necessary “off time” required as my art direction evolves. Some people call it a slump or creative block, but I have never thought so, but rather, it’s an artistic evolution, a creative birthing…a metamorphosis. Thanks Dreama!

  83. Grateful for being able to go with my husband today to watch football with all you can eat wings while overlooking a beautiful inlet.

  84. Today, I’m grateful for the gift of color.

  85. This comment has been removed by the author.

  86. I am grateful that I can now bite into my food with confidence. Because I was afraid, of discomfort, of cost, I delayed having my dentist do a needed procedure. Now that it’s finished, I am amazed I waited so long.

  87. Ginny Good

    I’m grateful that we are never too old to have a metamorphosis and with God everything is possible! Thanks for inspiring us to dream and have the courage to try new things in our life!

  88. I’m grateful for flowers that add beauty, color and awe ro our surroundings.

  89. For my freedom to go to church and my church family, I am thankful.

  90. I am grateful for our servicemen and service women who protect us here and abroad.

  91. Anonymous

    So grateful for our last day of warm and sunny before a week of wet and cold. Gayle Nunn

  92. Wonderful and thought-provoking post! I’m thankful that I’m at a place in life when I’m free from some former obligations and more able to reach for dreams and aspirations and feel ready to stretch my wings a little more.

  93. I am greatful for my son who is helping us out so we can get another washer and dryer …mine are doing a slow noisy messy death right now…

  94. I am greatful for my son who is helping us out so we can get another washer and dryer …mine are doing a slow noisy messy death right now…

  95. I am greatful for my son who is helping us out so we can get another washer and dryer …mine are doing a slow noisy messy death right now…

  96. I am greatful for my son who is helping us out so we can get another washer and dryer …mine are doing a slow noisy messy death right now…

  97. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my husband and all of the experiences we’ve shared!

  98. Thanks for the reminder to rest and that it is essential! You are a blessing!!!

  99. Another beautiful post Dreama thank you!!! I especially enjoyed the dialogue between the catapillar & friend ~ I’m grateful for the bed, blankets, pillow, & animal companions to help make a warm & safe cocoon each night (morning for us creative types) to sleep & dream in.

  100. I am grateful to be learning that we cant stop the changes but we can embrace new beginnings.

  101. Anonymous

    I am grateful I can still learn and be taught.
    Carol Hickerson

  102. Gaylynn

    I am thankful for my morning cup of tea and the quiet time that goes with it today.

  103. Holly Rose

    I am grateful for growing older and even some days a bit wiser on this magical ride we call life. Each day provides an opportunity to grow and better understand ourselves and the planet we share with so many others.

  104. DLPBR

    I am grateful for change, sometimes painful change.

  105. I am grateful for all the beauty of the earth that we have to enjoy.

  106. Loved this post too Dreama:) You have a way of writing just the perfect thing…I can feel change coming and now I can think about it and understand it better. So…that is what I am grateful for today! You!

  107. Anonymous

    I am thankful I live in a day and age where there is this wonderful technology to connect with others. I enjoy being able to talk with faraway friends and family face to face at a moments notice. What a deal!
    Brenda Gibbs

  108. FCP

    #11…the connectivity to spirit that real change shows us.
    Faye Christian Phillips

  109. I am grateful for the beginning of a new day, and time to contemplate without distraction.

  110. I am grateful to know my friend Rosemarie, who has battled back from a rare form of cancer with dignity, grace and a smile on her face.

  111. Lyn

    I am grateful for the totally unexpected Christmas display at the mall yesterday….I was delighted and charmed.

  112. I am so grateful for the morning time to spend with my loving family. Jill

  113. I am grateful for the fact that even when I make mistakes in my watercolor painting and have to start over, I still find a great sense of fulfillment in the act of painting itself. It remains my great passion.

  114. Mother Nature in all her Glory sets the tone for our metamorphosis, with the ebb and flow of the tides, the changes of season, and the phases of the moon. I’m so grateful that all I need to do is look up at the night sky and remember when the new moon comes, turn inward and sow my creative seeds, see them flower when the moon is full.

  115. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do what I love and share what I know with others in beautiful locations around the world. It is such a blessing to be able to pass on knowledge that has so generously been shared with me over the years and to see students really flying with the wings they have been given! : D I know you also love doing this Dreama and am thankful for your generous creative spirit!

  116. Anonymous

    Grateful to be feeling well after 35 heart treatments, and I am grateful that I have been swimming to exercise. Waiting to paint my next painting, and that too makes me grateful.

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