25 Nov

During the Creative Process


There is a naiveness, a childlike joy that happens when we first try something creative.
We are simply happy with the process.
We enjoy the results and are eager to do it again.
Much later on that path though, we start to pick up the fears, perfections, patterns of the collective  world around us.
We “grow up”. 
We become fearful, stilted, stymied, and sadly— we are confirmed in our  doubtful thinking.  Given a nod by the world around us that this indeed is how it works.
Life is hard.
Few make it.
Dreams are for fools.
Don’t expect much.
Sometimes it feels as if the collective way of thinking and approaching your gift is to give you barely enough to keep you alive,
most definitely not enough to thrive
or experience JOY.
Is  this really how our lives are intended to be?
Is this where collective thinking  about what defines great art is intended to bring us?
So that you can see how miserably far from the mark you really are
and how unlikely you are to ever get there?



Remember why it was that you became an artist.

Embrace that story of who you are.

Return to the Source.

All the JOY, the smiles, the passion of when you first began to create emanated from somewhere within you.

Shove back the  collective thinking of what great art is.
Allow room for your Source to breathe your gift.

Rest in the knowledge that you have been given exactly what you need
to be the artist that you were born to be.
Change the collective thought
live into
your individual greatness.

“Shades of France”


Terri Moore!!
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  1. Julia Raburn

    Love this posting!!!

  2. Nancy Makar

    Today I am grateful for the word “benign”!! Thank you God! Nancy Makar

  3. Anonymous

    I am grateful for you presenting the opportunity to many of us to really think about what we are grateful for.

  4. Judith

    I am grateful for friends and family, especially the one’s who like to paint with me. We call it our therapy section.

  5. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my life and my passion for painting. I am grateful that God gave me my husband even though it was for only a little while. Alex loved me enough for my lifetime although his life was very short. He gave me a daughter who I adore and supported me in all that I wanted to do. And now I still have the passion to paint and to continue on in this life of wonder.

  6. Anonymous

    Thankful for good friends, good food & turkey leftovers!!
    Karen Jean

  7. DLPBR

    I’ll be extra grateful if I ever get to take a workshop with YOU !

  8. I’m grateful to be spending time with friends at the beach this week.

  9. Anonymous

    I am grateful for you, Dreama, and Eddie. You light up my day everyday just looking at your paintings. Can’t wait till July to meet you and paint with you in your workshop.

    Karen chamblin

  10. I am grateful for my life-long friends – my “girls group” of women who have supported me and each other for over 20 years. We meet about once a month for dinner, we go out to celebrate each of our birthdays and we have a special Valentine Tea Party (hosted by me at my home), and also a special Christmas party hosted at one of our homes. We have been with each other through weddings, divorces, illness and family deaths. I don’t know what I would do without my girlfriends!

  11. Anonymous

    Yes, I am indeed grateful to my friends living far away who call me to catch up on old times!

    Laetitia Borden

  12. Anonymous

    I am grateful for big full moons! Last nights was beautiful. The air was so clear in ky.

  13. i’m grateful for a sunny forecast! hopefully it’ll be a productive day of painting. 🙂

  14. Dreama, what a beautiful month in your blog!
    I would love to come to your workshop and spend time learning from you! I have all the paints in your pallette and intend to explore brushstokes with them all! Thank you for being so…. you! Colette Marshall

  15. Anonymous

    Grateful for all of my talents. What a blessing!

  16. Anonymous

    Dreama, what a beautiful painting so cozy and romantic. Beautiful color and texture!!! Word’s of wisdom. I believe in my art work!!!! My Mom past away 8. 1/2 yrs. ago. She loved my artwork. Today I’m grateful my parents could afford to pay for my oil painting lessons. Also, all my wonderful high school and college art teachers in California. Who were teaching us at a higher level then my college teacher
    Blessings to you Dreama for all your positive input.
    Nancy Piros

  17. Anonymous

    Dreama, what a beautiful painting so cozy and romantic. Beautiful color and texture!!! Word’s of wisdom. I believe in my art work!!!! My Mom past away 8. 1/2 yrs. ago. She loved my artwork. Today I’m grateful my parents could afford to pay for my oil painting lessons. Also, all my wonderful high school and college art teachers in California. Who were teaching us at a higher level then my college teacher
    Blessings to you Dreama for all your positive input.
    Nancy Piros

  18. Anonymous

    I am thankful for the compassionate people who work for Hospice Services. They are making my husband’s final days comfortable and peaceful.
    Carol Barbian

  19. I am grateful for the beautiful weather and taking my cat for a nice stroller ride around the neighborhood!

  20. wow love your paint saver! gotta be thankful for that and my kittycats too!

  21. Thankful today for my dog, a good companion, who drives me crazy sometimes. I’m also thankful for a restful Sunday afternoon.

  22. I’m thankful for the beauty of time spent with my girls creating art together. The things we learn as we spend time with children is humbling. Thankful for the blessing of my children.

  23. Anonymous

    I am grateful for all my blessings – being an American citizen, free to worship where I want to, free to live as I choose, able to paint, travel to workshops, great travel buddies and painting friends, 2 wonderful children, a wonderful husband, a warm home and many, many more blessings.

    Judith B

  24. I’m grateful for all the love that was shared this holiday weekend with family and friends. How lucky we are to have our health and a beautiful home.

  25. I am grateful for the book “14,000 Things to be Happy About” and for my friends who are on this wonderful journey with me.
    Joan Terrell

  26. Grateful for the JOY that I have found in painting and the art world. Every day is a new learning and discovery as I strive to find my voice and be the best I can be. Love this whole month…really special:) Thank you Dreama!

  27. Anonymous

    AHHH! What a great day! My dear friend, Jill, came over and gave us a SWEET and FUN painting of our kitty sitting in irises (we lost him in the Sping). And, then, she had to show me something on Dreama’s site, today’s winner was —- me!
    I am deeply grateful for Dreams’s motivation and my lovely friend, Jill. Love and hugs to both of you.
    Terri Moore, Bluff Dale, Texas

  28. Today I am grateful for the inspiration here on Dreama’s beautiful blog. I’m going to pull out some paint and paper and brushes and give it a go again. I have not used my paints for a couple of years. I got swallowed up into digital art making which is quite different. Thanks for the push! I opened up a big space on my table. That action alone is a huge step for me.

  29. Grateful for getting to go to church this morning with good friend, Anne.

  30. Grateful for the beautiful service in Palm Springs at the Center for Spiritual Living..topic “starting Now” hmmmm one step at a time

  31. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful that I live in the United States of America where I am free to go to church anywhere I choose! We should never take our freedom’s for granted! Sherry Crouse

  32. June

    Thank you for these very wise words today, Dreama. We all need reminders every now and again (sometimes often!) of our own individual and unique greatness that comes from within us, and for reminding each of us to listen to our heart and follow our creative bliss.

    I’m grateful today for the wood-burning stove that’s working so effecitvley today, on this unseasonably, extremely cold November’s day and night. And to my sweet hubby, who chops all the wood and gets and keeps the fire blazing, keeping us roasty-toasty comfy.

  33. I am grateful for the ability to play and take chances! I do the best work when I do both! Thanks for the reminder Dreama.

  34. Katherine Baker

    I woke up today grateful for the “JOY” in my life. Time spent with friends and family or painting with my buddies in art class fills me with great joy. It has been a pleasure to read the comments in this blog; fellow artists sharing their thoughts with each other, spreading joy, that all started here with Dreama. Thank you!

  35. Anonymous

    I am grateful for having “enough”..enough love, food, shelter. even trials which make us stronger and hopefully more compassionate and most of all for God’s enduring love.
    Charlotte Stewart

  36. Phew! I’m grateful that we made it home from our long Thanksgiving drive without any hold-ups today … all we had to do was leave at 6am 🙂

  37. Anonymous

    Grateful for having a few moments to paint
    and having photographed a couple of scenes
    that have the look of a fun painting…

  38. Anonymous

    Thanks to you Dreama, I am grateful for remembering the awe in my daughter’s voice when she said “Mom! You did this??” rather than Mom, you did what? Coming from an adult daughter, that’s high praise! I smile every time I remember the sound of those words. The last time I heard it was when she saw the charcoal portrait of her daughter as a toddler.
    Karen Gifford

  39. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the sweet friend at church today that told me she loved my work and was going to buy one of my paintings. Then we talked about how I had loved art for as long as I remember. She commented that the Lord lined up what we wanted to do and then gave us the ability to do it! Amazing !!! I was so surprised when I read your post. It was a reflection of what we had talked about !!! Thanks Dreama ! Linda Will

  40. Today I am grateful for having read your post above. Love it…feel inspired by it!

  41. I’m grateful that my husband is fearless on the roof while he hangs our Christmas lights and decorations.

  42. Anonymous

    Thankful for girls who bristled with excitement as they did their part in church today.vicki morgan

  43. Anonymous

    I am truly grateful for this beautiful sunshiny California day! A walk along the ocean taking in all of God’s glory! The peace and quiet of this very moment! and the talent and passion God has given me to create! in all the different mediums available to me! Thank you, Dreama, for another inspirational message and reminder!

  44. Lyn

    Today I am grateful that our outdoor decorations are almost done. Now I am thinking about painting our front doors scarlet….I can’t wait!

  45. C-Rae

    Grateful for my God given talent and the courage to do something with it on my own.

  46. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my family and their prayers for my son

  47. LeAnn

    I am grateful for being the recipient of a true deep love.

  48. I am so grateful for today, and to be able to spend time painting! I am also grateful for a loving God who gives me the ability to do this thing I love so much!

  49. Anonymous

    Today i am grateful for my husband, who makes
    juice for us every morning with spinach,kale, carrots, berries,oranges and lots of good things. A great way to start the day.
    Lori Anderson, Folsom, CA

  50. Today I am thankful for the gift of creativity.

  51. Anonymous

    I am so grateful to all the people who enter my life for their contributions to my life.

  52. Marcia Fox

    Today I’m grateful for spending the morning in church, then breakfast with friends, and now heading to the Festival of Trees!

  53. Deb LaRocque

    Today I am grateful for the internet that allows us to have greater access to wonderful artists like Dreama.

  54. I am so grateful for the lovely mild and sunny Winter we are having up here! Here’s to a hike in the woods today with family and dog, painting lovely images this afternoon!

  55. Anonymous

    I am grateful that I can paint!

  56. Anonymous

    I am thankful for little surprises…
    When this Gratitude Adventure began I was happy for the opportunity to form a gratitude habit BUT I recieved a surprise gift from practicing the process: the pleasure of reading the gratitude lists of others. I will truly miss reading these comments.
    Dana Burton

  57. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the teachers among us. It is so wonderful how they encourage and inspire. You are one of the most generous teachers around, thank you!
    Brenda Gibbs

  58. I am grateful for the curl in my hair, the light in my eyes, the glow of my skin, and the beat of my heart.

  59. Thank you for another inspirational reminder. I struggle so much with the issues you mentioned. Your bits of wisdom have truly been a gift.

  60. Anonymous

    Yesterday I was helping my husband tarp up the boat for the winter and I thought how much he has added to my life and how many adventures he has opened up for me. Thank you Dreama for this exercise in being grateful. Last year I was probably grumbling about how cold it was and this year I was grateful.
    Barb Krell

  61. Apparently Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.” I love children’s art. I love the way it radiates joy and is perfectly imperfect.

    Today I am grateful for a peaceful, sunny morning. Everything is not wonderful in my world, but that is okay. I still have hope. It hangs around like the sun amidst the clouds, using the material of storms to create color. All I have to do is look up every so often to be filled again.

  62. Thank you for the reminder of the freedom to play, explore and enjoy this creative journey that I’m on. I want to welcome Joy into my life.

  63. Anonymous

    So grateful for today’s post. I’ve been struggling with this very issue – wondering if I am even an artist. This little pep talk really gives me a positive direction with my thought and inspires me to simply paint!

    Cathy J

  64. Anonymous

    Thank you for doing this, Dreama! I will miss posting here each day, but will try to hold the great gratitude in my heart through December and beyond :n)
    Mary Beth Harrison

  65. I’m grateful for good friends.

  66. Dana

    I am grateful for family traditions that link us with the past. My Great Aunt used to pick & lye-cure green olives to give for Christmas presents to friends & family. Yesterday I began the annual Christmas olive curing project to honor that tradition. It’s a “hurry up and wait” operation so there’s pleanty of time to paint & read Dreama’s inspirational words!

  67. Debra

    I am grateful for every new day that I get… to continue to follow my dreams.

  68. thank you for reminding us (why do we need reminding???) that we can enjoy and embrace our creative spirits!

  69. Today I’m grateful for a beautiful day and the opportunity to spend my day in my studio creating.

  70. I am grateful for teachers such as yourself who remind us of the joy of creativity. Thank you

  71. Thank you Dreama for another beautiful painting and inspiring post! I’m grateful every time I see a traffic report on TV and know I don’t have to go there! I work from my nice little warm quiet home.:)

  72. Anonymous

    Today, I am grateful for the sadness i feel. The sadness I feel as my daughters yet leave again after a holiday gathering heading toward maturity as they claim their spot in this world. But this sadness is bittersweet, always, because my love for them is so deep. Thank you God, for getting them this far and please protect them each day….

  73. Linda

    I’m grateful for the troops who serve and protect so we can live a free and happy life. Linda , Nevada

  74. Gaylynn

    Today I am grateful for another day with my daughters before they head to their homes after the Thanksgiving weekend.

  75. I am grateful for my first smartphone Love Love it!!!:,

  76. Today I am grateful for the gift of another day…it is opening minute after minute and it is free.

  77. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the lovely Christmas tree. I love to get up early and have my coffee by the tree.

    Karen Chamblin

  78. Anonymous

    I am grateful for all the pecans and even the leaves which are falling from our trees. Shelling (and, yes, eating) the pecans and blowing the colorful leaves (painting, anyone?) afford much delight. Sheri

  79. Anonymous

    I am grateful to have enjoyed the most gorgeous sunset last night. The whole sky was lit up in cerulean blue and coral with puffy clouds. Whew! Took my breath away.
    Linda White

  80. DLPBR

    It’s COLD here in SW Virginia ! So I’m happy to be warm !!

  81. Susan Williams

    Today I am thankful for all of the beautiful pansies blooming in our little courtyard garden. Their beautiful colors shine through the a garden that is otherwise hibernating for winter.

  82. Today I am grateful for the beautiful sunrise and my ability to stand on the porch and view it.

  83. Today I am grateful that God created roses

  84. Today I am grateful for the people in my life that the Holy Spirit has gently guided and introduced me to. These are people that become unknowing prophets and guides, teachers and friends dispelling little truths that influence my thinking, goals and daily decisions. They remind me what is important in life and I am ever so grateful for people like you Dreama.

  85. Anonymous

    What a joy to hear from friends. Supportive, nurturing, wonderful. Gayle

  86. Today I am thankful for friends. They give me support and strength when I need it! Happy Sunday everyone.

  87. Anonymous

    I am thankful for the Joy my art brings to me!
    Carol Hickerson

  88. I am grateful that I get to paint today and flex my creative muscles 🙂

  89. Thanks so much for the heads up on the paint savers Dreama, I just ordered them, great idea.
    I am so grateful to see your blog each day, it is inspiring and pushes me to improve my marketing skills.
    Happy holidays everyone,

  90. Today I am thankful for nature gently supporting us all.

  91. FCP

    #25…glitter and glue, starlight and moondust.
    faye christian phillips

  92. Thank you for your post today…really hitting the mark for me.
    I am grateful for my new creative space in our new home. Looking forward to having time to use it soon:)

  93. I am grateful for the people who share in my love of art

  94. Grateful for beautiful art and inspiring words! Thank you

  95. Today I am grateful for the beautiful weather as my parents departing for their winter home in AZ and I had hoped for good driving weather.

  96. Ginny Good

    I am grateful that I have art and painting in my life to bring out my childlike joy in creating! Thanks for all you inspiration Dreama!

  97. I am grateful for…
    my students who come seeking the answers to creating their visions. I am so happy to share my joy of painting with them.

  98. Ruth Roberts

    When I first started painting my teacher said “repeat after me…I am four years old and I am an artist!”. Ever since I remember that when I find myself being critical. Thanks Dan. I am so grateful for your transformational painting workshops.

  99. For my Dad, my Grandfather and Great Uncle Joe who passed on the art gene.

  100. I am so grateful that my good friend and painting buddy who LOVES Dreama’s art work won today’s “grateful drawing”! How totally exciting!

  101. Anonymous

    I am grateful today that I can be happy with what I have inside to be who I am.
    Marilyn Troutman

  102. Anonymous

    I am grateful for friends, old, new and mutual.
    I appreciate the monthly gatherings where I can
    reconnect with people from a new perspective.
    We are all tied together by ART. I feel blessed.

    Mary Moran

  103. Today I am grateful for the JOY….of being, of creating art. The process and learning experience thrill me as much as the finished painting. I consider them all lessons and if I get a “keeper”, I am happy with that bonus!

  104. Anonymous

    I am grateful for life and health today, as well as God’s peace in my heart.
    Arleen Turzo

  105. I am grateful for reconnecting with an old friend. And for your words of inspiration, Dreama. Love the painting, too.

  106. Anonymous

    Dreams, this post really hit home! Thank you so much.

    Arlene Chipman

  107. So grateful today for the reminder that we have all we need within us to be happy. We need only USE what we have in a positive & uplifting way.

  108. I am grateful to be able to go to my studio this morning. Thanksgiving company left early today!

  109. Not to sound trite, but I am grateful today for my Mac computer, for the Apple Store being so close and for all the young ‘geniuses’ who very patiently work with everyone that walks through their doors. I’m personally very glad that Steve Jobs worked so hard to fulfill his ‘greatness’. Think how many he’s helped.

  110. I’m so thanksful for my granddaughter and the joy she brings into my life.

  111. I am so grateful for all the joy painting brings me…..it’s not the end product, but the painting journey! Thanks Drema

  112. I love it when the child within me gets to have fun with paint! Thank you Dreama X

  113. I love it when the child within me gets to have fun with paint! Thank you Dreama X

  114. I’m grateful that the collective consciousness of humans is shifting to a higher vibration & creativity is becoming more accepted, valued, & appreciated again ~ like the pendulum that swings back & forth, life is meant to be balanced ~ feminine energy & right-brain thinking are coming back into the light.

  115. Karla

    Today I am grateful for my Mom and Dad and everything they sacrificed for me.

  116. It’s 3 am, I can’t sleep. I can see out my window and it looks so cold yet I am nice and warm inside my home. I am praying for all those that don’t have the warmth and comfort of a home. But through the grace of God, there go I. I am blessed and grateful for my life.

  117. Unknown

    Grateful that Dreama is so inspirational as a human being as well as an artist. Teresa in San Diego

  118. Anonymous

    Thank you, Dreama, for this beautiful reminder that we have within us all that we need, and our art is a reflection of that perfection. I am grateful everything is as it should be.
    Alma Marshall

  119. Sharon

    Sharon Chapman (signed in using Hotmail)
    I am grateful for all the memories of my creative childhood. My parents were always very supportive of my endeavors!
    Reply · Like · Unfollow Post · 31

  120. Today as we were walking around our property, we visited the granny tree. She’s the oldest apple tree we have, and she looks like she was in the car with Bonnie & Clyde after the shoot-out. She has many holes and barely has any big branches left, but her apples are the biggest, best, juiciest of all the trees. We said today what a grand example of how strong her roots must be that she can still grow these amazing huge apples. Nature never ceases to bring me lessons. As my own limb “my shoulder” has been wounded, it’s caused me to strengthen my own “roots” those parts of me that will be strong, no matter what the winds of time do to change my physical appearance….my “spiritual” roots will get stronger all the time hopefully. I am grateful today for “seeing” granny trees strength, her power is now mostly “underground” unseen yet so powerful!

  121. margene parker

    I am grateful for Artists that share their talent with others, it is great. Thank you Dreama. and Thank you Jo a very talented artist who spends hrs. explaining techniques to us, the uninformed, and untalented.

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