26 Nov



It seems reasonable.

We’ll start this just as soon as we have that.
Once we have that then we’ll wait for this so that we can do the other which will of course open the door to….to…the perfect whatever it is that we are ultimately wanting.
So we wait.
Until we get smarter.
Til we understand computers better.
Til our spouse comes round to our way of thinking.
Til our family gets it.
Til we feel more confident.
Waiting for this, that and the other.
We want, in effect, to get it right.
To have the perfect solution in sight before we begin. The perfect way to write a novel, the perfect subject matter to paint, the perfect website to represent us…and on and on it goes.

The dictionary (depending on who you consider has the perfect definition for perfect) states it as this:
Being entirely without fault or defect.
We may not see ourselves as perfectionists, yet if we listen to our internal chatter, often we can be very critical on anything and everything surrounding our creative process—to the point of being paralyzed about starting at all!  Painfully, acutely aware of all the ways it doesn’t “measure up” in our efforting to write the perfect book, paint the perfect painting, or craft the perfect song.
Forget Webster’s.  
What does Mother Nature have to say about such things?
Pearls, which we set such value on, come from a lack of perfection.  An irritant lodged somewhere that it’s not supposed to be which causes the oyster to create a barrier over it resulting in a natural pearl.  The “imperfect” Pearl of Lao Tzu is valued at 60 million dollars.
Mined diamonds usually have imperfections whereas a cubic zirconia is “flawless”.  The “imperfect” Star of Africa diamond is valued at 400 million.
Kind of looks like Mother Nature doesn’t give a flying fig about our idea of “perfection”.
What if….what if….
Instead of waiting until everything is perfect maybe, just maybe…

Starting now

There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth.   Not going all the way, and not starting. 
~Siddhartha Gautama

 With whatever it is that you have

Almost everything comes from almost nothing.
~Henri Frederie Amiel

No more waiting to “get it right”

To banish imperfection is to destroy expression, to check exertion, to paralyze vitality.  ~John Ruskin
Art is never defect-free. Things that are remarkable never meet spec, because that would make them standardized, not worth talking about.
~Seth Godin

Do something, even if it’s wrong…getting started is where it’s at…

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. Art for the Soul

    Dreama, I discovered you recently through AHA, which I was introduced to just a few weeks ago, but you and it are changing my life…and this morning, while studying your website, in order to work on revamping mine (with almost no… I mean NO website building skills) I read this blog post on being perfect…oh…did I need that:) I want my website to be fabulous like yours, but realize that just starting it (I wiped it out last month with the intention of redoing it, but I’ve been too busy with art and life and lack of skills) to do it. So, I thought I’d work on it this morning and was about to give up when I read this post. Thank you, sweet lady… I’ll be signing up for a workshop next fall…if you have a cancellation before then, I would love to come sooner…. I’m a cookie artist and watercolor painter-for now…I live near Huntington, WV… My friend, Diane Springer, took your class and told me about you:) Linda Childers

  2. Katherine Baker

    To clarify my post today, when we were children, we would pretend we were skipping down the Yellow Brick Road, singing “Hi Ho Hi Ho, it’s off to work (or play or where ever) we go”. We blended several songs from movies doing that, but who cared? Not us – fond memories which still carry me through thick and thin.

  3. Nancy Makar

    I am grateful for 29 days of gratitude with Dreama. I am also grateful for the gorgeous full moon that has opened up the night sky. Nancy Makar

  4. Anonymous

    Grateful for all of these messages today. I see myself as the caterpillar about to open. I am listening in the stillness.

  5. Anonymous

    I am grateful that my friend and neighbor enjoys your blog so much! I signed her on and she is not an artist – just loves your blog! Pat Steedle

  6. Barbara Kremenezky

    I am thankful for my chance to know GOD and to experience this life and to have passions and friends and family and beauty all around. I am thankful for so many opportunities. I am thankful that God chose me to be who I am.

  7. I am always grateful for my good health, family and friends

  8. You give me so much to think about; goodness and artful thoughts.
    Thanks, pat

  9. Pati Payne

    I am thankful for the chance to do what makes me happy and the support from family and friends.

    Pati Payne

  10. Anonymous

    I am thankful for my daughter and grandchildren. They have enriched my life beyond measure. Knowing that I may be able to paint their faces in oil brings joy to my heart. I thank God for allowing me to have the use of my hands and my eyes. I pray that I may still be able to paint for many more years…at least 30. Thanks God.

    Judy S.

  11. Hey Dreama, I am grateful that although my legs never did what they were intended to do (contracted polio when I was 1 year old)my arms do. I’ve wanted to be an artist since I was a small child. Dad wouldn’t hear of it and so it sat on the back burner until 12 years ago when I had to start using a wheelchair. Had the time then to take classes and I haven’t looked back since. When God takes one thing away he always replaces it with something else. Other than when I married and had my two daughters, this is the happiest time of my life.

  12. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the lovely November weather we are having.

    Karen Chamblin

  13. Susan Williams

    I am thankful that I am receiving your emails again. They are such a great way to start my morning and I have missed them. Thank you!

  14. Anonymous

    Dear Dreama,

    We have followed you, my friends and I, and we want you to know that you have inspired both by your comments and what you have led us to on the web. You never know what you have unleashed, prodded, inspired others to do. Thank you. Thank you.

    Bonnie Anders

  15. I am grateful today that the past week is history. My mother, an artist and incredible teacher, passed peacefully after a protracted battle with Alzheimer’s and is now at peace. May her beautiful spirit shed radiance on the spiritual world!

  16. Anonymous

    Grateful for your use of color, brushstroke, and Daily inspiration!!

  17. Shar 49

    I am grateful for finding you! You are such an inspiration with your words, quotations, and of course, your paintings. God bless you for bringing joy to so many!

  18. Anonymous

    hI Dreama…..God Bless You for your sweet uplifting spirit.. its wonderful to bask in a little of your sunshine in this incredibly difficult time (for me) Thank you Dreama!! s.

  19. Anonymous

    Thank you Dreama for being such an inspiration to all of us that have found you! Marnie

  20. Anonymous

    I am so very. very grateful that my Mom is recovering from the pleurisy which put her in hospital earlier this week. I am especially grateful that she has a caring, kind doctor who believes in looking after elderly patients.

    Linda MacGregor

  21. Miguel

    Thank you ever so much for this very inspirational post!

  22. I’m so grateful evermore for finding the right plan for my life in Jesus! It’s brought such peace & goodness into my life which I am able to then extend to all those around me & anyone I can reach! It’s brought me PURE JOY!

    Cathleen Perkins~
    You are a complete gem for your giving to others this month & always, you do do that you know!!

  23. I am grateful for all of your uplifting posts!

  24. I am thankful for my lovely daughter who always has time for her Mom and is such a good Mom herself.

  25. Bon

    I’m thankful for my friends, and for having known two special people who have since passed on, they brought so much to my life and I will never forget them.

  26. i’m incredibly grateful and humbled that the perfection/holiness i could not attain was attained for me by Christ & imputed to my “account”. a beautiful thing for a failing human like me!

  27. MDS

    Grateful for old friends with long memories!

  28. Anonymous

    I am thankful for wonderful children who love both their parents and are not afraid to say it. Hugs and kisses are especially meaningful now because their father is close to death and they are keeping vigil watch with me.
    I am thankful for the gift of art in which I can lose myself and forget the world.
    Thank you, Dreama, for this opportunity also, to express myself in thankfulness.
    Carol Barbian

  29. Anonymous

    Ooooh, you did it again, Dreama, it hit home! I am a frustrated perfectionist. There, I said it. Starting a project without a clear idea of where it is going and will end up goes against my in-born thinking. I am fighting to conquer those impulses, and I am getting better, but I have miles to go — thank you for reminding me to close my eyes and do it anyway.
    Karen Gifford

  30. I am grateful for extremely good medical care for my BFF.

  31. I’m thankful for the gift of sight and the colors God shows me daily.

  32. pat

    Today, I am thankful to be back home after a wonderful holiday with family.

  33. Anonymous

    Today I am especially thankful that the second little kitty family that I rescued from the local (nasty) shelter seems to be slooowly but surly getting over their upper respiratory infections. So happy for the small things in life. Thank you! Monica Avila

  34. “…just start”, the hardest but most rewarding part because the possibilities are endless. Gratitude for the reminder!

  35. Anonymous

    I am thankful for all the people who have supported me. Lorraine Kendel

  36. Jolene Gailey

    I am grateful for the opportunity to help others. Just when I had cleared everything away (all the distractions) and had sat down to paint, here she came to my door, needing, But not needing just for herself but for her family. I have meager means but at that moment I had cash from sold artwork. They say that God provides when we need it, not when we are worrying about needing it in the future. I had it. I gave it. And I am grateful for the belief that tells me that when I need it, it will be provided.

  37. I am grateful that my family appreciates my talents and supports me in pursuing my passion.

  38. Hi Dreama, I am glad to be back on my computer after 2 weeks of it being in the shop!

  39. LeAnn

    Grateful for the ability to see tonght’s shining stars – breathtaking.

  40. I am so grateful to live in the US! We can pray as we like and worship God. And although some would think us crazy, we could even dance in the street with rain on our faces. Dreama you are a ray of hope and inspiration. Thank you for your contagious energy!

  41. Today I’m the MOST GRATEFUL that I have been all through this wonderful ‘challenge’. Why? Because today, while I was trying to think of yet another ‘gratitude’, it became very clear to me that I have not NOT been grateful for things I should be and that I’ve gotten a little more negative in my thoughts than I ever have been. This is SO NOT GOOD!!

    So these ‘gratitude days’ have pretty much forced me to get my head back on straight and to realize just how fortunate and loved and respected and BLESSED that I really am, and I’m ashamed of myself for allowing myself to roll ‘down’ the hill instead of climbing ‘up’ the hill.

    Perfection? I AM SO GUILTY OF THAT and it has always made me a little nuts, so Dreama, your words today feel like they’ve slapped my right in the face and I not only needed that, I LOVED IT!! So from now on, I choose to really, really stay aware of all that I have and all that I am ~ without striving to be ‘perfect’. Whew! What a relief!!!!

  42. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my wonderful husband helping me with the Christmas decorations.
    Karen Chamblin

  43. Grateful for the beauty and the weather in the desert

  44. Anonymous

    Grateful for long time friends, so easy to pick up where we left off after 1 week or 1 month…
    Etta Hermann

  45. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the strength to get our home ready to sell.
    Pat Kreppert

  46. Anonymous

    I am thankful for 21 years with my son! Lots of memories and expectations for the future.
    Carol Hickerson

  47. Joy

    I am grateful today that a colleague who I had encouraged to apply again for a job she did not get first time round went for second interview today and got the job !!!!!!

  48. I’m grateful for all my friends who helped make a dream come true for me.

  49. Anonymous

    The first time I was introduced to color I was at my childhood friends oil painting class. I was eleven yrs. old. When I arrived home I told my Mom I wanted to take art lessons , she asked what I liked about it. I said watching my friend mix all different colors and it looked like fun. To this day I don’t remember what the painting looked like. I do remember the pallet and colors. My Mom let me take the lessons. My Mom had faith in me , she is who I’m most grateful for today. I love the colors in todays picture and your wonderful words of inspiration . Thank you Nancy Piros

  50. I am thankful for a supporting family; who else would put up with us? Thank you Dreama for allowing us to express thanks with you! Sue

  51. Anonymous

    I am always thankful for my 4 cats (one a black and white beauty)Nancy Barrett

  52. can’t believe I missed all of Novembers posts! But I am grateful to have been productive in the studio, for the sale of some of my art, for my studio that is looking full and productive… Have certainly loved reading the couple of grateful posts – just start, don’t worry about perfection… will go back and read them all from the beginning later – with a fresh cup of tea! Grateful to have discovered Grateful November here – before the month ends! 🙂 xo L.

  53. Anonymous

    Grateful for your recent reminders, Dreama, to (paraphrase here), JUST DO IT! Getting closer…thanks!

  54. Marcia Fox

    Today I’m grateful to have the afternoon off work, relax, and finish up on some paintings.

  55. Anonymous

    I am grateful to all the people who expressed interest in the art that I had in a show this past weekend. It was very much appreciated.
    Brenda Gibbs

  56. Gaylynn

    Grateful for the small break from work and thankful that I am ready to get back to my routine, students and work.

  57. Anonymous

    The first time I was introduced to color I was at my childhood friends oil painting class. I was eleven yrs. old. When I arrived home I told my Mom I wanted to take art lessons , she asked what I liked about it. I said watching my friend mix all different colors and it looked like fun. To this day I don’t remember what the painting looked like. I do remember the pallet and colors. My Mom let me take the lessons. My Mom had faith in me , she is who I’m most grateful for today. I love the colors in todays picture and your wonderful words of inspiration . Thank you Nancy Piros

  58. I am grateful today for my new microwave oven

  59. Karla

    I am grateful for the artists of the past who showed us new ways of seeing things.

  60. Starr Hull

    I am grateful for a loving family, loyal friends and the opportunity to paint.

  61. I am grateful for my Monday morning yoga class. What a wonderful way to start each week. I am also very grateful for this post. I struggle with perfectionism, but I am working on it. I keep this quote in my studio as a reminder, “Perfect is boring!”

  62. Anonymous

    Grateful for my grandson’s beautiful happy smiles. vicki morgan

  63. Unknown

    Still striving to become the human being I want to be. humane, kind, accepting, grateful. Teresa in San Diego.

  64. I am grateful for early morning walks with my husband and our two dogs.

  65. I am so thankful I am not a perfection nut! I consider a painting to a version — i.e. like computer programs — version 1.1 and the next one is 1.2 and so forth. It maks the King and I happy.

  66. Anonymous

    Today I’m grateful for friends that brought their wood splitter over and helped split and stack the remains of a huge tree that a storm blew down last summer.
    Charlotte Stewart

  67. Sharon

    I am thankful for your post today. I needed those words especially now. Thanks Dreama.Hug Eddy for me.

  68. I’m grateful we don’t have to be perfect! That we get to try, and learn from our efforts : ))

  69. Anonymous

    I am so grateful for the help I receive from my son. He happily comes to my house and fixes and maintains all the things that I can’t do and I appreciate that sooooooo much.

    Susan Johnson

  70. I am so grateful for the support I get from my wonderful friends! They rock!

  71. I’m grateful for a beautiful sunny day to take my old granddog on a stroll with no pressure to hurry.

  72. Horst

    I am grateful, that I have good health and still a desire to paint every day, life is just wonderful.

  73. Horst

    I am grateful, that I have good health and still a desire to paint every day, life is just wonderful.

  74. C-Rae

    After complaining that I had to get up today and go to work after four days off…I reallized how I should be grateful to have a job! And…it is a job that I love!

  75. I’m grateful for the start of a new week and for the wonderful memories made this past Thanksgiving weekend.

  76. Anonymous

    I am still all warm, smiley and grateful for my recent play day with my newborn grandson! Just my daughter (his mommy) and my son (his uncle) and me! Playing, cooing, laughing,being silly!, watching him grow! Life is good!

    Linda Perrin

  77. On good days and bad days, in sun and in shadow, in love and in grief, in joy and sorrow I am thankful for art. I am thankful for that chance to create; for that small silken strand that connects me with the Creator and carries me through all that life throws my way.

  78. Today, I am grateful for greater conviction in pursuit of my dreams.

  79. I can’t beleive that there are only four more days left. It went by in a flash 🙁 But, it’s been a wonderful November!

  80. Toni

    I am grateful for a quiet Monday and for the comforting serenity of mundane chores.

  81. Anonymous

    Thankful that life becomes better because of the struggle …. even the struggle that hurts a lot.
    Sue Lepsch

  82. I am grateful that I can give a recovering friend a ride. It’s just to a meeting, but at least I can do something to help!

  83. I am grateful, very grateful that your messages have given me the courage to keep going.

  84. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my daughters-in law. They are all wonderful mothers and wives and I am grateful that they love my sons.
    Lori Anderson, Folsom CA

  85. Good Morning! I am grateful to have spent a weekend filled with art and the talented artists who created these wonderful pieces. I am also grateful for the positive feedback received from everyone who came to see the show.

  86. Katherine Baker

    I am forever grateful for this journey which has given me the courage to move forward with my art adventure. No more waiting for the perfect time, or the next instructional DVD/book, or anyone else but ME. “HI HO, HI HO, IT’S OFF TO ART I GO!” And yes, I am from Kansas. : )

  87. Anonymous

    Finally, I “knocked out” my full-day headache from yesterday. I think I always appreciate good health – but then, when ill, I realize how impacting an unhealthy body can be. Today I truly am grateful to be full speed ahead with good health.
    Fran C. – San Francisco

  88. Dana

    I am grateful for the sunshine that burns away the fog – both literally & figuratively!

  89. I am grateful to you Dreama for the inspirational video from Neil Gaiman what a smart guy…He gave me today a push to begin a large commission work …To overcome my fear to work on a large size…and let it go by the flow…

  90. Linda

    Grateful for the mild weather so we could get the outside Christmas lights up without hassle! Grateful for the day free yesterday to get things undone and put away from Thanksgiving and started looking ahead to Christmas! Lots to look forward to and many things to do these next few weeks…grateful to have my family around to share this joyous time of year…Linda, Nevada

  91. Ginny Good

    Today I’m grateful for being brave enough to start showing people my art work ….I’ve been painting more intentionally for a year and keep saying it’s not good enough to show people but your message today speaks to me about this. My goal for the new year is to show some of my work!

  92. Today I am grateful for clean water – although my well water isn’t safe to drink, I love a good filtered/or bottled glass of cold water to drink.

  93. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my furnace and long underwear. (I live in Minnesota and the high temperature is about 20* today). Thanks for your positive attitude and generosity.
    Laura Batzli

  94. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the sun that warms my cats’ fur and creates beautiful nuances of color on it. Then again,I never met a color I did not like whether from a tube or the world around me.
    Thanks for the journey,Dreama.
    Annette Proimos

  95. Terri Wilson Godfrey

    This morning I am grateful for your blog and website; the inspiration, the wonderful color and strokes in your paintings, your love of what you do, humor, quotes and of course, Eddie. I’m amazed at all the workshops you teach and the amount of content in your website and blog. So thank you for all that you do. Terri

  96. Anonymous

    Grateful for doggy cuddles first thing in the morning! What a way to start a Monday!

    Cathy J

  97. Anonymous

    An art teacher once said to me “perfect is boring”. I am grateful for all the inspiration.
    Barb Krell

  98. Anonymous

    I am grateful for knowing YOU, Dreama, and being able to receive your writings and art. The message today is especially meaningful. Thanks!

    Mary Moran

  99. Anonymous

    Ahhhh…. back to work today after a lovely long weekend that has left my mind and body refreshed. I am a blessed woman and I am grateful!
    M.B. Harrison

  100. I am grateful that our kids were home for the holidays. And grateful that my husband is only just now taking one to the airport.

  101. I am grateful for the time out the holidays bring after the rushing around.

  102. I am grateful for the reminder to begin, Thank you!

  103. Anonymous

    I am thankful for good friends who are there for you during the good and the bad. Sue vanT

  104. I never knew if I could fix a flat tire by myself. And now I know…that with perfect conditions and a couple of hours, and if I’m not having a big fibromyalgia flare, then…there is a slight possibility. I learned how hard it is (regarding strength and proper positioning of car and body required) yesterday when my son had I had our first flat-tire-changing adventure. We read the directions and did it ourselves. I’m grateful we had the opportunity to learn this somewhere safe — in our own driveway.

  105. FCP

    #26…grateful to catch a glimpse of how perceived failures and mistakes often lead us to something much greater than we could have imagined for ourselves – revealing that if we can just shift our perspective, we can see that “conditions” are, and always have been, “perfect”.
    faye christian phillips

  106. Anonymous

    I am thankful for todays message Dreama! Now I need to pick up a paint brush and put it into action.
    Linda White

  107. Anonymous

    Thankful for the contact with an old friend. Gayle

  108. Today and everyday I am greatful for the joy and beauty of children.

  109. Anonymous

    Thankful for the sunny day and the inspiration from you to stop the waiting around to get everything “put back” from the holiday and get painting. Janice

  110. Anonymous

    I am thankful for the birds and squirrels I see out my window as I type this. It is wonderful to watch nature.
    Beth Stewart – beths@bex.net

  111. Anonymous

    Goodmorning world! Today I am thankful for the sunshine! I am grateful for my good reports from my doctor visit. I am grateful for people with skills to make repairs to our house…I just wish we didn’t have so many at one time! I will be really grateful they they are all completed! Sherry Crouse

  112. Sunshine, a new day and two very wild and wonderful puppies is what I am grateful for today.At least these things are at the top of my list, and my list is VERY long.
    Have a wonderful day everyone, and thanks Dreama for the thoughts and work you put into your blog, it’s amazing!

  113. I am thankful today for color. Thank You God, for being able to see things in color!

  114. Anonymous

    I am grateful Dreama for this “Gratitude Adventure” you have brought us on……causing us to pause, breathe, think, and be thankful for the many blessings we have no matter the circumstances. Thank you!

    Katherine Fleming

  115. Wendy

    I can’t remember who wrote this –
    “watch your thoughts, they become actions
    watch your actions, they become habits
    watch your habits, they become character”

    So, after a month of practicing; gratefulness should now be a habit and soon to be character.

    Our pastor yesterday challenged us to a 30 day no complaining challenge.
    A grateful, non-complainer – wouldn’t that be a great character!
    Drema – thanks for reminding us!

  116. Wendy

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  117. Deb LaRocque

    I am grateful for a weekend of painting that I think was successful. I feel like I accomplished something. Which is a good feeling since lately that has not been the case.

  118. Today i am grateful for “Internet Friends”. People I have never met but enjoy talking to via blogs or chat groups. Our world is a fantastic place and having the ability to go places and see beautiful scenes without leaving home is wonderful. Thank you Dreama for sharing yourself with all of us.

  119. Ellen A.

    When I hear what others are going through on the morning news. I am grateful there is hope for those ill and in need. Knowing the world is a kind and caring place. We work hard to attain all the help for those who can not do for themselves. Isn’t that the best, the kindness towards others and the giving of ourselves.

  120. Anonymous

    Boy did this post hit home! I have a strong inner critic and when it comes to art, I have always been my own worst enemy. I am grateful that I have been able to ignore that critic a little more each day. Thanks Dreama for reminding us to just do it ! Linda Will

  121. June

    Yep. I’ve definitely been there – the road to and obsession with perfection. Trying to be perfect. Trying so desperately to get it right, and absolutely terrified of failure – even after only the first attempt at something…anything!

    Thankfully, I don’t travel down that rocky road any longer. I still have my ‘moments’ with this ‘affliction’ every now and again, sometimes more than I’d like to admit to, but I’m learning, sometimes every day, and sometimes from moment to moment, that perfection is not reality. Perfection is not attainable. Seeking to attain perfection, in my very humble opinion, is not the path to real or true happiness. I am who I am – imperfections, eccentricities, flaws. I seek every day to evolve into a ‘better’ person, but that doesn’t mean wanting to evolve into a ‘perfect’ person.

    I am grateful today for being able to get up in the morning – being able to walk, being able to see, being able to hear. I am grateful for my physical health/physical well-being.

  122. I am grateful that we live in the same town as our daughter.

  123. I am grateful today for the charming, safe neighborhood where I live. I am blessed with wonderful neighbors and friends close-by.

  124. I am thankful that in the midst of everyday life…I can smile!!! In good times and Bad…there is JOY to be found somewhere, you just have to open your eyes and heart to see it!

  125. Marcia

    I am grateful to hear from all my “far away” friends over the Thanksgiving break. Friendship is a wonderful thing!

  126. Anonymous

    I am so grateful for my wonderful frineds and family for making my birthday a very special day, despite that fact that my rotten kids did not even call me! But, I am still grateful for their good qualities….obviously I did not teach them proper manners. oh well, life is still really good
    Jo Ann

  127. Thank you for this great reminder, Dreama. It is so freeing to be imperfect, especially when we can laugh at ourselves. I think I’ll be laughing a lot today 🙂

  128. Anonymous

    I am thankful that I have another day of life to get it right. Just feeling so blessed with family and friends, health and two wonderful boys, a husband that enables me to be able to fulfill myself and explore who I am after so many years of being a caregiver. And to realize that all I need to be the best I can be is all inside me-no one else has that control but me.

  129. I am thankful that I can drive and I’ve got a good car to take me where I need to go. Off and running…

  130. Today’s post really resonates with me! Thank-you! Today I am grateful I can go paint in our open studio class with fellow artists who keep me moving along in the process.

  131. Anonymous

    I am so thankful for the fact that my husband facilitated our move to the most nearly perfect little town in Texas! Not prejudiced, you understand…..Sheri

  132. I am grateful for the schools and organizations that I work with throughout the year.I appreciate their collaboration in reaching students ,providing opportunities for me to teach and for students to have learning experiences.

  133. Anonymous

    I soooo want that kindle. I just don’t enjoy reading any more with my deteriorating eye sight and I know with a kindle you can make the print as BIG as you want. However, I’m overwhelmed by your generosity at giving us all a free e-book. Wow1 I can’t wait to see it.
    For today, as I sit in a wonderful beam of French sunlight (Rayon de Soleil) which is breaking through the stormy clouds, I’m grateful for sunshine, sunbeams and light in general. What a sad world it would be without light. Sea Dean from location on her Parisian adventure. Ooooo I’m so lucky!

  134. Ashley

    I’m grateful that I’m available in Oct for you class!!

    Ashley Merkel 😉

  135. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for Dreama’s lessons and writings! I have needed each day’s lesson!
    Sue Taylor!

  136. Today I’m grateful for the time I had to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.

  137. I did my share of waiting to be “ready” to get serious about making art. So, I certainly can relate to today’s post! Somehow I finally did take the leap and am thankful now that I didn’t wait any longer! Just do it!

  138. Perfection is the enemy of good- thank God!

  139. Anonymous

    I am so grateful for a holiday season full of family and friends! Jaquelin Perry

  140. Anonymous

    I am grateful first for life and health, and secondly for the inspiration you have provided to just plain go in there and get started! I know I have been guilty of discouragement, pessimism, and allowing other things to get in the way of my painting daily. I am reminded to, as Nike says, “just do it.” Thank you, Dreama.
    Arleen Turzo

  141. I am grateful for a pleasant afternoon spent with my friend and her mother on her farm. We fed the minnows, the catfish in the pond, and then the black angus cows. It was a mild late fall day that showered colored leaves and memories of childhood.

  142. Anonymous

    So grateful for this reminder about “perfection” and its impact on creating.
    For me it disguises itself as high standards and fear of judgement by others.I fight this mental battle constantly and I really appreciate an artist like you, Dreamma, recognizing the impact of this very human weakness.Your letter today feels like a warm tap on the shoulder reminding me to be joyful and begin!
    Dianne Harrison

  143. Anonymous

    I am grateful for some one-on-one time with my college student son as we make the drive back to his school.
    Dana Burton

  144. Lyn

    Thankful that I can “show up” and get started.

  145. I’m grateful that God gave me a sliver of talent to paint my heart.

  146. Grateful for my teachers and mentors. Those who have more and are happy to share. For all the books, interviews, videos, ect. These recourses which are making up for what my art education lacked.

  147. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my woodstove in the fiber salon and my husband who hauls in the wood! And for my lovely tortie cat who demands a fire each chilling evening.
    Veronica Carey

  148. My husband just brought me a hot cup of coffee. Thank you!!!

  149. Holly Rose

    I am grateful for another day, one closer to my favorite time of the year, and also my birthday on December 25th, as well, but more importantly, I am so fortunate to have a new opportunity to get it right, to be a really kind person, and not miss out on all the adventures that await me on the way.

  150. Today I am grateful for my 4 little dogs, each with their own personality, all giving unconditional love to everyone they meet. There are so many blessings that come from pet rescue!

  151. I am thankful to have a warm studio to go to on this cold morning.

  152. Thanks to my family and friends for failing to see the imperfections in my paintings. They encourage me and ask for more. I painted a picture of the old home place in the Kentucky hills, reminding us all of the wonderful times with my parents who both passed last year. Who said you had to have great talent to enjoy painting?

  153. Today I am grateful for my wacky Great Dane, who was SO happy this morning! And it’s a beautiful day to boot!

  154. I thank you once again Dreama for the insightful quote of the day. I find myself “launching” much more this month – as a result of taking onboard the quotes, and the wonderful comments supplied by your followers

  155. I am grateful for life… today is my Birthday! And I am grateful for you, Dreama. What a great month of gratitude this has been!!!

    • Holly Rose

      Happy Birthday, Linda. Don’t forget to ask the universe for what you wish… she is very receptive on your day of birth!

  156. Today I am grateful for the ability to take action……to get up each morning, put my feet on the floor, and DO….. Painting is always at the top of my list, but sometimes, other things in life sometimes must take precedence. That’s ok, I am patient!

  157. I am grateful to have gotten to go to the first Dreama/Leslie workshop in Atlanta…life changing and amazing group of artists. One of my favorite quotes that I still refer to was your saying, “Launch where you are!” Perfect to share for todays post…just perfect:)

  158. I am grateful for the power of intention and how it works magic in our lives. I intend to live this day healthy, productive, and joyful in every way.
    Joan Terrell

  159. Bren

    I’m grateful for this post, wonderfully inspiring! Thank you.

  160. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for another day on earth to do my daily chores, cook for my husband and create my art.
    Marilyn Troutman

  161. Anonymous

    The warmth of colour gives us the inspiration, the reminders, of summer and her fragile, yet, important time, the time for long days, gardens and window boxes full of reds, oranges and lush greens, bees and butterflies, goldfinches chirping and hopping near our seats, the holidays we have enjoyed, the adventures of arriving at a new town in the back waters of France somewhere, and to connect with new people, warm and friendly, in the little shops and cafes. We visited a little cafe in Normandy once, the elderly but graceful lady served us at one of the small tables outside the cafe. I complimented her on the quality of the omelettes. She replied (in French) that she had ‘been here’ for sixty years. You knew that behind here eyes were the memories of the occupation. She was 78 years old. ‘Je suis Madame Omelette’,’ she pronounced with a flourish and a smile. We could imagine her swift hands making each meal, whipping up each omelette personally. Later, a quiet, middle aged lady came out and sat at the next table, talking to a regular customer during her break. We chatted to them both. It turned out the lady was la proprietaire’s daughter. It was she, herself, who actually did the cooking, so we complimented the real chef! Funny what memories a painting will stir! Jerome Kiel

  162. P.S. I love how that little rascal, Eddie, managed to sneak into today’s painting ‘For The Love of Color’ ~ I’m not surprised as he is all black & white ~

  163. I really love your post today, Dreama. I can relate to what you said about perfection & how our internal critic’s voice can paralyze us; when we finally become aware of ourselves being blocked &/or stuck, it’s like realizing we were holding our breath & being able to breathe again ~ letting the natural flow of life to move through us again, so we can live & create more freely ~ I’m grateful to be more aware of that inner ‘chatter-box-of-a-critic’ that wants all the air-time & to always be the center-of-attention ~ it’s the left-side of our brain doing most of the talking then, so when we simply acknowledge it’s presence & voice, it will usually start to slow down & eventually take a much needed break.

  164. Anonymous

    It may sound like I am buttering you up, Dreama, but I am so grateful for your cute personality. I find myself wanting to be like you and it puts a joy in my step reading about the cute way you say things. You are a natural in more than one way. Please keep it up. Thanks.. Merry Lund

  165. myra

    All of us are given talents by God, but don’t all have the opportunity to share those gifts. I’m thankful that I can share my gift of music with my church, Gateway Presbyterian, as their organist and choir accompanist. Gives me joy to play for our congregation and thankful for all the support and kind comments after every service. God is Good!
    Myra Patin
    Colorado Springs, CO

  166. myra

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  167. I am thankful for the 10 months I worked for the government that affords me the ability to spend time in my studio! This time I am using to hone my watercolour painting skills and I am getting good feedback on my work!

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