22 Nov

During the Creative Process


I have two sisters and one brother.  They are the “edges” that defined me as a kid growing up in the 60’s and 70’s and they are the edges that continue to shape me now.

Like the negative space in a still life set up define the objects within (we don’t often think about it, but without those, how would we know the shape of a tulip? Or the size of a sunflower?) my siblings have helped define me.
I am the baby of the family which can mean many things including trying to find your own uniqueness–what makes you different than the rest of the gang.

Like a bouquet of flowers, we over lap on many fronts.  Hair color, eye color–all browns:))  Music?  All of us sing, one sister plays piano, my brother plays guitar, my other sister writes music.  Writing?  Both my brother and I have published books, and one of my sisters writes and is yet to publish.  Painting?  My brother and I both at it for years now.

I am who I am in great part due to the family that surrounds me.
Obviously, my “family” has grown over the years and includes up to the minute, folks that have just entered my life via a workshop, an email, a chance meeting at an airport!
I find this family helping me to define myself, to grow, to reach for the light, just as much as my siblings have done for me all these years.  I see our commonalities, our “over lap”.  These relationships help me to appreciate me and also shine light into the areas of where I next hope to grow into:))

We really do need each other.

We need this human bouquet of negative spaces, lost and found edges, to help us know and love our own selves.

Without them, we would be just a big glob of yellow or a blur of pink (speaking as a sunflower and tulip:)).

Every person in our lives is there to help shape and define us.

So just how important are You to Me???
Without you, there IS no me.

Thanks for being you and helping me become….me:)))

“Friends of De-Light”


Today is the perfect day
……to shower the people you love with love:)!

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Happy Thanksgiving to my American family:))!
And a beautiful Thursday to everyone else:)!




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  1. Anonymous


    Believing that things will turn out and following your path. Attracting the goodness in life. Loving each day as it blooms open and exposes it’s opportunities. Hooray for Steve Jobs comments. Petunia sends Eddie a hug.
    Happiness to all. Judith Weiss

  2. Anonymous

    I don,t really think you are getting these…but always Thankful for the unswerving love of all animals, wherever they may be.

    Karen jean

  3. Nancy Makar

    I am grateful I have completed my Christmas shopping (first time EVER this early!) Nancy Makar

  4. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the sound of the ocean which I can hear from my window.

  5. Anonymous

    I’m thankful for my husband of 56 years and his support of my interests.

  6. Gretchen Stoudt

    I am grateful for the glorious sunrise on my way to work yesterday. It was like a sky parfait of gorgeous hues of pink, lavender, and blue. God’s artwork is unrivaled!

  7. I am grateful for my sister getting better every day, that Chemo is all done, and that radiation treatments are almost finished.

  8. Anonymous

    Thankful for time spent with my husband, son and 1 daughter. My other daughter is with her new baby boy today. Nothing like family. vicki morgan

  9. I am grateful for another beautiful sunny day in

  10. I am so grateful for having spent some quality time with my teenage son! I am so happy we have a lovely rapport and look forward to many more years of sharing during our lives.

  11. Anonymous

    Funny ~ but I never thought/realized that my sibling are my “Edges” … soft/hard, defined/undefined. An interesting way to realize that art truly does imitate life – overlapping circles/concentric circles/ tangents/ lost and found ….. Life is just life … in so many forms. I also have 2 sisters/one brother. So different/so similar. Just as in painting – life isn’t a fight … it’s a glorious journey of exploration and enlightenment. Fran C. – California

  12. Anonymous

    I am thankful for my family!

  13. Anonymous

    I am thankful for my family being here to celebrate Thanksgiving. Linda Will

  14. Anonymous

    Since I am originally from Maine and have family there and in Ohio, this time of year I am most grateful for friends like the ones I spent today with. I love them all dearly and I don’t know what I would do without them. Thank you, Monica Avila

  15. I am grateful for a loving family to spend Thanksgiving with and the beautiful day we had on the beach. Patty Haynes

  16. I am grateful for a loving family to spend Thanksgiving with and the beautiful day we had on the beach. Patty Haynes

  17. Thankful for Thanksgiving! and keeping my family close!

  18. I am grateful that “Friends of De-Light” is in my personal collection.

  19. Susan Williams

    I am so thankful for being able to share Thanksgiving with kids and grandkids. Also, thankful for my mom. She would have been 85 today, but passed away in August. She was a wonderful and caring person and taught me so much. Life was full of fun with her.

  20. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my family, lots of good food, a warm home, living in America and all of the many blessings from God.

    Judith B

  21. What a wonderful day to be grateful for many blessings. And the most wonderful blessing of all is family and friends. I loved seeing both today.

  22. Anonymous

    Thankful for the life God has given me and the grace He provides daily. Thank you Dreama for sharing your many talents!
    Laine Francis

  23. E. Annette

    Thankful for a very Peaceful day with family and that the American tradition lives on in all of us! Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  24. C-Rae

    Greatful for bountiful food, a loving family, and a long afternoon nap!

  25. Deb LaRocque

    Happy Day of Thanksgiving to all. I am grateful for all the blessings I have had in my life especially the little things that get forgotten. But most of all I am thankful to be blessed with a wonderful husband and two beautiful sons that have turned out to be fantastic men. I cannot say enough about either of them. May God bless all of you as he has blessed me.

  26. I’m thankful to spend time with my 2 nephews, and my cousin Shawn!

  27. Thankful for a special connection with an
    “ex” but still beloved family member.

  28. I am grateful for the wonderful life I have, for my family and friends and for this beautiful planet that we live on. I am so blessed!

  29. I am grateful for this beautiful day of sharing Thanksgiving with family and friends at a wonderful horse farm .

  30. “Thanks to God for boundless mercies
    From His gracious throne above
    Thanks for every need provided
    From the goodness of His love.”

  31. I am truly grateful for the awesome God from whom all blessings flow, on this day and every day!

  32. Katherine Baker

    I am grateful this holiday was created to count our blessings. Toasts are made for family, friends, loved ones, and things we cherish. We share edges with each one, some soft and some sharp. It makes for an interesting, colorful, and stunningly beautiful bouquet. Happy Thanksgiving!

  33. Anonymous

    Thanks for reminding me to remember my siblings and a childhood that was idyllic in many ways. They definitely helped shape who I am and I will get to eat with 3 out of 4 of them today!
    Mary Beth Harrison

  34. I am grateful for beautiful weather, healthy family, warm home, clean water, safe country…

  35. Anonymous

    I am thankful for this day and the opportunities it provides for friends and family to spend time together. Converse. Play. Laugh. Pray. And just be.
    Brenda Gibbs

  36. Today I am grateful for the sun shinning through the trees which are covered in frost -such a glorious sight!

  37. I am grateful for the countless blessings in my life…Happy Thanksgiving

  38. Anonymous

    I’m happy to be visiting my daughter today in NOLA. Thanksgiving dinner at August Restaurant. Melissa

  39. Anonymous

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    It appears as though some of the text on your posts are running off the screen.
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  40. Ginny Good

    I am thankful for all the lost and found edges in my life that define me and make me who I am. I am Thankful for God’s love for me that endures forever! Happy Thanksgiving to Dreama and all the artists on this blog that inspire me to keep painting!

  41. jen lacoste

    Thankful today for the chance to wish you, Dreama, a Happy Thanksgiving day.

  42. I am grateful for laughter even laughter through tears.

  43. I am grateful for another beautiful day. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  44. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my husband’s silly sense of humor which helps me keep things in perspective.
    Karen Gifford

  45. Anonymous

    With gratitude to families and a peaceful Thanksgiving.

    Susan Johnson

  46. Happy Thanksgiving Dreama. wishing you a lovely day 🙂


  47. I am grateful that my friend Faye Christian Phillips told me about your blog. I am ready to advance my marketing and there are lots of ideas here. Thanks!

  48. My growing up with people are far flung now. I still am thankful for what they were in my life then and what they continue to be in my life tho far away. When we talk by phone or actually see one another, the years roll away and we are “just us” again. Able to laugh at something no one else would ever think funny. Recall tales happy, sad, and sometime just weird that no one else would see the way we do. And best of all love one another regardless of time passed since last we visited. We are unique in our growing up experience and it is a bond that brings those edges ever closer for that lost and found result we all look for in our painting.

  49. Marcia Fox

    Right now I’m grateful that both doodles have a couple of squirrels up the tree, so I’m in the house watching the Macy Parade and fixing Thanksgiving dinner without a couple of muts at my feet. But I’m thankful for them also!

  50. Anonymous

    I am grateful for all my edges and overlappings. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving
    from Canada.
    Barb Krell

  51. Anonymous

    I am grateful to wake up every morning to these wonderful thoughts and cheerful paintings by Dreama. !! This has really been fun!

    Cathy J

  52. Anonymous

    I am grateful that even though our family members are far apart, we are close in heart
    Linda White

  53. Anonymous

    Thank you for showering me with your loving thoughts and now I will shower my family with loving thoughts on this Thanksgiving day. Each of those wonderful family members have helped to mold us into the fantastic human beings we are. Just as a painting is molded from all the teachers and experiences we have had in life. Thank You Dreama.
    Merry Lund

  54. I am so grateful for my youngest son and fo rthe hugs he gave me this morning when I needed them the most.

  55. June

    I am grateful for my edges – the people in my life who helped shaped me in my past, the people who are with me now, in the present, and for all friends, whether near or far, geographically – they are all so very close to my heart. I am grateful for them all, each for the gifts they have given me.

    I am sending love, happiness, joy to everyone reading this beautiful blog of Dreama’s – may you enjoy friends, family, good times, good food, shelter, warmth, generosity, and most importantly of all, love. Have a warm and loving and joyful Thanksgiving with those you love, and those you care for and care about.

  56. A beautiful blog today, Dreama! And today I’m grateful for that pie crust recipe that has been handed down through my maternal ancestors for generations. It’s still the best 🙂 and I love sharing the pies made from it.

  57. I am grateful for…
    the people who support my habit- the gallery owners, the framers, the photographer, and most of all my patrons! Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

  58. I’m grateful to God for the gift of life.

  59. I am grateful for how very close I am to my family, even with one son living in China and my daughter living in Chile. Hugs from afar!

  60. I love sharing this day of Thanksgiving with so many who are thankful for all the blessings we receive for God our Father and His beloved Son Jesus Christ. Jill

  61. Ruth Roberts

    I am still on a high knowing my scans are all clear. I volunteer for HR Blocks Cancer hotline and I know I am luckier than two others I spoke to yesterday. I know I will be taking many calls for those suffering the dark night of the soul and I am oh, so grateful that I am the one taking the calls.

  62. I am grateful that my dog doesn’t have a broken leg. After worrying all day about him yesterday, for not being able to bear any weight on his leg, this morning he acts like nothing was ever wrong. 🙂 He’s family and I worried about him like I do my kids and I”m so glad he’s ok.

  63. LeAnn

    Grateful for all that I undeservedly have been given, all that I have been blessed with today, and all that will be granted to me in the future.

  64. Anonymous

    I am greatful for all my friends, family and teachers, who have given me guidance, inspiration and motivation to continue to learn more about this special connection I have with my art. Barb McClure

  65. I am grateful for my family and friends both old and new. I am grateful that I have internet access, for it allows me to make new friends from around the world each week!

  66. Grateful for husband, daughters and family! Also for wonderful artist teachers like you who become friends and teach in so many ways. Blessed:)

  67. Linda

    I am grateful to be home with all my family today. I am grateful that we can share a beautiful feast on out table today. I am grateful for the most beautiful rainbow I witnessed yesterday and the message it held. I AM GRATEFUL for the blessed life I have been fortunate to live and the beautiful lives that have touched me. God is good…Linda, Nevada

  68. Anonymous

    I am grateful for Thanksgiving and having most of my family together in one place. I love our loud and goofy get togethers and am extremely grateful that we are all in good health.
    Happy Thanksgiving Dreama and everyone.
    Lori Anderson, Folsom, CA

  69. Wishing all my friends and family in the U.S. a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  70. Anonymous

    I’m filled with gratitude to God for the abundance He places in my life that is beyond what I can even recognize. I’m always discovering more blessings.
    Sue Lepsch

  71. Anonymous

    I am thankful fo the opportunity to gather on Thanksgiving with my sister and her family, my brother, and my son.
    Carol Morris

  72. Anonymous

    Today I’m especially thankful for God Who created,saves, guides, protects and sustains me every moment.

  73. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the Internet! I have learned so much to help me in life–rabbit care for my lovely new bunny, tips on historically accurate sewing, dog training for my rescued dog, and volumes of art inspiration such as this website and blog. I used to be a technophobe; now I am so thankful for the connections I make and keep through this tool at my fingertips! Veronica Carey

  74. Yvonne

    I lost my sister, 14 years ago with Cancer. Although she was 2 years older than me, the two of us where like two peas in a pod. We went out together and had the same group of friends. She never complained about me tagging along, she looked after me when I first started collage and made sure I didn’t get mixed up with the wrong people.
    She was my Edge and I am grateful for every day that I spent with her!
    I am her daughter Nikki’s “God Mother” and I want her to feel that I am her Edge, that if she needs advice, encouragement or a “well done” pat on the back, I will be there for her. ( Nikki was only 9 when her mother, my sister passed away )
    I still miss her. Yvonne Ankerman

  75. I am grateful to the musicians who make my painting session full of calm and inspiration…

  76. I am thankful for this day to celebrate Thanksgiving with family & friends.

  77. Today I am grateful for internet finally working in our new home…we moved last Friday. Happy Thanksgiving everyone from me in Canada.

  78. Although my family will not be all together…I am thankful that the day is destined to be a good one anyway.

  79. I am grateful for the the early Thanks Giving we celebrated last weekend with family coming from coming together from CA, MA, & MD . We hared a home in VA. Happy Holidays! Dianne Kern

  80. I am grateful to be healthy and happy on this Thanksgiving Day

  81. I am grateful for the sunlight and shadows danacing on the wall of my studio and am grateful for the gift of sight.

  82. Anonymous

    I am so grateful I have more than enough! Many blessings in our family.
    Carol Hickerson

  83. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the acquired “edge” of my husband who loves me so more than I can ever love him. Cindy K

  84. I am grateful that I’m able to enjoy this Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends in our home. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  85. Anonymous

    Happy Day of Thanks! I am thankful to be spending the day with family.
    Dana Burton

  86. The lady in the grocery checkout line looked at my cart and asked if I was having a lot of people for Thanksgiving. I told her yes, and her reply was, “you’re lucky”. Yep. However, blessings are not necessarily in massive numbers, but individual relationships – I am thankful for each and every “edge”!

  87. DLPBR

    Grateful I’m home with my family !

  88. Lyn

    Today I am thankful for all the people in my life who have shaped me and for the reminder that I am someone else’s edge.

  89. Although my husband I no longer have family alive to share this wonderful day, we do have our adopted families and great friends all around us. Today we will share a wonderful day with 14 “unrelated” family members and it will be fabulous! We have much to be thankful for.
    Vicki Brevell

  90. Today I am grateful for the love of family and friends. Prayers go out to all for a safe holiday.

  91. Anonymous

    Another beautiful prompt for deep thinking. What a wonderful way to begin the day. Gayle

  92. I’m thankful to have an inviting place to go today to be with some of my family. Those who can’t make it will be in my heart. Happy Thanksgiving!

  93. Anonymous

    Here in South Africa we do not celebrate Thanks-giving, for obvious reasons! But that day reminds us that we have much to be thankful for – I am grateful that I could go to our Out Patients’ Dept and get to see a doctor and collect my monthly medicines, for free! What a blessing this is! You inspire us all, Dreama, so thank you for you!
    Alma Marshall

  94. Thanks for a wonderful post. I’ve much to be grateful for today including the family and friends we will share our meal with, but mostly that my husband is still able to do the turkey and dressing, as only he can.

  95. Anonymous

    I am grateful I can go with my husband to see his sister in a group home today.
    Marilyn Troutman

  96. Blessings to you and thankful to be spending the Thanksgiving with my beautiful children!

  97. Anonymous

    I am thankful for my family every day and especially thankful today! Happy Thanksgiving!
    Jaquelin Perry

  98. love your writing for today. i’m grateful for 3 wonderful siblings. i’m off to do a pre-turkey workout with my younger brother!

  99. Anonymous

    I am so blessed to be with family this day we give thanks. Hugs and kisses from precious grandchildren are awesome.
    Thanksgiving Blessings to all.
    Joanna Cranford

  100. FCP

    #22… the twenty hands large and small, joined at my table today as we invite grace in; and celebrate the memory of my dad who would have turned 88 today. No one influenced my “edges” more than my sweet dad.
    Happy Day of Thanks and big hugs to all!
    faye christian phillips

    • Faye..Happy Thanksgivng to all of you julie

  101. Way too many things to be thankful for this day. I feel so very blessed and wish you all a wonderful, safe day with those you love. And never mind the calories!! ENJOY!!!!!

  102. I am thankful for my fabulous family, and so grateful that time and space are no match for their love for me

  103. I am grateful for finding the courage to “feel the fear and do it anyway.” The painting is beautiful, Dreama. Enjoy your day…

  104. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the blessings of life and health today, and especially for the friends who sustain me every day. I am thankful beyond words on this Thanksgiving Day.
    Arleen Turzo

  105. Today I am grateful for my edges…….and do I have plenty! The sixth of nine children puts me nearly in the middle, surrounded by influencing edges, all artistic in their own ways.

  106. Gaylynn

    May everyone reach their destinations today and have a Happy Thanksgiving! I am grateful to enjoy my family today.

  107. I am grateful to be the artist I am.
    I am grateful for each and every day.
    I am grateful to see all of the posts
    by the people who have posted here.
    Dreama is Zen Mistress, grateful to her
    for being so inventive and enterprising.
    Iam grateful that there are so many things I can post here, these are just a few.
    HappY Thanksgiving to all.
    Bob Ragland
    See me by Google

  108. Anonymous

    I am grateful for a quiet peaceful house
    (other than cats vying for breakfast and
    beating each other up waiting…) and having
    family sleeping soundly in the wee hours…
    on this Thanksgiving morn…a l o t to be
    thankful for.
    Thanksgiving blessings to all!
    Monica Dahl

  109. Thank you Dreama for being such a vibrant light ~ I’m grateful for my ability to FEEL all the emotions of being human; because it makes my life much richer & allows me to connect with others & my audience (as a writer) on a much deeper level. HAPPY THANKSGIVING ~

  110. Anonymous

    As the year draws to a close and winter is looming, today I`m grateful for warmth. Imagine what it was like to have to get up in the morning into a freezing cold house and make a fire before you could have a cup of coffee or feel comfortable. I`ve lived in places like that and I far prefer rising from a warm bed, making hot coffee with the push of a button and not having to wear undershirts, sweaters and coats indoors. Ahhhh bliss! Sea Dean

  111. Unknown

    I am grateful for having the mother I had, how in her wisdom tried to shape, she tried, and now that she is gone I find how much she succeeded. She’d laugh seeing my frustration in discovering how much I am her daughter, and I wonder how I have changed my daughter by giving her the autonomy I could not always have. Yet I am grateful for having the mother I had. Teresa in San Diego.

  112. Anonymous

    So glad I live in a country that sets aside a whole day to give thanks and gather with family and be reminded of what really counts in life. Dianne Harrison

  113. Grateful for the warmth and happiness at the thought of the many Thanksgiving’s shared with family.

  114. I’m so grateful for may family and I miss them so much, especially around the holidays. I got to spend Thanksgiving last year with my kids in the states and it was awesome! This year,being far away from them, I come up with something new to console myself. Comfort Painting, painting lots of fattening yummy food. It’s fewer calories and just as satisfying!

  115. I am gratefull for the sunny day in Croatia. Lorraine Kendel

  116. We all have edges – sides, we all have an edge, we are edgy sometimes, we have lost and found edges… a mum plus a son, a dad plus a daughter, lost & found edges – differences & similarities… as our personalities, skills, talents show themselves

  117. Anonymous

    These unusually warm days are such a bonus at this time of year. I am grateful to be able to work outside, smell the autumn air, watch the chickadees at the bird feeder, and to feel a sense of accomplishment as another chore gets stroked off my list.
    Arlene M., Ontario

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