14 Nov

During the Creative Process


I saw a headline the other day that simply stated

Be yourself, everyone else is already taken.

This got a giggle out of me because it is so simple and yet so true.
The only gift, the very best gift we ever have to share with anyone is ourselves.
Our true selves.

The more we can be and live to that higher self, the real us, the more everyone around us benefits.

Years back, I had a friend who was  young enough to not have all the artifice  built into his life yet and would always let it be known just where he was  and what was happening.
He was telling me one day of the medicines he was on and pointed to one pill and said–“That’s for the voices in my head”–just matter of fact–no excuses, no apologies, no embarrassment.
Of course I’m thinking–we’ve all got voices in our heads–we’re just afraid to own up to it! (You know what I’m talking about here–the what were you thinking?–you’re never gonna make it—boy do you look fat in that outfit voices).
The reality is the more we are ourselves, the more permission is given to others to be themselves.  And that is all that any of us really crave at the end of the day–to be liked (loved) for who we really are.  By being your true self you give others permission to live to their highest best.
So, what’s it gonna be?
Who we gonna be?
(FYI…everyone else is already taken;)


Holly Rose
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  1. Anonymous

    Now that I am calmer, this time I can add my name to your gratitude letters. I am grateful for health, love and the gratitude that you have brought back into my life. Expressing yourself thru gratitude makes you a bigger better person and I love this chance of discovery of myself.
    Merry Lund

  2. Annette Nordine

    I am grateful for generous, thoughtful friends.

  3. Anonymous

    I am thankful that I can see…your beautiful paintings, the faces of my grandchildren, God’s creation. The eyes may need a little help (thank you for optometrists), but they still work.
    This blog has been such an inspiration. Thank you for this “count your blessings” contest. We all need to remember our blessings every single day.
    Carol Barbian

  4. Grateful for a beautiful sunny day -time for a long walk and a few hours to paint as well. Life is good.

  5. Anonymous

    Grateful for the quiet late at night and
    listening and feeling the warmth of the
    heat as it breezes through the vents…
    Monica Dahl

  6. Katherine Baker

    I am grateful today for the music which fills my life every day. From good ole’ rock and roll, to classical, to hymns in church, or sentimental love songs, I enjoy it all. How marvelous it is to listen as I paint, or carry on my day.

  7. Today I am grateful for some fantastic macaroni and cheese that I got from the deli after a l-o-n-g day at work. It was actually perfect and just what I wanted.

  8. Grateful for the patience to work my way through a painting problem.

  9. I’m so grateful that each morning I have such inspirational words from you to start my day. Thank you Dreama!

  10. Anonymous

    I am thankful for six wonderful granddaughters who bring me much joy.
    Linda white

  11. We had an inspiring church celebration this evening — I am grateful for the music ministers!

  12. Anonymous

    I am grateful for being able to attend a wonderful workshop this week with a friend and returning home safely.

    Judith B

  13. Anonymous

    I am thankful for all that was accomplished today! Now I can relax more tomorrow
    Carol Hickerson

  14. I am grateful to have been blessed with two wonderful parents.

  15. It’s taken me a long time to be able to just ‘be myself.’ I’m so thankful for that! It was not an easy road and I certainly don’t want to travel it again.

  16. Grateful that I got to try my first live model figure sketching studio event last night. Of course, the model was nude and I was ready to put all my Sherrie McGraw learnings to the test…the fact that she had a beautiful dog right with her on a rope while she posed nude was all good for me to also work on live dog drawing! I know you are smiling and I truly thought this was standard/normal…turns out I was told it was not typcial…shucks! I was hsppy I got to work on drawing both!! Grateful I tell ya and working hard:)

  17. I’m grateful for folks who adopt — children and pets!

  18. Marcia Fox

    Today I’m grateful to be able to work with a wonderful doctor who’s so good to his patients.

  19. Anonymous

    Very grateful today for an artist friend’s visit to the studio. Nothing better than painting with a buddy and talking about art stuff and life stuff! Dianne Harrison

  20. Tee Hee – How many times I’ve asked myself, who am I? I am grateful to be able to measure this by what I truly want for myself and others. I am grateful for all the people who help me discover the answer to who I am.

  21. I’m grateful for the warmth in my home today.

  22. Ruth Roberts

    Today is my painting class day! Yippee! I am grateful for my teacher, Teddy Jackson, who encourages me so much.

  23. Thankful for your daily inspirations!!!

  24. Thankful for health insurance. My 10 day antibiotic treatment is $4,000 and it’s working so far. Let’s hear it for day 6 and feeling fine.

  25. Cindy Stierhoff

    Aaaaaaaaaah so nice to be in Dreama land. Was my neglect to enter a url. I am so grateful that all of Gods plans come to us each day and that we have Angels like Dreama who inspire us all to paint the beauties in this world. I am just now painting my first cat in oils, oh it hard to do! Dreama, could it be the 8×8 size canvas that contricts my vision of my own cat Fiona?
    C9ndy Stierhoff

  26. Hi Dreama,
    I love how you write about and bring out the inner thoughts of all of us. Artist or not, we can all benefit from being ourselves and recognizing that we are all vunerable.
    Bev Koldon

  27. Nan

    Hello Dreama! I just joined your blog today, and am grateful to become an official follower! I was admiring your work quietly in the background before. I am new to oils, my watercolor friends say I’ve gone to the dark side! I am grateful that what I have learned so far with mixing and blending carries over to oils! I am also grateful to have a wonderful daughter is celebrating her 38th birthday today! What a joy her 4 children bring to my life!

    • Cindy Stierhoff

      Well Nancy this is a test, for some reason none of my comments to Dreama ever make the written page, so maybe now I will see if it is my internet provider who is blocking this process. Have a good day and most of all , PAINT HAPPY!

  28. I am grateful for the beautiful flowers that are still blooming here in November and for the morning light which comes earlier now that the time has changed back,

  29. Suzanne

    I am grateful that I have started this program for my medical condition and am surrounded by supportive people there.

  30. I’m grateful I have learned to accept myself & am ok with me the way I am.

  31. Grateful that I was able to find everything but one) on my quite odd shopping list – and didn’t succumb to other stuff. Doesn’t always happen. =) And grateful that I’ve been able to “let go” of some stuff I DID succumb to on other days.

  32. After a very busy day at work, I am grateful to come home to a calm and tidy house. I am so grateful to my mom (who is a special friend as well). She comes and brings my house to order everyday after I go to work. It is a comfort I greatly appreciate after a hectic work day!Cheers to my Mom!

  33. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for the opportunity to be myself — growing up, I was always afraid that if I said NO or did something like I wanted to, no one would like me. Thankfully, over several decades, I am a little more comfortable figuring out what I want and saying so. I still have moments, but it’s way better. Thank you, Dreama, for reminding me – it is a very liberating feeling.
    Karen Gifford

  34. Melissa

    I’m thankful that I found my birth mother and we are celebrating our first Thanksgiving/Christmas together. What a joyful reunion and blessing it has been!

  35. Karen

    I am grateful for my family near and far.

  36. Anonymous

    I am thankful for myself. Or to say. Glad to be alive
    Brenda Gibbs

  37. Anonymous

    Amazing! for the second time I’m the 101 comment. Today I’m grateful to my old laptop for dying and giving me the opportunity to dream about a new MAC. Yup it did die yesterday. Just like Alice in Wonderland with smells of food replacing eating, sometimes just looking at photos of expensive things makes me feel rich. I’d be happy with a very old MAC that someone is throwing out, so I’m going to dream about the latest and perhaps I’ll find a good old one in the trash. I’ll keep ya posted. Sea Dean

  38. I went hiking this morning at the Garden of the Gods. It was 27 when we started! I am grateful that I live where I do!

  39. I am grateful for gelato–especially strawberry!

  40. Today I am grateful for God who loves me no matter what!

  41. I am grateful for friends that I can still wish “Happy Birthday” to!

  42. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the gift of sight. So many pleasures in my life depend upon this gift – reading a good book, watching a sunset, studying reflections in puddles, and, best of all, looking into the faces of my children and grandchildren.

    Arlene M, Ontario

  43. Anonymous

    I’m grateful for family and friends. They don’t always understand me but they’re usually there to support me. S. Simpson

  44. Julie Krisitne Cox

    I am grateful for the beauty I see everywhere I look. On my way to work, riding my bike, I saw a pheasant. It was so gorgeous. I am grateful for my eyes. That I can see a leaf falling out of the tree and floating on a soft wind down to the earth. I am grateful right now. 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

  45. Anonymous

    Grateful for warmth and shelter. After hearing the appeal from Salvation Army, I realized again that I am blessed with much warm clothing to share. So I’m cleaning out closets!! vicki morgan

  46. Today I am grateful for the time I have to paint and enjoy the day. So, today I’m gonna be me!!!!

  47. June

    Although that headline got me giggling at first read, it is so true and a profound thought to take into consideration.

    It’s sometimes so difficult to really be yourself – your ‘authentic’ self, your real self on a 24/7/365 basis, because we’re conditioned to behave a certain way, conform to a certain set of rules, and we all want to please the people we care for, or have connections with on one level or another.

    It’s taken me a long time to really like – and then truly love myself – for who I am, and to be comfortable in my own skin. Not in an egotistical, self-obsessed way, but in a loving-kindness way towards myself. After decades of putting myself down, over-analysing and over-criticising myself to the nth degree, it got me nowhere but miserable and even more self-doubting. Not good. Not healthy. Not positive. For anyone around me, as well as inside myself.

    So…as Shakespeare wrote, ‘To thine own self be true,’ and as Sammy Davis Jr. sang, ‘I gotta be me,’ this is me, hopefully growing in all sorts of positive ways with each moment, each hour, each day.

    Today, as every day since this began, I am so very grateful and appreciative of these daily thoughts of positivity and reflection from you, Dreama. I look forward to them every single morning, and can’t wait to see what inspiration is waiting for me (and all of us) from you each day. It is truly a gift, as are you.

    Today’s painting, with those gorgeous blue bell jars and all the vivid colours going on around it, is a joy and a delight. One of those paintings I could just look at and immerse myself in for hours. Beautiful!

    • Beautifully written June…Good for you and my kind of gal!

    • June

      Thank you so much, Kathy. I’m chuffed by your kindness and lovely reply. Enjoy your day! – June

  48. That’s been one of my fave quotes Dreama…so difficult sometimes to really show people who we are. I am grateful for being able to not care as much if someone doesn’t like me by knowing who I really am!

  49. To be loved for who we really are is the deepest yearning of our heart, that is so true. I am grateful for my home today. It’s a little cramped, a little old, but it’s home. My children learned to walk here. We’ve built pillow forts here and played hide and seek here. I’ve stayed up all night here rocking my babies to sleep. It’s not perfect, but it’s safe and warm and cozy and I’m so thankful for it.

  50. So grateful for the love of family.

  51. Love the quote Dreama! “Be yourself because everyone else is taken! LOL! Today I am grateful for the kitty sitting with me here on my lap purring away and looking at me with eyes filled with LOVE!

  52. I am thankful for artist friends who share what they know and love with those who are just beginning. What a wonderful gift!

  53. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful for my weight class instructor. So much knowledge and very
    inspiring and fun. When I feel like sitting
    home and being a potato, I know that when I
    leave the gym I will feel on top of the world and ready to come home and paint. So I go.
    Lori Anderson, Folsom, CA

  54. For my daughter, Kate, I am thankful.

  55. I am still trying to find out who I am, wish that I knew for sure. But I am grateful for the journey.

  56. Joanna

    I am blessed with today, a great day the Lord has made.
    Joanna Cranford

  57. That’s a good quote! I’m thankful for our differences!

  58. pat

    I am grateful that it did not freeze last night so I can enjoy my flowers one more day.

  59. I am grateful for the time I still have to continue learning who I am.

  60. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my little grandson who came over for the day yesterday and the kiss he planted on my cheek when he left. Never imagined it would be this much fun.
    Barb Krell

  61. myra

    Grateful for my wonderful husband who brings me coffee in bed every single morning (for the last 35 years)!
    Myra Patin
    Colorado Springs, CO

  62. Gaylynn

    I am thankful for technology. Technology gives me the opportunity to stay in touch with my children, family and friends. Through technology I can be updated on what is going on in the world and see great art daily.

  63. jolene Gailey

    I am grateful to be able to comment!! I have been wanting to comment for 14 days. Dreama, can I post 14 gratitudes in one comment?

  64. LeAnn

    Grateful for moments of reflection.

  65. Lisa Couper

    Today, I’m grateful everyone else is taken.

  66. Dana

    I am grateful for a beautiful sunrise over a handsome mission-style church i saw outside the window where I am staying in Berkeley.

  67. Rosanne Mapp, Stering,MA

    I am grateful to see Dreama’s email each day! The art gives me a lift and encourages me to get painting! Thank you Dreama!

  68. Good Morning! Today I am grateful for my art friends both in real life and through the world of blogging. It’s wonderful to feel connected with like-minded individuals. Thank You!!!

  69. I am grateful for Family & Friends. Good advice. Wonderful painting.

  70. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to work with kids each day and the little hugs they give me each morning.
    Debbie Spivak

  71. i am thankful to finally be getting a bit of pain relief. xoxo

  72. Anonymous

    If ever I needed that one, it was today! Thank you Dreama. You have hit on something so very important. We are sometimes taught to keep everything inside…..to be who we “think” others want us to be, and then we loose our true selves in that process… I believe it is called dysfunctional, or co-depentent. 🙂 Truth is we do need to be our complete selves at all times with all people. Great Blog!

  73. I am thankful for artist friends who help me focus by showing up, offering encouragement, going on adventures and laughing often. Grateful for this blog and your bright colors.

  74. Linda

    Today I’m grateful for a full day of painting! …such joy! Linda, Nevada

  75. C-Rae

    To thine own self be true
    There is no one good as you
    And if you question
    Your own intention
    Look at the good that you do

    Grateful to be SINGULAR!

  76. I am grateful for peanut butter cookies…and chocolate…:)

  77. Gretchen Stoudt

    I am grateful for the wisdom of your words which remind me to be true to myself and not be preoccupied with what others think. Thank you!

  78. Anonymous

    I am thankful for today’s “Dreama message,” because it speaks to a problem I’ve had forever. The profound need for approval and acceptance led me to “try on” all sorts of personalities to the point that I didn’t know the real me for most of my life. God is changing that, partially through His gift of art. And He sends encouragement through Dreama.

  79. I am grateful for the struggles in this life for they keep me from getting too full of myself. They also allow me the opportunity to reach out to others for encouragement, and so I learn how to encourage others for the future.

  80. Today I am grateful to be making progress – I was able to stand in the shower and take a bath, rather than sit on a stool in the bathtub (which made me feel really old and decrepit). Healing from second surgery on a broken ankle. IT felt good to be ME again.

  81. Josephine Y Hardison

    Today I am grateful to be ME!!! and yes, I realize everyone else is taken! So I guess I’m stuck with me! Took me awhile to get there but am truly blessed in my life and have learned sooo much from every struggle I have had, so I do truly feel thankful to be me!!

  82. Today I’m grateful that my last name isn’t Petraeus.

  83. I’m so thankful for all the teachers I’ve had over the years, for their giving of themselves and all of their wonderful knowledge.

  84. I’m grateful for the person I am today.

  85. Deb LaRocque

    Today I am grateful I made it to the garage to have my car repaired. It was getting worse as I was driving there. Too many gadgets and gizmos to cause problems but they are wonderful when they work.

  86. DLPBR

    You have a lot of followers that are grateful for you and your blog and your workshops. Add me to the list!

  87. Today I am grateful for the sun and the beauty surrounding me and the day out golfing my other passion…Thanks Dreama …Andrée from Québec

  88. Today I am grateful that my parents have made a safe departure on their trip to their winter home in AZ

  89. Beulah

    Today I am VERY thankful for Electric Power. Our day started without power, now THANKFULLY after several hours it has been restored! I always forget how dependable we’ve become on electricty the simple daily things which need power…until it’s not there…Yes, I am VERY VERY Thankful for electricity!!!

    c.paints [at] yahoo [dot] com

  90. Anonymous

    I am grateful that it has become easier to be myself and like myself as I have gotten older. I would not trade my aches and gray hairs for youth’s insecurities!
    M.B. Harrison

  91. Ginny Good

    I am grateful to be working with kids who are always themselves…..which reminds me to be myself and have joy everyday! Live in the moment!

  92. I am really grateful for today’s Dreama post because I’ve always felt it very important to ‘be your true self’, no matter what. Mind you this has gotten me in the occasional ‘trouble’ when I haven’t bowed to the wishes of others (during my corporate position), but honesty and integrity were pretty much drummed into my head/heart as a child and I’m ever so grateful for that and hope I’ve done the same for my children.

    I also think you have to ‘love who you are’ in order to ‘be your true self’. How else would you know your true self?

  93. So true! Today I am grateful for the way we live today. For all the struggle and the desire of Peale who have gone before us. We truly are abundant and live in comfort, surrounded by miraculous inventions and a cornicopia of delights.

  94. I am grateful for all the new things I have learned from this blog, Dreama! What a wonderful way to start the day! Big hugs to you!

  95. Anonymous

    I am thankful for books, libraries, and book stores.
    Dana Burton

  96. I am grateful for a wonderful gym to work out in, a patient and encouraging trainer, and the ability to do it!

  97. Anonymous

    Am thankful to see the early morning sun and to hear the songs of the birds at my feeder.
    Nature is my muse.

    Laetitia Borden

  98. What a beautiful painting! I love the great colors and brush strokes!

  99. Susan Williams

    I am grateful for my wonderful husband that I married almost eight years ago. Because of him, I have two wonderful step-children and two grandkids. They are so much fun.

  100. Today I’m grateful for knowing the wonderful girl who cuts my hair.

  101. Anonymous

    So blessed today to have the opportunity to teach four 12 year olds a charcoal drawing lesson. They inspire me to give my best.
    Sue Lepsch

  102. Today I am grateful for who I am and who God made me to be. I am a product of my roots and I had parents who were great examples of honesty and integrity. 🙂

  103. I’m grateful that my Nana (great grandmother) encouraged me to read, write, create art, & use my imagination ~ she was a librarian, loved to cook (she made the best homemade bread), & had the most beautiful garden ~

  104. Anonymous

    Grateful to have survived my son’s wedding and then my daughter’s only 2 weeks and 6 days apart . Linda Will

  105. Anonymous

    Ahhhh, time to paint today! Gayle Nunn

  106. Yvonne

    Today I met with an old friend from my “Tour Guiding ” days in the Kruger National Park. Was great to catch up. One must make time, in the hectic lives we live in today, to reconnect with people from the past. Yvonne Ankerman, another beautiful day in Sunny South Africa

  107. I am grateful for the internet that lets us on Facebook where I have contact with a lot of artists.

  108. Dreama, I have to say I’m grateful for your perky blog each day and your lovely paintings. Just LOVE ’em!!!

  109. Today I am grateful for electricity, heating and air conditioning, and a warm shower. These modern conveniences aren’t true “necessities” but they sure do make life more pleasant!

  110. Anonymous

    I’m so greatful that I get to personally drop my daughter off for school every morning and pick her each and every day. Thank you! Monica Avila

  111. I am grateful that my son plays the saxophone and my daughter chose a wonderful college to attend 🙂

  112. FCP

    #14…wry words,a twist of sarcasm and a shared laugh.
    faye christian phillips
    (the master of wit and wisdom, Oscar Wilde, is credited with the wonderful “be yourself” quote.)

  113. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the doctors caring for my friends husband that is having a heart attack.
    Marilyn Troutman

  114. Thankful that I am in a position to be able to help a friend who was displaced by the hurricane.

  115. Marcia

    I am grateful for the unconditional love my pets show me everyday no matter what!

  116. I’m grateful to have an art class to go to this morning. And I hope the dog I’m painting will bark at me soon to say, “Stop, you got it.”

  117. Today I am thankful that I DON’T have a headache, always a good thing.

  118. Sue Taylor

    Today I am grateful for Dreama’s words of inspiration!

  119. Lyn

    Today and everyday I am grateful for my husband…he gets me!

  120. I am thankful that my feline friends like me no matter what everyone else thinks.

  121. I am grateful for the beautiful paintings that I am going to paint today.

  122. I am grateful for another beautiful day… and the simple things in life often taken for granted.

  123. I am grateful for the TRUTH…that it arrives at my ears just when I need to hear it, and I remember to speak it with compassion.

  124. Holly Rose

    Today I am flat out grateful for the brilliant words, and the glorious artwork of Dreama!

  125. Anonymous

    Grateful for all of my sisters, by blood, by friendship, by golly!
    Joan Terrell

  126. I am grateful for my faith that God gave me and all the Carmelite saints that inspire me to be me!

  127. I am grateful today for having had the opportunity to take two classes from you. My senior show is tonight and the circle of where my painting was when I first met you and where I am today is slowly closing. You continue to inspire me daily.

  128. This comment has been removed by the author.

  129. Jog bras! What? I’m not being trite here, they’re important!!!

  130. I’m grateful for many things, my family, my friends, my art, and your wonderful upbeat blog. But mostly, I’m grateful for good people like KarenMarie above, who shoulders a heavy load. I hope she wins today!

  131. So utterly grateful to have found you Dreama, yesterday. I so needed a lift and thanks to you, my plea has been answered. I am a fulltime carer, aged 38, for my husband, 42. When i’m inspired –
    happy, and enjoying art – i’m looking after “me”, and ultimately i become a better carer. Keep up the good work. Karen Mitchell, Devon. UK.

  132. Anonymous

    Grateful to be breathing, painting and just enjoying life. I am in Hawaii and the rain is falling hard, the frogs are croaking and a gentle breeze is flowing thru the night time air. How lovely. Merry Lund

  133. I’m thankful today for my art guild. The group has given me a lot more than I have given it. The competitions have helped me have confidence in where I am with my art at this point in time. I have volunteered and participated in areas that are my expertise and have been glad to do so.

  134. I’m thankful for oil paints – they’ve opened up a whole new world of art for me.

  135. Carrie

    So grateful for my little family!

    Carrie Waller

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