15 Nov

During the Creative Process


It’s time to  savor these things in our life, for they ARE our life’s work
Why would we choose to rush past, head down, bent on getting to the next…next what??
Everything that is ours, that has come to us, is part of our life’s work, our reason for being–part of the mosaic that is us
To treat each piece, each segment, each portion
with love
with awe
with wonder…..
is to realize the gift of life and of the present
The present which is alive and vibrant only in this moment, this present moment
We pull our self forward from the past
We restrain our self from the future
To be wholly here now

Expanding fully into this living moment

Aware of all the divine beauty
The revelations
And the reverence

that is Life.

“Joy in the Morning”
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  1. Nancy Makar

    Today I am so thankful for our beautiful Florida weather! It will be a perfect day for a feast tomorrow! Nancy Makar

  2. Anonymous

    Eddie is awesome!

    Tried not to rush! Quite a challenge the day before Thanksgiving!


  3. Gretchen Stoudt

    I am grateful for the opportunity to share Thanksgiving with my parents, as I know every day shared with them is a gift.

  4. Nancy Makar

    Today I am grateful for all our family and especially the oldest son who will be here tomorrow with two of the grandkids. He FINALLY wants to help cook and learn the secrets of his mama’s Southern Cornbread Dressing. Let the food preparations begin!! Nancy Makar

  5. Anonymous

    I am grateful for that big fat Butterball turkey in my refrigerator waiting to be roasted on Thanksgiving day.

    Karen Chamblin

  6. Gretchen Stoudt

    I am grateful for being able to share in the success of another artist friend, Carolyn Palmer, who invited me to the unveiling of her bronze busts at the FDR Museum and Library this past weekend. God truly lives through the talent of the artists in the world!

  7. Anonymous

    I have been so blessed with great friends…always there for me. I cherish the time I have with them. Diane Howard

  8. Anonymous

    I am grateful to have some of my children and grandchildren with me for this Thanksgiving. They are like the sunshine.

  9. Grateful for getting a contract job through the end of the year with a great company working with a wonderful group of people . . . have been asking the Universe for a job . . . and the Universe, as usual came through . . . but way too much struggling, stressing and worrying along the way. Loved your words this morning “The art of allowing. A worthy practice.” Need to practice more allowing, less struggle, stress and worry! Thanks! mj

  10. I’m grateful for my contract job through the end of the year . . . have been asking the Universe for a job . . . and the Universe, as usual, came through . . . though I did do way to much worrying and stressing . . .
    Loved today’s “The art of allowing. A worthy practice.” More of that, less struggling and stressing!

  11. Hallie B.

    I am grateful for 11 very healthy and happy grandchildren. 8 live close by and we do something fun once a month. Camping, fishing, cooking,or playing ball, and enjoying each other and the day of being together!

  12. I am grateful for the joys in my life because I have the creative juices in my blood. If you allow the time

  13. Sue Taylor

    I am grateful for music! It can really lift me up!

  14. I’m thankful to be retired and enjoying spending time with my husband after working all of those crazy shifts at the hospital for years.

  15. I am thankful to my dear friend Erin who led me to this site and is an inspiration to paint with.

  16. Marcia

    Grateful for a long hot shower and sleep at the end of a long work day!

  17. Anonymous

    Am thankful for the gift of eyesight to be able to enjoy all of nature’s beauty and the creative works of fellow artists on canvas.
    Linda White

  18. Anonymous

    Am grateful that I have such passion for life, love, and my art.

    Laetitia Borden

  19. Today I am grateful for a wonderful Naturopath and for the new books that arrived on my doorstep this morning. I am also grateful for the fun I have with my 2 older sons! Lovely post Dreama!

  20. I am grateful for my two sons.

  21. You continue to inspire us Dreama, Thanks so much!

  22. Today I am grateful for all of my wonderful artist friends. Thanks Dreama.

  23. I wake up quite early and usually see your daily email early, so I definitely noticed something was missing. I am so grateful, Dreama, that the lack of your email before work this morning was simply because you forgot to publish. When I did receive it, I saw the subject and thought you had sent the email out late on purpose! Then I saw your explanation….

  24. I’m thankful for the health and strength to help my daughter in her office today and now a quiet evening at home to catch up on emails, etc.

  25. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my Thursday painting group. It’s always a good day – challenging, informative and fun.

    Judith B

  26. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my wonderful family.
    Pat Kreppert
    Springfield, Il

  27. Today I am grateful that God know me and wants me to know Him -how incredible is that, that the God who created the universe wants me to know Him, intimately; to realize that He knows all about me, even the stuff I want to hide; that He made me JUST THE WAY I AM!

  28. Ruth Roberts

    Ahhh, so tired and worn out. Hard day of vintage shop holiday looking. I am so grateful to have a friend to go with that thinks it’s great to have a friend like me too.

  29. Today I’m grateful no one was hurt when I knocked over my easel! Ka-Blam!

  30. Anonymous

    I am so grateful that I received an email from my son, an Army Captain, who has been deployed to Afghanistan since September!! He is doing well! Praises!!

    Carol Morris

  31. Anonymous

    I am grateful that when I am hungry I have food to eat.
    Carol Hickerson

  32. Today I am quite grateful that I am going to be with my family in another state to spend some real quality time for Thanksgiving!! I love them all & am blessed to have them!!
    Cathleen Perkins~

  33. Today I’m grateful for a day to shop for a friends new baby, 2 children for Operation Shoebox and a few things for my studio. It was a wonderful day.

  34. I am thankful that I am going to have a houseful of people to share thanksgiving with and cook for. Love my family!

  35. Anonymous

    I am grateful for friends celebrating their birthdays. My neighbor turned 70 today!

  36. I am grateful for extended family that takes the time to stay connected. Thanks aunt Gloria!

  37. Today I am grateful for all the lovely, arty blogs to which I subscribe, including yours. xoxo

  38. Fuzz

    Today I’m grateful that I have a roof over my head 🙂

  39. Marcia Fox

    Today I’m thankful that I have a four day week-end ahead of me, don’t know what I’m doing yet, but looking forward to whatever comes my way.

  40. Deb LaRocque

    I am grateful my workday is almost over and I can go home and draw or paint.

  41. Anonymous

    I’m grateful for my accupuncture Dr. and the soothing, healing treatment she just did for me.
    Lori Anderson, Folsom CA

  42. Thankful for the day! with all the ups and downs that are part of our lives-i try to find Joy in this day!

  43. Gaylynn

    I am thankful for my husband. He is my best friend, jester, strength, and supports me in all I do.

  44. I am grateful for the desert beauty that surrounds me each day!

  45. I am grateful to have been raised in a home that knows Jesus, and tries to live as He would want us to.

  46. Anonymous

    Grateful today for my little grandson’s smile… nothing better to lift my spirits and chase away all worries. Dianne Harrison

  47. I’m grateful for the sunshine, especially on a cold, crisp, autumn day ~ I’m grateful for all the reminders through-out the day to be in the flow of the prescious present ~ gratitude quickly brings us there ~

  48. I am grateful for finally being able to get my haircut today. You feel so much better and prettier with a nice new “do”

  49. pat

    Today I am grateful for my artist’s friends who offer each other critique. They have become true friends.

  50. I am grateful for my wonderful little painting study group. The supportive (yet frank) discussions about our work make us all better artists (and friends).

  51. Anonymous

    Today I am grateful my son is safe and that his step dad is suppoertive.
    Frances, St Benoit-du-Sault

  52. Anonymous

    I am thankful for my friends today.
    Jaquelin Perry

  53. Today I am grateful for………TODAY! I accepted the opportunity to demonstrate and talk about art at the Great American Teach-In today at a local middle school. Questions were great and I had a blast!

  54. Celebrating a beautiful day.


  55. I am grateful for a God of grace, healing, and new beginnings. Oh, and for today’s sun bath, which my cat and I are enjoying right now.

  56. LeAnn

    Grateful for the change of seasons and how it energizes our being.

  57. i’m thankful for my eye doctor. 🙂 for those of us who are far or near-sighted, can you imagine life without glasses or contacts? blind as a bat without, but able to see clearly to draw and paint with them!

  58. myra

    I’m grateful for the beautiful view of Pikes Peak from my office window. It’s new and different every morning and every season.
    Myra Patin
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

  59. myra

    I’m grateful for the beautiful view of Pikes Peak from my office window. It’s new and different every morning and every season.
    Myra Patin
    Colorado Springs, Colorado

  60. I am forever thankful for the days when there is ‘no rushing!’ It seems like time speeds up sometimes and I would rather not.

  61. Peggy Monti

    I am grateful that a friend lead me to this blog today.

  62. DLPBR

    I am grateful to be this old.

  63. Ginny Good

    I am grateful to be an artist and have the sensitivity that beautiful colors can make me cry in appreciation of the beauty! I love painting for what it does inside of me not just what I produce!

  64. Lyn

    Thankful for a quiet moment to ponder your message. Thanks, Dreama.

  65. I am grateful for little fingers and messy fingerprints and noses on windows.

  66. June

    I forgot to add (because I was rambling on a bit, above – forgive me!) how beautiful this painting is, Dreama. Aptly titled, too – looking at it did bring me so much joy in the morning…and afternoon, too.

  67. June

    When we stop to truly consider it, all each of us have – that we know for sure we have, with absolute certainty – is this moment, because we’re in it. We’re experiencing it right now. All we need to do is connect with that moment, and each moment, as the moment happens.

    Simple but also very deep (and sometimes quite difficult to accomplish) – to be here now. Right here. Right now. Each moment we have is a gift and a blessing, and all we need to do is realise that, connect with that, immerse ourselves fully in each moment as best and as fully and as possionately as we can, and before too long, all these moments collectively become one’s path, one’s journey, one’s lifetime.

    I am grateful today to have found a beautiful little lake and wooded area not too far away from where we live that we didn’t even realise was there until we serendipitously took a wrong turn while driving home, and there it was, in all its splendour, all its natural beauty. The lake was still and gentle and calm, and the trees stood watch over the lake, protectively, while most of the leaves – resplendent in vivid autumnal reds, yellows and oranges – had fallen to the earth, which gifted us in the form of an beautiful autumnal blanket to immerse ourselves in the natural magic of it all. Nature is a truly awesome and awe-inspiring gift that I am so very grateful for.

  68. The only things that should be rushing are the turkeys in the barnyard..thankful to not be rushing today…

  69. Anonymous

    I am enjoying retirement so much. I’ve gotten to paint with you, I’m taking a two week cruise and I have watercolors with me. There is no rush. Just pure enjoyment.phyllis Elliott

  70. Anonymous

    I am grateful today for getting to spend time with my husband’s 89-year-old brother before he passed away last week. Life is beautiful and he knew it.

    Dee Eisenbarth

  71. I am grateful for my sister. My best friend. 🙂

  72. Holly Rose

    I am eternally grateful to dear friends that understand and support me whenever I need a shoulder. Compassion makes all the difference.

    I am eternally grateful for dear friends that love and support me when I need a shoulder. Compassion makes all the difference in the quality our lives.

  73. Yvonne

    So grateful !!! Heard today that two of my paintings where sold. Always an honer knowing that someone likes your work enough to purchase it.
    Yvonne Ankerman, sunny South Africa !!!! wow !!!

    • June

      Hey Yvonne! That’s absolutely brilliant! Well done, you and congratulations. It is a very special feeling when that happens – when someone likes your work enough to want to buy it and bring it home to their own home. Enjoy this great moment and celebrate.

  74. I am grateful today for my grandson taking a long nap this am so I can get caught up on my housework!

  75. Anonymous

    Today I’m grateful for good reliable friends scattered around the world. Grateful that my mother is healthy, fiesty and leading the way at 86. The world would be a far less colourful place without her. Sea Dean

  76. I am having a bit of discouragement today, but I’m thankful for your words in my inbox each day– they help make the day a little brighter.

  77. Susan Williams

    I am grateful for my wonderful friend Debra today. She is always just a phone call away for anything and gives so much to me. I don’t know very many people like her.

    I also really love the “Joy In The Morning” painting on todays blog. Just looking at it makes me feel good. Thank you Dreama.

  78. Anonymous

    I am grateful for good health. It allows me the pleasure of accomplishing almost anything I want to do.

    Arlene M., Ontario

  79. I am thankful that today is my day off! woo-hoo!

  80. Today I am grateful for so many people in my life who help me in so many different ways! I would be a lonely path without the love and friendship of others, wouldn’t it?

  81. Anonymous

    I am thankful for your art, humor, and inspiration in my inbox !
    Linda Will

  82. I’m grateful to be setting up my first holiday boutique this evening and having a supportive husband to do all the heavy lifting!

    • June

      All the best of success to you, Nancy, for your holiday boutique!

  83. Thank you for the reminder to slow down and savor the present… To remember that the “present” is truly a “gift” to be fully enjoyed. Easier said than done as I rush through things to get on with the next!

  84. Dana

    I am so grateful for a husband who is so willing to take up the slack when I am having a slow day. He happily cooked dinner last night!

  85. I am eternally grateful for my life – with my family and my art club friends. Thank you Dreama for giving permission to stop rushing! Love the quotes x

  86. Today I am grateful to have my health.

  87. Yes rushing is something I’ve learned to manage a bit…I’m grateful to have the time to get outside first thing before I start my day and hike in the woods!

  88. Karen

    I am grateful thata I am able to follow my dreams

  89. Anonymous

    I just remembered what an amazing blessing my computer is – I’m so thankful for it working well and allowing me to stay connected to friends, family, information and you, Dreama.
    Sue Lepsch

  90. If ever I needed advice/reminder, this one is exactly what I need today! I’m at that overwhelmed place where there’s so much to do/going on that I can’t think clearly. So thanks for the permission to ‘stop rushing’!!!

  91. Grateful today for my family and friends who have been encouraging me in some very stressful times.

  92. Grateful, today, that I was able to encourage a young PhD student with her thesis – and grateful for all the encouraging supervisors who helped me, many years ago.

  93. What a beautiful painting. Today I am grateful that I won the paint savers earlier in the week. That and frost on the left over flowers, so beautiful even though it means they will now be gone.

    Dreama is so giving. Her book will be a beautiful addition to anyone’s collection.

  94. Anonymous

    I am grateful for the reminder to live in the present this morning. So often I slip back or leap forward when the best is right now.
    Barb Krell

  95. Katherine Baker

    Today I am grateful for our ability to REIMAGINE our world and ourselves. Let your imagination fly and take steps to make it happen.

    • June

      Ohhhh….I just love what you wrote, Katherine. Beautiful! Thank you!

  96. FCP

    #15…distant call of an early morning train whistle
    faye christian phillips

  97. Your words today about our “life’s work” was meant for me. Just yesterday, a mentor and I were discussing this very thing. I am grateful for your timely words. Jen Kelly

  98. Anonymous

    I am grateful for every moment of my life!

    Alma Marshall

  99. I am grateful for the joy you have brought this month

  100. Wow! I am grateful to everyone for posting!! What a pleasure and joy to read what everyone is grateful for. I have tears of gratidude…as my soon-to-be 3 year old granddaughter, Addi say, “Grandma, you have happy tears. Thank you Dreama for this wonderful forum.

  101. Grateful today for the lovely rain so that all God’s creatures can have a bath.

  102. Anonymous

    I am gratefully for my days of travel wIth my husband. Lorraine Kendel

  103. Anonymous

    I am gratefully for a travel day with my husband. Lorraine Kendel

  104. I am savouring my coffee this morning in an extra special way – each sip is delicious, thank you for the reminder to be in the moment.

  105. Anonymous

    I am grateful for another day of life and health and the opportunity to try a painting experiment plein air this afternoon when the sun comes out.
    Arleen Turzo

  106. Anonymous

    I am just discovering the joy of ‘not rushing’. Room by room in my home, in my heart and my mind, I’m clearing out, throwing away and making breathing room for the ‘now’.
    Gloria Benedetto

  107. Thankful for a lunch date with my honey, before the kids will be home from school today 🙂

  108. So grateful today for good health as I enter my late 50’s. The ole body doesn’t move quite as fast as the brain does these days, but at least it still tries hard to keep up!

  109. Anonymous

    I am grateful for joy on the morning….:)))

    Cathy Joerger

  110. Anonymous

    I am thankful for all the encouragement and inspiration I receive through technology, including Dreama’s daily blog. Each one is a keeper.

  111. Josephine Y Hardison

    Today I am grateful for my health. I feel great, energetic and happy to be alive with no pain! Watching my dear mother live with so much pain the last years of her life makes me realize how important living a pain free life can be!

  112. I am thankful that a local garden shop wanted my work when she first opened. Now she is a garden, gift shop and gallery.

  113. I am grateful to live in the Creston Valley with it’s mild climate and four unique and beautiful seasons to enjoy!

  114. Anonymous

    I am grateful for my amazing husband. He takes responsibility to heart. Thank you Bob for every thing you do for your family.
    Brenda Gibbs

  115. I am very grateful for a rainy day! But it is warm and dry inside where I have my dogs and hubby, and oh! Yes, my paints!!

  116. Anonymous

    I am thankful for the sunshine. It always makes me feel better no matter what the day
    brings. The sunshine in Dreama’s paintings make me smile.

    Vicki Carol

  117. I’m grateful for starry nights.

  118. C-Rae

    Hello November 15th! I am grateful for 50 degree weather so me, the procrastinator can still get the Christmas lights up and put the garden to bed for the winter once and for all!

  119. I am grateful for a brand new day and the freedom to create a beautiful one.

  120. Gretchen Stoudt

    i am grateful for having a job that enables me to support myself.

  121. Fran

    I am grateful today for this nice quiet morning. A time to collect my thoughts and plan my day. Fran M.

  122. I am grateful for the reminder to be fully present in the NOW. Thank you, I needed that!

  123. Anonymous

    I am thankful for people who are willing to give “hugs”. We need at least ten hugs a day to stay healthy.
    Dana Burton

  124. Anonymous

    I am grateful that I read the directions for commenting today because I found out that I have done it wrong for the first half of the month! No matter, life with Dreama is fun and encouraging. Barbara Vater

  125. Anonymous

    I am grateful to see this day and everyday.
    Marilyn Troutman

  126. Maggie

    I’m so grateful for everything. The good stuff keeps me going, the not-so-good stuff keeps me growing. The best stuff is just the frosting on the cake. Hi to Eddie.

  127. I am grateful for the woman my son recently married. She is kind, loving and very nurturing to all of us. She is the daughter I never had.

  128. “Gratefulness makes two hearts glad.”Else Pannek

    I’m thankful that you took your post seriously and didn’t rush to hit send Dreama. It’s quite a relief to know you’re not really a super efficient artistic cyborg and are actually human after all! I say this with true admiration and affection! Thanks!

  129. Anonymous

    My puppy woke me up at 4:30 a.m. this morning to do his business and though I was initially aggravated, once outside, I looked up into the clear night sky and saw a host of twinkling stars. The street was quiet except for the rustling of fall leaves guided by a gentle breeze. I was thankful for that moment of peace and beauty. S. Simpson

  130. Anonymous

    It’s a beautiful, sunny day and I have a new website, full of wonderful paintings to view. Gayle Nunn

  131. slowly,slowly.thank for all

  132. Anonymous

    Today I am greatful to be able to be at court for a neglected child. I appreciate to be there for them.
    Joanna Cranford

  133. I am grateful for the joy I get from painting, teaching and my family. Thanks Dreama!

  134. I am always rushing…too much to do in a day. This morning I am grateful for all the wonderful folks that step in to help me with my Mom. They help me keep her in her little bubble safe and I am grateful for that.

  135. A great reminder to slow down and savor every moment.

  136. Nancy Holder

    Today I am thankful for my 2nd little grandbaby, Skye Rebekah, I can’t wait to see her again!

  137. Anonymous

    I am thankful for this beautiful, cold, crisp morning! The sun is shining and it is going to be a beautiful day!
    Sherry Crouse

  138. Today – after time since Feb. 8, 2012, I am almost pain-free. My surgeon has always said ‘patience’ – I have had undying patience the whole time..waiting and waiting and hoping…thinking in the back of my mind, this must be my new life…however, since about 6PM last night, I am pain free in my ankle. There is HOPE…there is LIGHT…this is a good day, and I am thankful for it! I know it will return from time to time, but I pray that it is now subsiding. I will be a different person!

    • June

      I’m so happy for you, Pattie, that you are feeling so much better, and experiencing that blissful and grateful state of being nearly pain-free. Long may that continue, and may you reach that even more blissful state of being completely free of pain forever.

  139. Anonymous

    A very busy time is approaching in my job and I am thankful for the energy and colleagues to tackle it with enthusiasm. Oh, and a husband who will have a great dinner waiting for me when I come home, exhausted!

    • Anonymous

      Oops, forgot my name – Mary Beth Harrison

  140. Today I’m especially grateful to be celebrating 54 years of marriage to the most wonderful guy in the world. He has severe COPD so every day is a gift and each year a milestone. 55 is next!

    • June

      Congratulations to you and your hubby, Twinkle! 54 years! That is absolutely wonderful. May your day today and this year (and the years after that) be filled with a continuation of all of that love and happiness you’ve shared together.

  141. I am grateful for the colors of the sunrise. Carry them with you all day long.

  142. I’m grateful for the miracle of eyesight to enjoy the natural & creative beauty in the world. 🙂

  143. I am and have been grateful for these posts in the morning, almost like devotions, to help me live my life on the possitve. Today was no different. Question? If I share this on facebook, can you see my comment there, or do I need to comment here, then share?
    Thanks for the thankful focus!

  144. MDS

    I am grateful to have today off, free from work… I have a challenge/painting to focus on!

    • Michelle–I had it ready at midnight last night but forgot to hit the publish button:)) So it went out at 8 am and will go in the mail when feedburner picks it up–tomorrow it will go back to normal:))

      As for Facebook, if you use your Facebook login (which is above the regular comment section here on the blog) then it will post both here on the blog AND on Facebook.


  145. I am thankful today for the ability to go and do my volunteer time at a place that I completely believe in. The Laurel Gorge Cultural Heritage Center. I love spending part of my day there.

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