5 Dec

During the Creative Process

“A Jar of Sunshine”

Canning jars are great for holding lots of things—-like sunshine!!

In Other News:  
It’s great feeling to know when someone’s got your back.
And I know a whole bunch of you have got mine, as evidenced to the response of my random/mistake piece of email that went out to some of you on Wednesday (just wanted to make sure you are reading everything I am sending you ;).
I am in charge of some behind the scenes techy work.  As much as I would LOVE to blame Eddie, I have to own up and say I did this one all by myself.
I would like to say it won’t happen again, but there are still more things coming up requiring my not so savvy tech work….so you have been warned—you may or may not receive another embarrassing bit of off track email.
Having said that, if you get anything requesting can salmon for the holidays, I think you will know who sent it.

“A Jar of Sunshine”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

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  1. What a wonderful post, Dreama. I am grateful to have heard your voice on AHA, so as I read your writings, I hear the smile that lives on your face and in your heart.

    I am grateful this season of love and joy. As difficult as life inevitably is for all of us at times, the simple pleasure of the lights on my Christmas tree and the carols of beautiful choirs filling my home melt away those difficulties for a time. For some excellent Christmas music, search for “Robert Shaw holiday” on Pandora. You’ll get so much more! Cheers!

  2. Terri Godfrey - Fresh Thyme

    Beautiful, inspirational month of gratitudes. thank you. Today I am grateful for my two hard working, self employed adult sons who are going through a hard time in this economy. It’s devastating yet they show up every day, nose to the grindstone, keep on keeping on. Kudos to them.

  3. Anonymous

    I like it when folks come together and share views. Great website, continue the good
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  4. Love a Jar of Sunshine! Gorgeous loose brushwork and fun. Everyone should have one!! And as for the computer glitch- I think we all knew it was just a little glitch…we all have them- can’t help but have them with this tech world we live in. I did think of Eddie but…:)

  5. Dreama – will you be doing a giclee of Jar of Sunshine??? Fingers crossed!

  6. Dreama,
    Received your email today reminding me that the Marco Island workshop was right around the corner. Can’t wait. Printed out my list of items to purchase and was happy that most have been ticked off. Looking forward to going through my photos and picking those that I want to bring along with me!

    • Awesome! It will be here before we know it! Warm breezes in the middle of winter and painting with friends—it doesn’t get any better than that:)!

  7. Sharon

    You Ms. Dreama are the sunshine in my morning. That is saying a lot seeing that I live in the rainy NW>

    • Sharon, I am honored to be anyone’s sunshine—ESPECIALLY those in the rainy NW;))) Thanks so much!

  8. Beautiful painting! I love all your work but this one is especially wonderful! I too am missing the daily gratitude posts but have been writing in my own journal a lot.:) Look forward to seeing the collection that you are so thoughtfully working on. It’s okay, keep blaming Eddie… I think he can take it!

    • Kathleen!–I am actually missing doing them too. If only I could get Eddie to do more around here–I could have more time to write and paint. Never one for lifting a paw, but always one for loudly complaining—I am, in spite of it all, persevering on the book:)))
      Thanks for your support!

  9. Just discovered you thru dailypainters – and am weak, I so love jar of sunshine / gorgeous! Can’t wait to devour more Dreams – Sue Awes

  10. *Snicker* We’ve all had a cyber faux pas at one point or another, Dreama. I vote you go ahead and blame Eddie.

    • Kristy–thank you for your support. Eddie may not be guilty of this, HOWEVER –there are so many things that he IS guilty of /never been charged with that I DO feel completely comfortable shifting the blame onto him;))

      We shall henceforth refer to this as the CYER FAUX PAWS incident….

  11. June

    I’m happy for you and your father-in-law, Vicki, that all went well.

  12. Anonymous

    Thankful that my father-in-law had successful cardioversion today. vicki morgan

  13. Love it! Both the painting and the misadventures 😉

  14. June

    Oh…my…goodness! Dreama! This painting is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful! The colours of those gorgeous flowers just brought an instant, immediate and, very much needed smile to my face. I of course am in love with the blue bell jar – I love those jars! But what is the icing on the cake for me are those flowers and the joy they would instantly bring to any room or to anyone walking into the room where they are, and seeing them.

    That’s why a painting of such a beautiful vase and a beautiful bouquet of these flowers is so perfect – something to last forever, long after the flowers themselves have gone.

    Thank you for cheering me up – I so badly needed that today.

    Oh, and about that mistakenly sent e-mail? I just figured it was Eddie who was playing around on the keyboard, pressing a key here, pulling down a menu there…my Phillo does stuff like that all the time – he has even been known to hit the re-dial button on our landline phone, and actually call someone!

    Very much looking forward to the compilation book of gratitude and inspiration. But please don’t stress, though. It’ll be ready when it’s ready – don’t push or stress at getting it done by a certain date.

    • June–glad you are giving Eddie the blame;)) And happy the flowers hit the spot for you!

      Thanks for the encouragement on the book—it is coming along nicely—just a few more days and it should be ready to roll:)!

  15. Fran–your message made me laugh out loud:)) I am so happy that you are reading and enjoying the posts. I have been working (and writing)—and the book is coming soon. Hopefully next week! I need two more of me—instead I have two Eddie’s.

    And you may be anonymous but you’ll always be Fran to me;)))!


  16. Anonymous

    I know how much I, along with everyone else, enjoyed your daily emails/messages of gratitude, but I must confess a serious bout of withdrawal that NOTHING has come in the last few days! How much we are all looking forward to your compilation of The Month of Gratitude! I can hardly wait to share it with two very dear friends.
    Fran C. – San Francisco
    P.S. and someday I may even learn “how to select a profile!”

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