16 Dec

Before the Creative Process


Write the story of your life.
Not what is.
Not what you think it will be
But the story you would like to read.
Whenever you’re at a loss for what move to make next, just ask yourself, “What would make a better story?”
~Austin Kleon


 A Dream……a Gift is heading your way very soon (as in this week:).  (Sorry, when your name is Dreama, the temptation to use it or something that sounds like it is too much to resist.)

Make sure you are subscribed to Dreama’s Art (link below)– when it is released (later this week) those who are subscribed will go straight to the download link for my new Ebook, Be Inspired: Adventures of the Heart…..the collection of writings from November/2012.
Free for you.  Free to share with a friend (or two…or three…more:)
A Dream…..a gift for the holidays;)) (Told you I couldn’t resist!)

12 x 12″ oil on museum quality panel

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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