15 Dec

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“Tuscany Outside My Door”

What better vantage point to view the sweeping hillsides of vining grapes than from one sun warmed bench….Tuscany just outside my door:)!!

Lexington Workshops I and II

My last two workshops of the year made for a satisfying ending to 2012.  Held in November, here is a taste of fabulous faces and awesome artwork….
I know, I know…..aren’t they simply beautiful??
Both the art and the artists:)!
My first group of November Artists:))
Betsy, Toni, Elizabeth, Cathy, Linda, Sarah, Janice, Vicki, Judy,  Alicia, Marion, Rosanne, Julie, Jan, Kathy, Sue,  Anna Hurt, Karen, and Pris

Please note…for those of you wondering….I do own other shirts.  This one has appeared in every workshop photo.  What can I say….it’s BLUE!!!!!

A little musical easels artwork;))
Here are the second group of sassy artists….loaded and ready for action!!

Nancy, Sherry, Hallie, Lori,  Josephine, Ann R., Linda , Brenda, Sandy, Ann G., Earlene, and Marilyn.
I KNOW!!! More wonderful art and artists:)!!!
And some discussions over musical easels:))
It was fun having the delayed time to look back as I put together today’s post.   What stood out when I flipped through my photos was just how blessed we all are.  For me, I have met so many outstanding people this year —at every workshop, every gathering, every city, that I have had the privilege to teach.  I have watched as artists have mingled, supported, laughed, gathered courage, loved and painted.
I am one lucky dog indebted to a whole slew of amazing artists.
Just don’t tell Eddie.
He doesn’t like to hear about any dog and certainly not one having any luck;))
In Other News:
Have you ever been moving and think you are almost done and then open one more closet that is filled to the top and then some??  Getting my ebook from the Gratitude Adventure month ready for prime time has felt very much like that.  I have been sooo close about 5 times and then realize there’s yet one more thing to do;))  So you didn’t hear it from me, but Eddie says that surely to goodness it will be ready this week!!!
There really is an ebook…;))
I honestly am excited for it to go forth and hopefully add some good to the world;))  In an effort to keep it moving and being shared, you will not need to subscribe to Dreama’s Art—I am keeping it as simple and painless as possible to read, download and share:))
Lest I embarrass myself further, I will not put a firm date here, but I am HOPING for it to be this week:))   Please, DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH…..I can’t handle the extra pressure.

“Tuscany Outside My Door”
12 x 12″ oil on museum quality panel

P.S.  I know you are busy so no pressure.  However, if you have a moment for gratitude, the little box below will allow you to share it.  You may just make someone’s day:)))  Have an amazing week my friend!!
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  1. June

    Oh! And another thing! This painting! It’s another of my very favourites. I am so very much there, sitting on that chair that’s almost invited me to stay for a while, with an espresso close by me, as I soak up the sunshine that’s seeping into those beautiful blue window shutters. Bellisimo i grazie for brightening my day with this glorious Tuscan scene.

  2. June

    Yesterday’s reward for my patience with this persnickety PC of ours was to be able to download the very inspiring ‘Be Inspired’ e-book that you’ve given to all of us, Dreama. It’s just so wonderful to have it in a book form. All I need to do now is to get some more colour ink cartridges for our printer, and I’ll be printing it out shortly thereafter, to read, to be inspired by, to reflect upon, and to truly treasure.

    Thank you so much for doing both the Great Gratitude Adventure on your blog last month, and for also transforming it into an actual book.

    ps – And after France, Italy and San Francisco, perhaps you could be enticed to come to Ireland!

  3. Anonymous

    Your “Being Inspired” arrived today as I mailed my $100 donation to Glide Memorial Church here in San Francisco (made famous by the Will Smith movie). There is no way to thank you for your immense donation of love to all of us with this book, so “paying it forward” is the best I could come up with. The ripple of your generosity spreads to the San Francisco Homeless with a bit more money for food and shelter. Thank you, Dreama.
    Fran C. – San Francisco
    (perhaps someday you’ll schedule a workshop here! Italy, France AND San Francisco!)

    • Fran…that’s what I want to have happen!!! Thank YOU for paying it forward. Just warms my heart and soul:))) Gonna have to come San Francisco just meet you;))

      Big Hugs!

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