21 Feb

During the Creative Process

Eddie Striking the Pose

Yeah, that’s Eddie Bill, striking the pose in an effort to train his protege’, Eddie Pierre, on how haute couture¬†cats (such as ¬†himself) pull in the big gigs. ¬†You gotta love it when he goes on these rants — talking about himself in the third person.

¬†“Eddie Bill only works for the best. ¬†Eddie Bill knows how to place what paw where. ¬†Eddie Bill demands respect wherever he goes and you know how he demands respect?? By…” ¬†Well, you get my drift, Eddie likes to talk about himself better than anyone I know.

And Eddie Pierre is a good listener, I’ll give him that. He can hear the “shoop” of a can of Fancy Feast being opened five blocks over. ¬†He can hear the buzz of a gnat in the corner and maintain a watchful eye on it for hours. ¬†He can repeat verbatim the conversations the birds out back had this morning.

Listening to Eddie Bill’s “direction” for striking the star pose?
Not so much.

Eddie Bill has his work cut out for him.
Teacher to student.
Big cat to little cat.
Pretty much all black and white:))

“Eddie Striking the Pose”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S. ¬†Speaking of teaching….I just arrived in Carmel, IN and I’m ready to meet some gifted and talented artists! ¬†Painting and hanging out with other creative peeps for the next few days…doesn’t get much better than that:))!!


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  1. June

    I know you all are having a fantastic and fun time in Carmel…even though Eddie’s missing you – but not letting his pride get in the way by telling you that outright, of course – you can tell that by the expression on his face in this painting…which I love. The black and white perfectly complementing all those glorious colours in the blue bell jar.
    Have fun, everyone – looking forward to seeing photos of this weekend, and all those smiles (and all those chocolates and other deelish munchies that Dreama’s workshops are famous for) ūüôā

  2. Kim Minichiello

    I love the brush work on this one Dreama! Say hello to my home state, and have a great time in Carmel. Happy Painting!

  3. Love your sunshine paintings! They brighten my day!

  4. Karen Chamblin

    I love Eddie the cat. I just purchased my Steve Worthington “Sprightly” mouse for some future paintings. I named my mouse “Jasper”.

  5. Sheri

    What’s not to love about cats named Eddie? Back up….what’s not to love about cats? Eddie Bill looks and behaves so much like my last kitty whose name was Mini Purrl. She was a love,too. Your paintings take my breath away!

  6. Gretchen Stoudt

    Just can’t get enough of the two Eddies! I look forward to hearing about what they’ve been up to.
    Thank you for the lovely chocolates which just arrived. You can be sure that I will be thinking of you and the boys with every delicious bite. Big hugs!

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