5 Feb

During the Creative Process

Magic in Marco Island

Marco Island Workshop II

I may be back in the frozen tundra but the memories of the sunshine on Marco Island surely has made winter a bit more tolerable:))
Please Note:  This is your escape spot today……the good looking guy serving pina coladas will be along shortly;))

They said they wanted to paint with me, but I am highly suspicious of the 4 Canadian gals that came to  the second workshop in Marco Island—I mean—how come they didn’t come to Kentucky in July??

Just sayin’:)

Same goes for the  Chicago and Grand Rapids gals that showed up :))
That may account for all the smiles I saw over the three days—did they really want to take a workshop with me or were they just wanting to get the heck out of wintry dodge??

Who cares?  We had an awesome time and as you can see from their paintings below—they were a colorful

and very talented group of artists!

I’m just glad somebody wanted to be in Marco Island in January besides me:))
I loved hanging out with these talented ladies—it was an honor to spend time with them.


So as the sun sets peacefully on the island—I am making plans.

Marco Island.   January.  2014

Don’t even try and talk me out of it:))

P.S.  I am currently surviving the winter by a daily dose of chocolate.  Well, more like hourly dose of chocolate—but hey, those kisses are small.

Okay, some are larger than others.

So glad you came back to see us in our new home:))
We’re giving away chocolate  like it was candy;)

Just leave a comment —- Eddie will personally be doing the drawings for the winners.

“Spring Faces”
12 x 12″ oil on museum quality panel $600


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  2. m88

    Hey There. I found your blog using msn. This is an extrmely well written article.
    I will be sure to bookmark it and come back tto read more of your useful information. Thanks
    for the post. I’ll certainly return.

  3. m88

    Hello mates, its wonderful paragraph about cultureand completely defined, keep it up alll the time.

  4. pamela seay

    Love your bright happy paintings. Especially the perriwinkle happiness that they glow with!

  5. Mary Beth

    Someday, someday! I will be painting with you, Dreama! Your workshop (in any location) is definitely on my bucket list. Love your new site!

  6. margene

    glad you enjoyed time in the warmth, your students paintings are beautiful. Love your work, your new page is great.

  7. Beautiful paintings, great photos from the workshop and Eddie – who could ask for more. Oh, yeah – chocolate!! ha ha Count me in the drawing.

  8. Absolutely LOVE the new website. I feel the coziness of your chair, smell the warm drink you just handed me, taste the sweet chocolate, and most importantly see all of the beautiful colors in the art that you create!

  9. Karen Gifford

    Oh, the photos of Florida bring back memories – in the early 1970s we lived in Sarasota – I do miss the beach, even in the winter when we thought it was too cold to go swimming. Hah, did I have a lot to learn when I returned to Colorado.
    Sweet memories – and chocolate, along with delightful paintings – I’ve landed in Heaven. 🙂

  10. Sea

    Somebody said chocolate! …. No seriously I’ve just dropped a pant size so not sure I should be eating any more sweet stuff. Maybe you could get your web designer to put smellavision on it.
    I just dropped by to say I love your new site and particularly love the photos of Marco Island. What a lovely colour combination.

  11. I love your bright colors Dreama! And your bright outlook on life…and I share your love of chocolate ! 🙂

  12. Cindy Stierhoff

    Hmmm I would love to have some chocolate from Dreama and Eddie. =^..^=

  13. OK! Miss Dreama give it up……come clean…it’s for your own good!…..get it off your chest!….Eddie & Little Eddie did the new website…..it’s way too good for you to have done it by yourself! Good one girl!

    • Dreama

      Doggone it Mary!!! Why did you have to go and bust me. As you might well guess….the fur has been flying around here over the past few months getting the new site up and running;))))

  14. JJ Hoffman

    Just ordered the next size (up!) jeans and need chocolate to ensure a proper fit! Will paint for chocolate! I live for chocolate! A day without chocolate is like a day without sunshine. Chocolate rules! You get my drift….. Thanks Dreama for the ray of sunshine you provide!

  15. Tommie Stewart

    I absolutely LOVE every one of your paintings! I can’t wait to see what you post…your art AND your blog…which is also an art! You write so beautifully! I MUST get to a workshop!”one of these days” (as my mom used to say).

  16. Tommie Stewart

    I absolutely LOVE every one of your paintings! I can’t wait to see what you post…your art AND your blog…which is also an art! You write so beautifully! I MUST get to a workshop!”one of these days” (as my mom used to say).

  17. Tommie Stewart

    I absolutely LOVE every one of your paintings! I can’t wait to see what you post…your art AND your blog…which is also an art! You write so beautifully! I MUST get to a workshop!”one of these days” (as my mom used to say).

  18. You were in KY? dang! I’m loving your paintings! What color and freshness!

  19. Enri Rodriguez Paul

    Inspiring! So inspiring!!!!!

  20. June

    Yep…Marco Island is definitely magic, going by all you’ve written, all the photos you’ve shared with us (the ones who’ve not yet gone there…but there’s always 2014’s workshops to hope for, right? Right!) and all those very happy and smiling faces of all the artists who had such a great time with you this time ’round.
    It definitely takes the chilly bite out of a freezing cold winter.
    I love those ‘spring faces’ too – a beautiful bright, happy, sparkly painting to cheer us (who are NOT in sunny climes) up.
    I absolutely cannot wait for spring!

  21. Claire Southward Snyder

    I know how you must miss Marco Island–I know I miss Thailand!

  22. Bonnie Beechler

    I have been to Marco Island; John Seery-Lester used to have a home there, not sure if he still does. He is an amazing wildlife artist. Did you make any side trips? One of my favorite nearby places is Sanibel Island, and the 5 mile walk they have through the marshy areas. The birds and the light…just heaven.

  23. Tracey

    Fabulous flowers and I would have loved to have painted with you in San Marcos. I will be at the Carmel,Indiana workshop in a few weeks. I know the feeling of wanting some sunshine in Feb, I’m from Chicago!!

  24. This painting is gorgeous. Love the tulips and sunflowers! Wonderful brushwork shaping that tulip especially! I have discovered I love painting flowers! Enjoyed the photos of the workshops and the warm sunshiney ones too!

  25. Ada

    Hi Dreama,
    Love seeing the pics your hubby took at the workshop. I couldn’t stop laughing as when I looked at my photo I had my eyes closed! Honestly, I must have been blinking because I was NOT asleep and was taking copious notes. Dreama’s workshops are NOT boring! 🙂

  26. Judy Buffington Baker

    You do weave magic with your paintbrush! My goal today is to attempt to paint Dreama style.

    • Dreama

      Go Judy! Go Judy!!

  27. Gretchen Stoudt

    I love living vicariously through you, and you truly make the dreary winter doldrums more bearable. With you in spirit, wherever you may travel, and thinking of you whenever I savor a piece of chocolate. Would love to take you to Hershey for a tour of the factory and to sample their treats as they are just a short drive away.

    • Dreama

      Gretchen–that would be so much fun. One of these days I just may take you up on that offer:)) Sounds like my kind of road tour!! And I love “taking you with me” on my travels. I love sharing where/when/what I am into at the moment:))

  28. Patricia Stoelting Langley

    Marco island sounds great in 2014!

    • Dreama

      You know it Patricia:)) The dates for it are going to be posted in my newsletter and here on the site this week-end:))

  29. Sharon

    Eddy you are so lucky to live with such a delightful and talented lady. I am loving your new site. Someday I hope to take a class from you. I never get my name in before your Whidbey Island class says full. It has caused me to resort to eating large amounts of chocolate….. Eddy I will do a full body massage followed by a salmon moose pate.!

  30. Dana S Whitney

    Hi, Eddie. Here’s a virtual under-the-chin rub! Nice new digs you’ve got!

    • Dreama


  31. The site is very beautiful, just like your spirit.

  32. Martha Mobley

    I love all your work. Wish I could paint with oil!

    • Dreama

      Thanks Martha! I love oils too but then, all of the mediums make beautiful art—its just finding the one that fits you:))

  33. Elena Gradzion

    Very beatifully and happily 🙂

    • Dreama

      Thanks Elena!

  34. Dreama

    Go Judy! Go Judy!

  35. gayle nunn

    Such fun. A lovely way to great a winter’s day. Thanks for the brightening.

    • Dreama

      Gayle–I’m glad. When it gets to be this time of year, it feels like winter has hung around a bit too long;)) We need sunshine and blue waters!

  36. MaryAnn McCarter

    Thanks to a cancellation I get to meet you and join the colorful fun at Whidbey Island in May. Can’t wait!

    • Dreama

      Oh MaryAnn–how cool is that! Whidbey Island is beautiful too–I’ll look forward to seeing you there:)!

  37. Joanna Cranford

    Your new site looks great, Eddie looks awesome!

    • Dreama

      Thanks Joanna! Eddie is reading this over my shoulder and totally agrees with you;))

    • Dreama

      Thank you Michelle! I love getting to do what I do—painting is a happy place to be:))

  38. Ellen Graham

    Marco Island is so dreamy, as are all the paintings. What is in the air?

    • Dreama

      Ellen–I have no idea. That is why I am going back. Someone has to do the investigative work on this;))

  39. Ruth Roberts

    This is absolutely my favorite painting of yours yet. The colors are magnafique!

    • Dreama

      Thanks Ruth! Sunflowers and tulips make for such good company:))

  40. OMG. I just noticed the “Solve the math exercise to post your comment” and now I can’t remember my comment as I’m frozen with fear. Where’s my calculator?

    • Dreama

      Laurie…you are ridiculous:)) You have spent so much time hunting sea glass that it has messed with those last few remaining brain cells you own;)) I’ll try to make sure you get the 1 plus 1 problem….;)

  41. Dreama the new site looks great! It’s colorful, friendly and exciting, just like you! THanks again for the massive infusion of inspiration at Marco Island. My head is bursting with ideas. The last two things I painted (figurative, Karen was my model)are masterpieces!!! I said that WHILE I was painting them too! Ha! THATS Dreama style!! You can see them on DPW now. (My Facebook and website are not caught up yet.

    • Dreama

      Valerie–that’s awesome! Glad you and Karen are cheering each other on in your art too:))

  42. Jerry Stocks

    Love the new website and I know the Eddies love it too. They are certainly in the limelight.
    Miss you.

    • Dreama

      Thanks Jerry—miss you too! I know you are busy in school:)) Thanks for swinging by our new site! And yes, the Eddies are trying to take credit for the whole thing, per usual;)

  43. Rochelle Cathey

    Very impressive…the artwork your workshop participants put out !

    • Dreama

      Rochelle–it’s always amazing to see the work that is done in the workshops—the same subject through the eyes of each one has its own special look!

  44. Mike O

    The new site looks great!

    • Dreama

      Thanks Mike! We are liking our new house too:)!

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