13 Feb

Before the Creative Process

Stolen Kisses

I know.  It sounds SO romantic.
Stolen kisses.  Two ships passing in the night and all that good stuff.

Well, at my house you can take that phrase at face value.  No high flying romance involved, no clandestine meetings—just chocolate disappearing from my stash only to somehow reappear with the likes of Eddie.

One small kiss for the mouse.

One giant kiss for Ed-kind.

“Stolen Kisses”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S.  In case you’re wondering, Eddie apparently didn’t lift a paw in order to “lift” the chocolate—according to my sources (ie Maggie), he serenaded Phyllis while she did the heavy lifting.
Some song about an ant and a rubber tree plant.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

As promised, it’s time to share the love….and the chocolate!
(Thankfully, Eddie was unable to open the tins below:))

The winning names for the Random Acts of Chocolate, drawn out by the chocolate thief himself, are….

Ann Pass

Valee Sewell Penn

Gretchen Stoudt


Gals,  just email me  your snail mail address and you’ll be eating chocolate in no time:))!

One Final Thought…

If you were in my grade school class I would send you 3 Valentines just so you would know how special I think you are:)!!

dreama, Eddie Bill, Eddie Pierre, Phyllis and Maggie.


Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. People never tell me they like my art, they just say “I love your colours.” [I never can sell any though.So I get to keep them all . 😉 ]

  2. june

    Couldn’t stop giggling while reading the ‘one small kiss for the mouse…one giant kiss for Ed-kind’ – brilliant, Dreama! I love Eddie’s expression in this portrait of him, and Phyllis’ body language, as well. Ahhhh…I know Eddie will eventually share his stolen (chocolate) kiss with Phyllis – after all, she did all the hard work.
    Congratulations to Ann, Valee and Gretchen! Enjoy your choccies (good thing they’re in those beautiful tins so Eddie couldn’t get at these, as well).
    Here’s wishing you, Ron, both Eds, Phyllis and Maggie – and all your subscribers – a beautiful, love-filled day with hearts, flowers, sunshine and yes…kisses, fun-size and giant-size.
    With much love,

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