29 Apr

During the Creative Process

A Beautiful Day Awaits

As the morning sun starts spreading its warmth and light over everything in it’s path it’s so easy to imagine the JOY an ordinary day can hold.

May  JOY spreads its warmth and light over your day like liquid sunshine!

Springfield, Virginia Workshop II

My time in the Washington, DC area was simply wonderful.  I ate way too well AND got to run around a bit to see some sights:)  Eddie Bill only called a few times to complain about Eddie Pierre (okay, that’s not counting all the text messages…ones like OMG EP is NOT my BFF –he 8 all the FFSBT)(Fancy Feast Savory Blend Tuna)—while I got to do tons of painting and meet some fun/crazy/talented/hardworking artists.

Here’s me adding one last stroke to A Beautiful Day Awaits.  Okay, maybe not the last stroke.  Maybe the 10th “last stroke”….you know—the just one more thing and then I’m REALLY done stroke/phase of painting:)))

Some absolutely gorgeous paintings from Day One—always love seeing all the paintings together –look how the personality of each artist has shown up!

Miles of smiles at this workshop….

Which made for lots of joyful paintings:)!!

Springtime in Springfield with a super talented bunch of gals:)!!

Sandra, Judith (Judy), Bobbi, Rebecca (Becky), Rebecca, Debra, Deena, Nancy, Vijaya, Lydia, Nancy, Judy, Susan, Barbara, Vicki, Jean, Julie–and my wonderful hosts, Gloria and Susan!  So many familiar faces in this workshop and lots of new ones made for a very special three days—a very warm thanks to each of you for bringing your best self and making beautiful art!!

“A Beautiful Day Awaits”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S.  So excited ….my 2014 Workshop Dates are FINALLY here!!

You can check the 2014 Workshop Dates by clicking here:)!


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  1. June

    A glorious and beautiful painting that goes perfectly with its equally beautiful title. I wish for you and for all of us the very same – each and every day filled with warmth and light, filling up our collective hearts and souls and spirits like liquid sunshine.
    Miles of smiles, most definitely! Look at those beaming faces. And all those beaming paintings, too. Wonderful! As always, I wish I could’ve been there – and maybe one day, as I’m saving my pennies (and euros), it may even happen.
    In the meantime and until then, thanks for sharing these piccies with us (artists at ‘work’ – which is really ‘play’ to me, always gets my creative mojo going full blast).

  2. Deb Keirce

    We had fun Dreama, didn’t we?

  3. Berit Trædal

    Just love your pictures! Thank you for sharing!

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