23 Apr

Before the Creative Process

A Colorful Kind of Joy, a Ten-Pack of Winners and the 2014 Workshops Are Coming!!

In your enjoyment of the day remember to take a moment and catch the night sky:)
Full moon and stars that will take your breath away!
Diamond twinkles that bring a sense of awe
And falling stars to remind you
of just how special you are.
Millions of stars are watching and waiting for you to simply look up!

Eddie says I need to  just go ahead and  announce the ten awesome peeps who won a copy of my latest book

Be Inspired, Adventures for the Heart.

Says the excitement is killing him.

(I’m sure it has nothing to do with him wanting to take a nap  on the chair where I have the books sitting at the moment…)

Ten Awesome Peeps

Pat Alto

Karen Gifford

Mary Beth

Jana Withers

Carla Pasley

Fran Chuba

Carol Schiff

Anthony Whiting

Nina Snyder

Kay Wyne

Congrats to each of the winners and thanks to all of you for sharing what inspires you!!
(Winners please contact me with your snail mail address and I’ll drop your copy in the mail.)

A very special thanks to each of you who have already ordered a copy—it means so much!

To learn more about Be Inspired, Adventures for the Heart (and download your free copy or order your hard copy version) just  click here.

To read all the inspiring comments left by all the amazing folks who read this blog,  click here:))

“A Colorful Kind of Joy”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S.  Details on the Springfield Workshop II to follow:)!

P.S.S.  Only 3 more days ’til my 2014 Workshop Schedule is released:))  If you wanna hear about it ASAP make sure you’re subscribed.  You can do that by clicking here:))

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  1. Deb Keirce

    I recognize that joyful painting! I do!

  2. Carol Hayes Schiff

    I am so excited,….I won one of Artist Dreama Tolle Perry’s new books! Cannot wait to get it!

    • june

      Congratulations, Carol!

  3. june

    Bring on those gorgeous, gorgeous colours!
    What a beautiful and bright painting this is. Another contender for the 2014 calendar, I’m hoping?
    I regularly go outside and look up at the night sky to take in all the amazing and literally wonderful/wonder-filled and awesome (and awe-inspiring) amazing-ness that are there in the heavens above.
    Congrats to all the 10 lucky winners of ‘Be Inspired’! I hope to be buying my copy of it sooner rather than later.
    Thanks, Dreama, for all the colours and the joy you bring.

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