19 Apr

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True Colors

Blue shutters, terra cotta pots, blooming roses and medieval buildings.
True colors in France:)

I love the song by that same name (True Colors).
A reminder that the real beauty lies in being ourselves, showing our true colors.
The patina that comes with the age of the buildings in France has a beauty that a new “perfectly finished” building of today simply cannot compete with.

Old fashioned roses have a fragrance that the newer hybrids simply can’t match.

Don’t be afraid to let them show….your true colors, like those of France, are beautiful—today be sure and show your


If video doesn’t appear, just click here to view:))

Springfield Workshop I

As always, my workshop with these great artists flew by way too quickly!  So much talent, so many heartfelt stories and sharing among these gals.  My wonderful hosts, Gloria Benedetto and Susan Johnson, made everyone feel welcome and supplied so many goodies to keep the energy going….including a little meet and greet for everyone!

From musical easels to marketing and motivation

With artists from Canada to Texas and Atlanta to Maryland

We had a super 3 days!!

Sassy and Soulful Artists in Springfield, VA:))  

 Marni, Ursula, Mary, Susan, Lorraine, Linda, Carol, Gloria, Michaelanne, Sue, Linda, Cathy, Tammy, Goodrich, Kim, Paula, Diane, and Lorrie….thank you for letting me hang out with you for 3 artful days!!!

“True Colors”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

Dreama Tolle Perry Log
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  1. june

    Another beautiful painting, without glorious true colours abounding. Both France and Italy have a truly magical way of doing that – as antiquated and weathered as many roads and buildings are, their true colours shine forth, regardless…their soul and their heart and their character shines through, untarnished by time, but instead, even more beautiful with the passing years.
    I’d like to be able to say and believe that too, about my own aging and weathering through the years. That even though I’m no longer ‘new’, I may still have a glean, a glow on the inside that shows on the outside. That my true colours, old as they may now be, are still bright, are still shining, are still vivid, and that I won’t ever be afraid to show my true colours and express them, untarnished even with all that weathering through many blustery storms and deserts that life presents along the journey.
    Everyone looks like they had a fantabulous time with you, just as you did with them, for those three days in Virginia. All those happy faces, accompanied by all those very happy and colourful creations. Well done to all of you. May all of your collective true colours always shine brightly.

  2. Lynne Wogan

    I hope we do this one when you come to Cary..love it.

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