31 May

During the Creative Process

All Things Loved

Coffee with friends
a good book on a slow afternoon
shared gelatos and a place to pen a postcard….
all things loved
at an Italian cafe 🙂

Whidbey Island Workshop II

It takes some time to absorb all the wonderfulness that can happen because of a workshop. During it, on the plane ride home and in the weeks following—the days shared at Whidbey Island continue to warm my heart:))

Laughter  with my wonderful hosts, Cary and Sieb (Whidbey Island Fine Art Workshops),
consuming macadamia nut chocolates brought over from Hawaii by Fannie
a ride to the airport from Sue Anne
bunnies everywhere
large lovable canines that stole a sock or two
blooming rhododendrons that were as big as trees
the scent of lavender in the air
water that looked like a blue mirror set between the islands
ferry rides over and back
chocolate mint tea
fresh mussels from the Puget Sound
All completed by a circle of shared love with artists from all over.

Happy artists make for happy paintings:-)

We all agreed that what happens at the bunny ranch, stays at the bunny ranch!

It is a  privilege that I get to actually meet so many wonderful people:-)

Many thanks to these smiling girls that made 3 days disappear in a wink!

Debbie, Karen, Donna, Suzanne, Cindy, Lynn, Kay, Dina, Joanne, Linda, Vivian, Kathleen, Melissa, Dawn, Dobbsie, Fannie and Sue Anne.

In Other News:

June is almost here which means….FRANCE is almost here!!!
I have 16 purple beret wearing, lovin’ life artists tagging along with me to the beautiful southwest village of Frayssinet.
Carpe diem will be our mantra for our time there:))
It’s time for you to lay in your supply of chocolate, wine, and watercolor postcards for your armchair trip to France with moi (your fearless leader who speaketh no French but carries a biggeth brush;))

Armchair travel can be pretty doggone exciting AND you get to sleep in your own bed every night;))!

“All Things Loved”
12 x 12in oil on museum quality panel

P.S.  To have a peek at my 2014 workshop  schedule, just click here:)


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  1. Martha Lawlor

    You made my day again! Loved the video of the french village this morning. I love cats, Italy and France….just like you do, it seems. I have no artistic talents, but I do enjoy being swept away by yours. Thanks for sharing.

  2. june

    And this beautiful painting is absolutely one more to add to my list of all things loved. I hope it’s one of the ones to be chosen for next year’s calendar. I can envisage myself there, in that cafe, with the sun gloriously beaming down, sipping my espresso (or possibly, my wine) and my gelato…reading a much-loved book…just chilling and taking in the beauty that’s all around me.
    France and Italy…Italy and France…two of my favourite places in the entire world. And you take us there regularly through your paintings and of your workshops there. How I wish I could be there in a fortnight’s time with you and all the other artists. But, as you’ve said, I can accompany you all via your blog posts…really looking forward to sharing the adventure and the fun.

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